THC Poll: Humboldt’s Mr. Beefcake 2016

True to our word, THC has returned with one of our ever-popular Humboldt County polls. The question this time around: Who is Humboldt’s Mr. Beefcake 2016?

Also true to our word, we’ve elected to focus on the less-fair, but equally-lovely-in-their-own-ways, sex.

Ladies and gentleman and anyone in-between or otherwise, here are the nominees vying for the Mr. Beefcake Crown! As an added bonus, we’ve provided two separate looks for each of the contestants. Place your vote near the end of the post!

Rob Arkley

A man that needs no introduction, try to focus less on his politics and more on that winning smile!



Aaron Newman

Been a little quiet in recent times – doesn’t mean he’s not still a heart throb!

aaron newmanaaronmalemodel*NEWMAN BONUS*

"Oh girl!" Everyone's reaction when they see him walkin' by

“Oh girl!” Everyone’s reaction when they see him walkin’ by

Rex Bohn

We almost limited Rex to one picture because no amount of post-production touch-ups can make him look better. But we tried!

bohninheelsrexmalemodelFrank Jager

The elder statesman of the group, Jager shows us it’s easy to look beefy at 90.

frankjagerfrank model

Matthew Owen

Last, and quite possibly least, Mr. Matthew Owen.



This image completely unaltered by THC

And here’s your voting form:

Kudos to commenter Peek-a-Boo, who was an ardent fan of THC’s “Miss Enviro 2016” poll, for ensuring we devoted some internet exposure to the dreamy dudes out there as well.

THC quotes from Peek-a-Boo’s comments: “…progressive gals do in fact buy beefcake calendars and muse the pics of hot guys in surfer mags as well.” And,  “We gals want some beefcake or we’re going elsewhere! Couldn’t care less what their political orientation is I just want to see some well fitting jeans.” We certainly wouldn’t want you going elsewhere, so we’ve made THC a bastion of beefcake behind the Curtain.

Peek-a-boo, and Humboldt, this one’s for you: cue the beefcake ogling madness! Peek, we even left out the jeans! (You’re welcome/we’re so, so sorry.) Just don’t forget to vote.

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7 Responses to THC Poll: Humboldt’s Mr. Beefcake 2016

  1. Peek-A-Boo says:

    Oh my! I guess this is a good example of being careful for what you ask for. I really appreciate the thought but I think this would go down much better with some of your much tauted Mike’s Hard Cider. On the other hand if I turn my head sideways and close one eye maybe this aint so bad.

    You have certainly proven yourselves to have the best sense of humor on the internet!


  2. Mac Towner says:

    You guys are gross. I was just finishing an enchilada at Luzmillias and chasing it down with a cold Corona when this post showed up on my phone. I choked so hard the beer came up my nose and sprayed all over the table. The whole joint was staring at me. Funny shit but how come no representation from Mac Town? Where’s Mayo, Harvey, or even dumb shit Shepard?


  3. Anonymous says:

    You guys are some seriously sick puppies.


  4. Just Watchin says:

    You left out Verbena….


  5. Josephine Blowe says:

    I cannot unsee that picture of Matthew!


  6. Dennis says:

    I think Johanna Rondoni should have been nominated. He’s got naturally large muscles, especially his calves.


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