(UPDATE) True North Organizing: an illegally run non-profit in Humboldt Area Foundation’s headquarters? Fact or Myth?

As promised, here’s the 990 Tax Return form for HAF from 2013. Just click the link, and enjoy! Make sure to check out their Mission Statement misinformation on Page One. “Promoting inclusion”, Seriously? Haha Haha Haha.

HAF IRS 990 for 2013

Things have been awful quiet on the Humboldt Area Foundation front as of late, haven’t they? It sure seemed like HAF’s subsidiary, True North, had ramped down their community-compromising efforts. (It also doesn’t help your organization’s activities when your Director gets a DUI. Shape up, Terry!)

Thanks to a faithful THC reader, however, they’ve come back into the spotlight. We received a message which pointed out that True North, which often and loudly claims to be a  community based non-profit, isn’t actually registered as non-profit with the California Registry of Charitable Trusts.

Which means that HAF, like pretty much everyone else, are total liars on Facebook

Which means that HAF, like pretty much everyone else, are total liars on Facebook

We honestly figured it was a mistake. But, we checked around, and it would seem that the most recent available data from the State backs up the notion that True North really is not a non-profit. Check it out, from the Registry of Charitable Trusts website:truenorthnotregistereddoublecheckThat’s weird, huh? Even weirder, of course, is that True North actually is incorporated. Just not as non-profit. From the Secretary of State website:truenorthcorporationAlso note that Terry Supahan is the “Agent For Service of Process” a.k.a. the person responsible for True North. As Supahan just took over within the last 6 month or so, it goes to reason that the records aren’t just out of date.

They just show that True North has been happily masquerading as non-profit while hiding under the umbrella of the Humboldt Area Foundation. And HAF has been shielding them from any further scrutiny.

So, the question that we’ve been asking about the shady activities of True North (and, by extension, their parent organization Humboldt Area Foundation) remain unanswered: just what the hell is True North Organizing Network, and why do they insist on presenting themselves as something they are not?

More importantly, why is Pat Cleary and the HAF mafia so intent on supporting them and covering for them? That’s not just a turn of phrase, either. As you know, HAF houses True North in their headquarters. That’s extra special treatment.

And so is funneling donations through the Foundation directly into True North.

truenorthdonateIt seems like an awful lot of support for an organization that isn’t publicly claimed as a component of Humboldt Area Foundation.

Of course, we cannot speak to the veracity of the claims made by our reader/tipster aside from what is reflected on the State’s official websites. Judging from those sources, however, it would certainly seem that something pretty fishy is going on.

This is taken directly from our tipster’s e-mail:

truenorthemailcaptureSo, we’re not 100% sure how this works, but it would seem that by donating money to HAF and then having it funneled into True North allows for otherwise taxable donations to be funneled into True North. Hmmm….

All interesting points, and so we put it to you, readers, to provide us your thoughts on just how that relationship between HAF and True North checks out.

We’ll update with a copy of HAF’s 990 form soon, too.

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7 Responses to (UPDATE) True North Organizing: an illegally run non-profit in Humboldt Area Foundation’s headquarters? Fact or Myth?

  1. Mac Towner says:

    This is seriously funny shit! I didn’t know that Cleary had such a great sense of humor. For an organization who hires a full time specialist to come to McKinleyville to create divisiveness and discord in a community that generally gets along pretty well to have a mission statement that talks about “promoting inclusion”, well that’s a real back slapper! He shoulda stayed in politics. Pat already knows the politicians mantra – “lie, lie, lie, cheat, cheat, cheat”.


  2. Hmmmm says:

    There seems to be some confusion on your part here. The Registry of Charitable Trusts (dated 7-28-14) does indeed show True North as being not registered by that date. However, the Sec. of State statement (dated 10-30-14) does indeed show the organization as having been incorporated as a non-profit on 7-14-14. I personally don’t believe that the government is an efficient, well-oiled machine where it would take less than 2 weeks for paperwork to make it from one bureaucracy to another. Do you? The evidence you presented contradicts your argument.


    • We suggest you take a peek at the comments on the original post. While the vagaries of government blur things a bit it does start to make more sense. The gist of it is that the controlling agency seems to be the Registry and they certainly appear not to have heard of True North. Bottom line is if the Registry don’t think you’re non-profit you’re not.

      We also suggest that if True North wants to be legitimate they might want to get as far away from Humboldt Area Foundation as possible.


  3. Shak. says:

    The money trail leads all the way to ICLEI.
    True north org – PICO – Pico Light-
    Just like Humboldt county CoG. http://www.hcaog.net does.
    Notice how they’re all “bringing our communities together”? Well, it’s literal, not esoteric. Have you heard of the “9 counties” for Calif proposals? They want to combine county’s, replace most offices with non elected officials. Regional counties are easier to govern than multitudes of counties. If this doesn’t raise your eyebrow, you’re not paying attention.
    The Southern California COG, called SCAG, recently held a meeting with 52 mayors to replan SoCal. Media blackout. 2 of the mayors told them where to go, but the others agreed.
    In other words, ladies & gentlemen, funds are being used to prosper the UN agenda 21 plan.
    Pay by the mile will help fund the half trillion dollar scheme. (Bringing rural into town living)
    Hook yourself up with Google & fire your butts into action. Unless, of course, you like the idea of forced stack & pack communities.


  4. Ronerville ron says:

    This is really troubling. Wtf is going on at HAF? At best seems like some shady shit, at worst a real conspiracy to pull the wool over our eyes. Maybe HAF need a less politically active political agenda driven director?


  5. jmms says:

    Thank you once again Humboldt Consequential. Please keep shining your flashlight into the dark corners of Humboldt Area Foundation.


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