A complete list of County rentals: see who the County pays with your tax money

If you take a trip in the THC time machine way, way back to December of 2015, you’ll recall we ran a few posts covering the spaces leased by the Department of Health and Human Services.

You can read those posts here.

One of the things we heard from most every reader was that they wanted a list of ALL county-leased buildings. And, lazy as we are, it took us until now to get that information for you all. But to those who wait, good things come.

So if you want to see that entire list, provided courtesy of the County, click on this link: LeasedBldgs

The award for highest rent charged per square foot in this list goes to Rynecki, who is apparently getting $31.88 per square foot for a parking space. Yikes. We sincerely hope that is some sort of error, because if the County really is paying that much, we can’t even be mad. We can only shake our heads, laugh, and say “What idiots!”

So what do you say, Humboldt? Does the list confirm all of your suspicions about the greedy landowners in Humboldt and their rent-gouging practices? We were actually pleasantly surprised by how little some of these spaces are being rented for.

Of course, there are always some outliers. Bonus points to whoever makes a compelling case for the greediest landlord of them all, as presented in this list.

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3 Responses to A complete list of County rentals: see who the County pays with your tax money

  1. Henchman Of Justice says:

    Question is THC,

    “Would the private sector have any entity willing to rent the same spaces?”

    Secondly, with government being the renter/lessor, it is opined that rentees/lessees are not gauging as blatantly cuz A) the money is supposedly a sure thing and B) the rentee/lessee would get caught much easier and gubbamint would yield much more power to incriminate their asses.

    Lastly, are these buildings leased because they are in such poor shape that had a private sector entity rented or leased, no doubt some gubbamint agency would force ADA improvements or have the building red tagged ala carte style like Arctic Circle via Jason Singleton piece of shit attorney types.

    Shit, being subjected to Mark Lovelace in a non compliant ADA bathroom across the hall from the board of supes offices is enough to know that gubbamint locally just wuvs inferior buildings for its operations because it saves money and gubbamint wont itself upgrade that which the gubbamint would force a private entity to undertake.

    Umm, rent gouging on living structures is different than commercial rent gouging as seen with vacant commercial buildings where building owner refuses to take less rent because the costs created by tenants are not fully recoverable unless the rents are high, so says many building owners who have experienced rubber hitting the road so to speak.

    High societal costs are preventing sustainable economics…….look no further than nuclear energy and the historic bullshit that justified building the nuclear industry on the caveat that economics in energy can be engineered to be profitable…….case in point……Vermont!

    Don’t believe any bullshit that connects to government because it always stinks worse than dog shit on the foot.

    BTW THC, it is assumed the rent totals are monthly unless the excel box has “ann”?

    Thank You THC for providing a list of why gubbamint is TOO BIG TO FAIL!


  2. al@federas.net says:

    The $31.88 figure appears to be cost per parking space, not square foot. I’m assuming the total rent covers 24 spaces rather than 24 square feet.


  3. Ronerville ron says:

    You can argue all day about the amount of rent but what this shows is how big and bloated our county government is. Holy shit add up the square footage
    , it’s unbelievable. Think that these building are full of county employees doing who knows what, probably a phone and computer for every one of them then fast forward to retirement and the cost. Dam, how did we get here. I say vote for Bernie, get some free shit so we can go broke and get it over with sooner.


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