EPD beefs up their arsenal ahead of Palco Marsh Eviction

While everyone else was all worked up listening to HumCPR and Betty Chinn talk about their container village proposal at the Eureka City Council’s meeting last week, THC had a chance to peruse other items on the meeting’s agenda.

Sure, lot’s of boring stuff. But wait, what’s that? EPD appropriating funds to update it’s taser arsenal?

tasersnipFirst, we were excited because we love gadgets. Tasers have an inherent cool factor, no?

Normally we’d say something about how much money is being spent, etc. But THC thinks $28k for police-grade tasers ain’t too bad. What actually piqued our interest is the EPD’s percieved need to upgrade their arsenal – and to upgrade it pronto.

Why would they need to do that? Obviously, for some expected increase in situations in which tasing the living shit out of people is needed. What could possibly lead to such a situation?

Oh, of course – kicking people out of the Palco Marsh. Here’s a piece from a Times-Standard article by Hunter Cresswell:

There are still about 130 people living out there based on a count done this week. It’s not clear how these people will be made to move off the property.

“I’m not going into the actual operations plan right now due to officer safety concerns,” Eureka Police Department Capt. Brian Stephens said.

Anyone else willing to bet that the “operations plan” involves EPD officers in full riot gear? THC wouldn’t blame the police for such a policy – it’s going to be increasingly scary trying to evict people from the Marsh who may be violent criminals. (As an added bonus, thanks to Eureka’s hard-on for a waterfront jogging trail, those same potentially violent individuals will be pushed out into the greater community. And housed in Old Town!)

The bottom line is this – it looks like there’s gonna be a serious escalation in police activity in the next week. THC sincerely hopes it doesn’t happen the way we’re afraid it might. But it sure looks like the EPD is gearing up for battle.

Thanks again, City Council. P.S. it’s a great idea to to saddle the entire community with the consequences of pushing desperate people out of the Marsh so you can have a trail.


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3 Responses to EPD beefs up their arsenal ahead of Palco Marsh Eviction

  1. A soon to be former resident says:

    So in a nutshell May 2 is when the police will forcefully try to herd the homeless from the marsh to their supposed ‘new’ homes. Yeah right. I hope people are going to be prepared to deal with thieves, drug addicts and mentally ill who literally have NOTHING to lose when they act out by committing crimes against us and our community. There is not enough police to deal with them. Hope for the best, but be prepared to defend your business, your home your car and yourself as crime WILL increase. Thanks Eureka City Council, for dumping YOUR problem in OUR laps. I deal with a group of homeless that hang out by my work and they are always causing problems regardless of how many times the cops show up. Mark my words, it’s not going to get better. Old town is crawling with homeless, more so than rats, raccoons or roaches. It’s high time to move away from this crumbling city and county.


  2. History Buff says:

    What’s wrong with concentrating them in a camp and stuffing them in rail containers? It might be a good final solution to the problem.


  3. Henchman Of Justice says:

    Over $1000.00 per taser??? Ouch!

    25 tasers, a full Aurora…..

    Why not sell off the AK 47’s and other firearms since it appears the Department is implementing a new policy of non lethal powdered firearms to deal with massive organized criminals.

    Tear gas too?

    Ya all know, the only reason why a trail is planned through that toxic neck of the woods was to fabricate a reason to use in order to justify kicking out the homeless because straight up politics was not having an effect. Alas though, call it a connector to a bay trail system, what a hoot.


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