The DHHS monster is coming to McKinleyville

If you were to quickly peruse the County’s website, you might stumble upon the page that shows all their active requests for proposals. (Personally, THC was looking for a proposal requesting an official County Hard Lemonade tester because frankly we’d rock at it.)

But one of the requests caught our eye:

countyrfpNow, it’s completely understandable that the County wants to expand mental health services to all the crazies up in North County. (Sorry, McKinleyville – had to get a dig in at the ex-mother-in-law being all crazy up in Ocean West.) Especially since they’re gonna throw one of those homeless container villages up there in the near future.

But THC has some concerns, which we hope that our readers will help us to answer by contacting their respective Supervisors, and the County DHHS. We think this is a good opportunity for Connie Beck, DHHS’ new director, and all of the Supervisors, to stand by their promises of limiting increased expenditures.

So, this super cool proposed facility of 13,000 square feet will house DHHS services. Cool! But, will this project:

  • Require that the County hire more employees?
  • Will it reduce the cost of providing the services in question?
  • Will DHHS employees commute from Eureka? If so, will they be using vehicles for the County motorpool?
  • Precisely what services will be offered at the new site?
  • Is this going to improve the bottom-line for DHHS?

According to this attachment to the RFP, Attachment 4 Part I User Program Requirements, there would be 57 employees housed at this location.

In case you’re wondering, if those are all new employees  – or even half of them are new employees – yeah, that’s a shit ton of additional cost.

So, stop making us do all the work – we want to go back to being lazy all the time, instead of just most of it. Contact your Supervisor and the County DHHS. Let ’em know we’re watching.

Of course, you’ll especially want to contact Ryan Sundberg, who’s information we’ve conveniently placed right here:

5th District Supervisor: Ryan Sundberg

825 5th Street, Room 111
Eureka, CA 95501
Direct line: (707) 476-2395

For the proposal itself, contact Ronda Kime:

Contact Person:
Ronda Kime, Department of Public Works, 1106 2nd St, Eureka, CA, 95501
(707) 268-2667
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10 Responses to The DHHS monster is coming to McKinleyville

  1. JB says:

    I understand your concerns about expenditures, but if you’ll visit the budget at the county website, you’ll see more than a lion’s share of DHHS expenses are funded by non-Humboldt appropriations to the point in which the DHHS is actually revenue neutral. Just sayin’ that you fiscal argument is a straw man.


  2. LMOB says:

    Is labeling the DHHS (Department of Health and Human Services) monsterish divisive? Isn’t that exactly what you have decried as unethical? Isn’t that something you are passionate against when you find other doing it?

    Is it that foundations that act as a tax-haven for those who have done well financially in our community must be held to a higher standard of not helping to amplifying the voice of those we tend not to hear in our community?

    -or- would your argument be that labeling a government institution whose motto is to “help people live better lives” a “monster” is not an example of dividing our community but simple truth-telling?

    OK, how is one to judge how to distinguish between truth telling and being divisive?

    For the record as a DHHS employee (and these opinions are my own and not those of the DHHS or it’s administrators), a satellite facility in MacTown would be very helpful for DHHS clients to avoid what would become an unnecessary drive to Eureka.

    But no, we can’t have that. They are not real estate owners or developers. Why the heck would a government agency work to serve people who are not owners, developers or job creators. Get a job dammit, we are busy creating and developing them and you all are sitting there on your duff and cannot even take time away from your Hard Lemonade to make a 40 min round trip drive to Eureka? Sheesh.

    My guess is that they do have jobs, they just don’t get paid a living wage by our job creators and developers.


    • Henchman Of Justice says:

      “-or- would your argument be that labeling a government institution whose motto is to “help people live better lives” a “monster” is not an example of dividing our community but simple truth-telling?” ~ LMOB

      Response: Ya, the public employees sure help make their lives better than those who are casted as its “clients”.

      Money is a therapeutic token by those who claim, ” here we are to save the day.”


  3. Just Watchin says:

    The oracle Tekin has spoken!!


  4. Henchman Of Justice says:

    “• Precisely what services will be offered at the new site?
    • Is this going to improve the bottom-line for DHHS?” ~ THC

    Response: So, as an employer of all things “dependency”, curious to know where the public employees as part of this proposal drops its drawers to take a shit, replace a douche pad, or whatever else a public dependent work of art employee does in any restroom. Curious cuz even dogs gotta take a dump at some point.

    Maybe, the employees are being instructed to go home to poop and pee, or go visit Sundberg at his home just down the road from the sewer district as a cost cutting mitigation.

    Gee, the sailors in the Bungo Straights had more direction and leadership.

    Must be an ADA thing since attorney Jason Singleton got run outta town. Wait, oops, he never went after the gubbamint, just the private sector……

    Maybe the proposal is utilizing a yet unbuilt public restroom facility. Anyhow, shit is gonna flow……somewhere.


    • Henchman Of Justice says:

      Did County Counsel instruct staff to prepare a proposal without restrooms until court juridictions figure out the glbtq community demands to use restrooms that violate the rights of straight people?

      Or, the county could just start building new project proposal restrooms for inclusion of the glbtq community? Ah, but then some tard would claim discrimination through segregation, even though this society already accepts gender by sex at birth segregation.

      The bathroom issue was caused by the glbtq community when it’s members who qualify as part of the argument had changed their sex, or gender or whatever, but so many blame it on biology. Reassigned people who reverse discriminate are a HUGE problem and their efforts show they ARE NOT genuinely good people acting reasonably.

      To save taxpayers money, just build a fucking third and fourth restroom for those who had a sex change or identify as the opposite gender……..this issue should be like rape where any body part not the real penis or real vagina is a foreign object…..obviously a legal fraud based upon religious types mandating that penis is the only acceptable body part to enter a vagina, and vagina is the only acceptible body part a penis may enter … is all relative bullshit to the zealots religiously inclined to argue those points all things genitalia.


  5. Just Watchin says:

    THC: somewhat unrelated, but with a DHHS connection……did you know that the HCDCC had kicked jonboy out of their organization?


    • LMOB says:

      That is true(ish) JW.

      Quoting myself …”Now “they” as after the meeting I resigned as an Associate Member as it was the only way I could have written this piece without being subject to removal.”

      Quiting/kicking out they both result in the same thing – I’m no longer an Associate Member. But getting that close to the truth is still not bad. Kudos.

      HCDCC! Whyyyyyyyy?!


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