Humboldt Economy News: Homeless Industry is booming!

HSU’s most recent economic index for Humboldt County tells a pretty familiar story.

Some things – like manufacturing – are still pretty sucky. Other things – like unemployment and house sales – are up a little bit, but actually still pretty sucky. Even hospitality has suffered over the last couple of months – here’s to hoping that Humboldt’s tourism industry gets a big boost from the beautiful weather we’re all expecting. Especially since tourism, and not marijuana, is the only industry that can be relied upon as a significant base industry for the immediate future.

All in all, the only industries that we can see making major gains are employment levels in healthcare and public sector jobs, and, of course, the unexpected boom in homeless housing as reported by LoCO.(Please read that LoCO story and note how the Eureka City Council just completely ignores the concerns of business owners – not that it’s surprising.)

Criminy! What’s the world coming to? Meanwhile, gas prices are going up again, which means that it’s becoming even harder for those Humboldtian’s to get the hell out of the area for a much-needed break.

The numbers tell the story here folks, read ’em and weep!

A key factor not explicitly touched on in HSU’s report, but vastly apparent to both the common observer and looking at the composite base used for lumber in manufacturing comparisons.

indexsnipSee lumber a.k.a. manufacturing? That’s a lot of decline. And it makes us sad. 😦

Wanna know what makes us all mad-facey? That not a single one of Humboldt’s Supervisors, which pretty much all ran on a platform of increasing or at the very least saving jobs, made any kind of move to counteract the recent loss of good jobs around here. How do you feel about it, gang?

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23 Responses to Humboldt Economy News: Homeless Industry is booming!

  1. John Chiv says:

    Have any of the job makers created those jobs? If HUMCPR members put the same “magnanimous” gesture by offering housing in apartment they own or their own land, more than 40 people would be housed and for more than 6 months.

    So, shall we call Lee Ulansey regarding this proposal. No Coastal Commission issues, no insurance issues and he has the votes on the Planning Commission to bully the Planning and Building staff for “not doing their job.”


    • Henchman Of Justice says:

      Since Chiv is not an employer nor a job maker in Humboldt, it is not surprising that Chiv and so many others do not realise that ever changing rules prevents job creation because there are less knowns when the rules are always changing……business needs surety, clarity, not alphabet soup 3 times a day. Further, when a small business owner gets fucked up the ass raped by local pieces of shit, well, that just takes another employer out of the job hiring ranks because once fucked over, forever spited………. as principles mean something to enough people still.

      Is it any wonder more people don’t give a rat’s ass what happens to this community, state and country when such evil shit is being executed at all levels of governance.


      • Shak says:

        You nailed it HOJ


      • John Chiv says:

        HOJ, since you are neither a job creator or employer or have a clue about politics or job creation, do not condescend about what I do or not know about business.

        Or what I may or may not have done to help business.

        All you do is rant and cuss on blogs about government. Not to mention your failed stint as supervisor. At least Liberal Jon makes sense, sometimes.

        Small and other businesses do believe and support me. You do not have the guts to call out, the real issues in Humboldt. The lack of jobs is due to the greed and polarization from certain people on the left and right.

        I actually built a business, with nothing, from nothing. I actually attend and am involved in the community.

        What do you do besides insult others? You have no achievments to speak of or any contribution to this community.

        We have too many in Humboldt, like you, on blogs, commenting day and night, without any real contribution.

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      • Anonymous says:

        Actually John the reason most people give you money is pity. They are not really supporting what you do they just feel sorry for you. This is also why you get away with ripping them off for rent and other issues. It’s disappointing that you are unable to show the same level of compassion to HOJ when he actually is a far more productive and contributing being then you despite his eccentricities. I fully expect you to respond to this with a typical attack-rant when what you should be doing is contemplating a mirror. Give it some thought…..


    • Just Watchin says:

      Anonymous….anyone who refers to HOJ AS a ” productive and contributing being” has to have their head up their ass.


      • Henchman Of Justice says:

        Now, now, now

        Only a mean doctor would say such a thing, lol.

        Gotta love “Freedom Of Speech” and even the support by those whom are offended, supposedly.

        HOJ needs a back adjustment, snap, crackle and pop. Then please, pull out HOJ’s head from his butt, but beware, any restroom fondeling will get ya a malpractice violation and lawsuit cuz homey don’t play that game.


      • John Chiv says:

        Anonymous at 12:20, by saying you fully expect an attack-rant, you think you are so clever. You are a coward doing the bidding of certain people who I have exposed.

        You know nothing of my personal life so spreading lies like people giving me money and ripping people off rent is easy to say.

        This whole personal linking of my former name, which I changed legally, and is none of anyone’s business. And constant personal attacks come from sources pissed off they cannot control me.

        Be careful, because you and who you maybe shilling for have paperwork and emails you would not want released.

        I know who uses these political smear tactics well and you deserved to be exposed to the public. Don’t be so sure your “secrets”are not already available to other media.

        HOJ is simply annoying. Those of you two faced profitmongers that divide this community are just mad you cannot fool the public anymore. Can’t even do your own dirty work. I expected this backlash and so don’t be so sure your “secrets” are not available to be released if you keep up these personal attacks.

        You have an issue with me, say it to my face. You disagree with me, argue on facts.


  2. Henchman Of Justice says:


    Only a few localities in the fold of it all historically have proposed Humboldt as being a bastian of hell when it comes to JOBS!

    ONLY ONE localite openly, continually harped on the jobs, jobs, jobs faux campaign pitches by certain local supes (not surprisingly, Lovelace is innocent only because he is not a jobs kinda guy). To be fair, the campaign signs did not have enough space via campaign advertising legal allowances to print “jobs, jobs,jobs for public employment!”

    HSU, local gubbamint is where the good jobs are at if one is not a doctor, or lawyer.

    Of course, healthcare is a spectrum of wages, drugs sell well, and the county city center (Capitol) is Eurtweeka.

    Meanwhile, on the homeless front, Mercer Fraser offered it’s land. Is MF a HUMCPR member? Anyhow, it appears based upon local media either MISREPRESENTING or not, that the city of Eureka is accepting proposals and making decisions on “where to house the homeless” in violation of the brown act and open bid processes since maybe other local property owners may want to harbor humboldts homeless too. Apparently, a list is running around off the political process grid that screams bid/proposal process as part of brown act requirements and open bid requirements. Now, what is interesting too is that the location of the MF vacant lot is within the coastal zone. So, will the harbor district commissioners change local zoning laws/regs/rules on the fly to accommodate a homeless shelter within harbor district jurisdictional territory? Too many fucking levels of gubbamint to keep shit honest, what a hoot and a boot up the ass!!!

    HHH, the new acronym…….Harbor Humboldt’s Homeless initiative. (Does an EIR or MND get waved when a human crises is declared by some higher up political crony processes???)

    Isn’t America Great, not!


  3. Sammy says:

    And one more boon-doggle: the “interim zone change proposal for properties in the coastal dependent industrial zone”… talk about hoots: 3 harbor district commissioners showed up and spoke at last night’s county planning commission meeting to support “the project” wherein they, the owners of property (the Harbor District) would, if approved, go into business and into competition with the private sector. Never mind the obvious Brown Act violation for the number as well as them trying to consensus build at the planning commission, never mind California law that states they the harbor district is not supposed to own land valued as it is in the Coastal Zone.

    The thing that cracks me up the most is the harbor district clowns actually thought no one on the dias was smart enough to see the game plan — get those marijuana folks, err, “distributors and manufacturers” in the old mill site while no one is looking. What land owner or business person would put themselves center in of a target when all of this b.s. is still illegal in the Federal Government’s eyes? You aren’t gonna get loans for business improvements, and you aren’t gonna get insurance.

    Instead, take away the places for our fishing fleet to dock, and have safe harbor. Take away the potential for any actual INDUSTRY to have potential space or transport facilities on our Bay.

    Dead on the plate fellas, dead on the plate. LMAO.


  4. Henchman Of Justice says:

    Oh no, Chiv is blowing the steam kettle.

    Cussing – Chiv uses curse words in his posts and headlines, but accuses another of cursing…… shit….the irony.

    Typical political tactic – Chiv delving into convoluted kitty cat meows about someone else’s community involvement…..sheesh, all that Chivy Chase rant and roll when HOJ merely points out Chiv criticizing HUMCPR regarding job creation (really Chiv, as if not one member of HUMCPR ain’t an employer, sheesh)

    Again, Chiv is not a job Creator or maker (consumer sales does not count)….but apparently Chiv can’t be critiqued when he responds no differently than any other person….. shit, the funny thing is that EVERY accusation Chiv levies is EXACTLY what Chiv commits himself:

    1) Curse words in his blog headlines, comments
    2) insulting people
    3) posts 5-10 times daily (not including his visits to other sites because Chiv gets lonely over at his computer with nothing much to read on his site but his own words)
    4) censors over reasons he himself commits….
    5) Chiv freaks out, claims HOJ knows nothing about him, Chiv gives a lashing out brimstone and fire synopsis of his life, then proceeds to accuse HOJ of not contributing to the community, no achievements, nothing (as if Chiv knows HOJ’s life) blah, blah, blah…. what a cub scout Chiv is.


    • John Chiv says:

      So HOJ enlighten me. Besides not making it as a failed supervisorial candidate, what are you achievements.

      As for shady HUMCPR, they don’t even have the guts to use their names, secret membership.

      Are you the HUMCPR hired attack dog now?
      They must be desperate.


      • Henchman Of Justice says:

        Chiv…….get some sleep, REM to be exact. “Your I, me, my stuck up to the sky nose” is having a hard time sniffing out the facts.

        If ya want to know more about that which annoys you, file a restraining order then, that is what tough guys should do. Copy catting Dennis Mayo’s tough guy attitude onto anonymous is futile, sorry, but you are a bit smallish to shake and shimmy a frail old lady, let alone come across as masculine mighty mouse.

        It feels like Independence Day, all that shit Chiv is hurling into the air……it is defacing the stars and stripes flag.

        In life, when people hit on stuff accurately, the Chivy Chases of the world “get all make believe” and begin conjuring up anything.

        Just think folks, if Chivy Chase was not chasing people off with censorship threats, Chivy would not have to go onto another blog site to engage in a discussion that Chivy could have had on his blog site if he was not such the dictator of speech.

        HOJ prays for the Chivmeister that education comes through being open minded, as opposed to being closed minded and wrapped up in a tinfoil body suit of religious zealousy.

        Funny thing about “annoying” : Those who claim it often are their own cause of it, keep coming back for more, causing more of an issue, but claim the other person is annoying……must be a legal tactic, cuz more Chiv types are playing that game.


  5. Henchman Of Justice says:

    “This whole personal linking of my former name, which I changed legally, and is none of anyone’s business. And constant personal attacks come from sources pissed off they cannot control me.” – Chiv

    Compared to below:

    “As for shady HUMCPR, they don’t even have the guts to use their names, secret membership.

    Are you the HUMCPR hired attack dog now?
    They must be desperate.” – Chiv


    Dichotomized hipocrisy lacking guts?

    In one hand, Chiv holds his former name in secret (transgendered homophobic zealousy?) with an attitude, but then rails and rants about HUMCPR and it’s secret names…….


    • John Chiv says:

      My legal name change is not a secret, you have to publish to get a legal change. Why are you obsessed with it? It is because you are homophobic and transphobic and think that fact is relevant to this debate. My private life is none of your or anyone’s else’ business.

      And since you don’t know me, how are you aware of anything personal about me? That is a rhetorical question.

      What it does show is the slimy tactics of both, certain people on the left and right, when they cannot win on facts. This has been a running tactic on blogs recently by a few people. Trying to intimidate me, thinking that raising this name change matters to anyone but you. Has it worked?

      What makes you think anyone cares about what you think HOJ.? You still haven’t answered what are your accomplishments? The arrest in 2013 for assault and battery does not count. How did that arrest ork out for you?

      You went off on Judges and got pissed because I would not print your libelious comments. Try not getting arrested and deal with your issues.

      As for sleep, why don’t you practice your own advice. Take some meds too, although I don’t think there are any that cure stupidity.

      This is a post about homeless and solutions to that issue. So HOJ, what have you done that helps with this issue or offer suggestions? Don’t answer because you have already clogged cyber spaceenough with your useless responses.


      • Guys, While we are generally up for a good fight particularly with a supply of ice cold Mike’s close by this is getting a little out of hand. We took a basement vote and everyone but the dog was in favor of suggesting that you both take the personal squabble elsewhere. We’re not taking sides mind you, we just don’t think this is the place. We really regret to say it but further personal attacks will be moderated. So cheers and peace on ya!


      • Henchman Of Justice says:

        HOJ has never sought Chiv’s help for anything.

        HOJ points out Chiv’s hypocrisy on “names” when Chiv criticizes others from HUMCPR for not giving their names.

        Now, Chov wants information that would subject HOJ to the very damaging abuses that Verbina pointed out regarding Chiv’s tactics.

        HOJ now knows 100% that Chiv is a liar, a bullshitter, a propagandist, a crony human being, etc…

        HOJ hopes and prays for Chiv to be an honest man, but that may be a bit too much of a legit request.

        THC – HOJ has no squabble because HOJ finds it reaspnable to question any person who slams others for not revealing their names, but that information exists on THC threads that show Chiv gets really mad at people who ask about his real name and writes, “none of your damn business.”

        HOJ understands he is a “marked civic activist.”


    • Guys, While we are generally up for a good fight particularly with a supply of ice cold Mike’s close by this is getting a little out of hand. We took a basement vote and everyone but the dog was in favor of suggesting that you both take the personal squabble elsewhere. We’re not taking sides mind you, we just don’t think this is the place. We really regret to say it but further personal attacks will be moderated. So cheers and peace on ya!

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      • John Chiv says:

        THC, this thread should not have veered off topic.. I have wasted enough time on HOJ. You can delete my comments if you like and leave HOJ’s. I just had address this BS once. If HOJ and others want to continue, that is on them.

        Enjoy your Mike’s.


      • Henchman Of Justice says:

        “Lets all hope for a time when we can speak our minds without fear of reprisal.” ~ THC

        Unmensch the mensch


      • Henchman Of Justice says:

        Chiv wants his comments deleted because his comments are self incriminating and prove what other commenters are writing about.

        Happy Memorial Day to THC, aside from everyone else. It is a beautiful day.



  6. Just Watchin says:

    Let’s not forget, HOJ has a HUGE following. He did garner 3.4% of the vote in the 2010 supervisor race!

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