BumCPR and their homeless shelter: What’s the catch?

The newest contender – and probably most unexpected contender possible – has just thrown their hat into the homeless ring, and we’re still a little shell-shocked.bumcpr

BumCPR. Excuse us, HumCPR.

THC honestly can’t believe this is an article we are actually writing. But we are supremely grateful for the opportunity to use that wicked awesome pun. (Or whatever you call it.)

But seriously, what’s the catch? How did HumCPR, the shady, anti-government, anti-cooperation, anti-anything-that-doesn’t-benefit-the-wealthy-landowning-illuminati-of-Humboldt (according to the Honorable John Chiv), all of a sudden grow a soft spot for the homeless? This is like watching the Grinch’s heart grow in real time.

We’ve been relatively mum with regards to HumCPR, and their “nefarious” hijacking of local government, because they’ve been largely irrelevant over the past year and more. Do you know what they were doing before their homeless proposal? Neither do we.

Yeah, they’ve got a few folks sitting pretty in important government positions. (Big whoop – they’ve changed nothing.) THC is still waiting for all the McMansion’s to pop up in the forested TPZ hills as a result of HumCPR’s double agents controlling policy – then we can talk about how evil they are.

But back to the camp, another HumCPR dream destined to fail. THC has serious, serious doubts that putting a homeless camp in the middle of frickin’ Old Town is a good idea, let alone one that the business and landowners in the area are going to let fly. Unless they’re planning on turning the camp into a zoo for tourists to gawk at as they pass by. Of course, that’s assuming that tourism still exists in Old Town in a year. (Tourism, by the way, is possibly the only legitimate industry that is showing significant promise for the future right now.) You’d almost think that this idea was cooked up by the Workforce Development Board, or the Eureka’s Economic Development team – that’s how inept this idea is.

And where are all the normal HumCPR haters? LoCO? NCJ? Chiv? Plus, this goes against everything that the actual homeless advocacy groups have been trying to get done for ages. This camp won’t allow drugs and alcohol. How is AHHA letting this happen?

Hell, if those folks are too chicken to come out and say what they’re thinking, we sure will. There’s something fishy about this camp. We’re not quite sure what it is yet, but there has to be. New high rises going in at the Palco Marsh? Some devious ploy to lower City property values so a secret, privately-owned conglomerate can come in and buy up all the land? And take the children and women-folk too?

When we figure out just what it is that’s going on here, we’ll let you know. Meanwhile, keep your nose to the ground, gumshoes. We’ll get to the bottom of this.

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18 Responses to BumCPR and their homeless shelter: What’s the catch?

  1. Mac Towner says:

    BumCPR… Well done. These guys are in cahoots with my Stupidvisor. I bet McKinleyville is about to get it’s own homeless camp.


  2. John Chiv says:

    Fair question THC. I did not do a follow up to my post because like you, the timing of magnanimous gesture is suspicious to me. I did the original post because I respect the other people involved in this effort, sans HUMCPR. I do not dislike all HUMCPR members but the organization can chose to fix that or not.

    I was not sent the press release for the shipping containers yet did that story, which got tremendous response. I did not attend the press conference because I was covering other stories.

    With this latest post, I have become a bigger fan of THC.


  3. Anonymous says:

    The container concept actually seems like a pretty good idea as does the location. I can’t wait for the backlash from the locals in that area. The homeless are always better off somewhere else. Some of us floated this concept in Arcata a while back but it wasn’t trendy enough to gain any traction.


  4. Tiny House Fan says:

    This is the first meaningful step forward towards dealing with the homeless population in Humboldt history. Good on ya Betty Chinn and HumCPR!


  5. Bill Williams says:

    This just the opening act for Lee Ulansey’so wish to be a Supervisor.


    • A Better Eureka says:

      We could and have done far worse. If this is just the opening act what’s the main course? Industry? Good paying jobs? Affordable housing?


    • Arcatan says:

      From everything I’ve seen and heard ulansey has no interest in the job. I do wish he’d run in my district. Mike Wilson will be a total nightmare.


  6. Anonymous Too says:

    I think it’s great that someone is at least trying to put together a plan. The city has no plan whatsoever. The NIMBY’s plan is just to keep their heads in the sand or them all to China. How are those plans working?


  7. Arcatan says:

    Strange days indeed.Goes to show that keeping an open mind is a good thing. Ulansey and Chinn, who would have guessed. On the other hand maybe it’s to be expected with two nonconformists who both have a track record of huge successes even if in different areas.

    Where are naysayers Mitch and Jon now?


    • Just Watchin says:

      Jonboy has gone into hiding since he got caught using the anonymous “yep” name to post.


      • Henchman Of Justice says:

        Ya, and Tulatwat allowed it, but censors you, says you are not accurate, blah, blah, blah, then twat got caught by HOJ, and banned HOJ for calling them on their censorship hipocrisy crock of shit toward JW.


  8. Tall Trees says:

    You wondered what they were up to? They were busy trying to change the county cannabis ordinance to allow gigantic mega grows….


  9. Azalea Mom says:

    Seems worth a ponder that HumCPR is doing more to help our community than Humboldt Area Foundation our so called Community Foundation. Maybe HAF should replace Cleary with Ulansey, then they would have someone in charge who gets things done.


    • Henchman Of Justice says:

      Git err done?

      When getting Jack for shit done is going in reverse, backwards……..well, suffice to say, what a freaking waste show.

      More prominently, doing nothing can be better than doing anything conspiratorially to “git err done”.


  10. Uri Driscoll says:

    I have been to numerous AHHA meetings and applaud their efforts. However they were getting understandably frustrated with the impossible and ever changing conditions the City was putting on their attempts at solutions. It would seem that the work that Hum CPR has done could help dig some much needed progress out of the quagmire.


  11. Henchman Of Justice says:

    “Do you know what they were doing before their homeless proposal? Neither do we.”~THC

    Response: Too ridiculously accurate, but give the county supervisor cotton ginners safety glasses, for the wool they pull over is extremely itchy, just as poison oak rubbed in all the wrong places.

    Measure Z, it’s committee, pot permits, etc…, all that important stuff that takes away from the more important stuff.

    Why is it a surprise that HUMCPR plays on all fences, all sides, no different than a perp who claims to be mighty mouse upon himself or else be relegated to minnie mouse for lack of effect.

    Humboldt County politics is nothing more than a few oligarchial groups who intentionally fight and squabble to keep voters siding with their perceived Savior to make a faux appearance that shit gets done.

    Still wondering what Sundberg and Bass are tackling to hook on jobs, jobs, jobs…….remember those campaign signs spouting that bullshit?

    “Take this job and shove it, Humboldt County aint worth it now no more!”. Why do shit for Humboldt County under the current and former conditions.

    Live and learn why most kids say fuck Humboldt, and leave!


  12. ken d says:

    At first read, it was quite clear to me that this is a very temporary, 6 month alternative for when the derelicts get removed from their waterfront tent city behind the Bayshore Mall. Seems to me that anything that will stop this scum from shitting in the bay would be a good thing. At least HUMCPR, Betty Chin, et al. are exhibiting more creativity to a very real blight on our community than most of our elected politicians, especially the lame Eureka City Council majority we now have.


  13. Henchman Of Justice says:

    Mercer Fraser, a member of HUMCPR, should be applauded for offering g up some land on a vacant lot. Currently, the site is being set up for show and tell.

    Problem is though, did the City Of Eureka, violate a bidding/proposal process that aligns with the Brown act.

    Emergency Shelter or not, the Brown Act can’t be violated AND MF just can’t be allowed to throw it’s hat into the ring without going through a process where the council looks at all proposals concurrently within that process to vote on accepting a location.

    What if another land owner wants to lease?


    + vacant land is not being rented
    + vacant land may be leased at a fee of no less than $1
    + vacant land must have infrastructure improvements that meet minimum ADA requirements, environmental health, building, planning, etc…

    Or, by virtue of being poor, are all legal requirements being downplayed? This suggests that the codes are meant to collect taxes, money, not for protecting life, Liberty and happiness Or providing for less expensive housing which means “more affordable, but still not wholly affordable”.

    It is State bureaucrats who are making housing less affordable on a scale of 10-1 over local gubbamint, so people just need to quit being lazy and face the facts.

    The further America declines, the more clearly truth is revealed about the evil ways of American governance and voter incompetence!


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