County covering tracks following CA Attorney General investigation into Child Welfare?

While doing our Sunday evening civic duty of reading the agenda for Tuesday morning’s regularly scheduled Board of Supervisors meeting, we came across this seemingly innocuous item on the consent calendar.

childwelfare mouTHC can’t help but wonder whether this is a reaction to the State Attorney General’s investigation into the how Humboldt County handles the abuse and neglect of minors.

Very coincidental timing, to say the least.

Of course, had the County read the LoCO post on the subject, they’d realize such a move might be too little, too late.

THC can’t comment on the facts surrounding the SAG’s investigation, because it involves minors. Plus, we don’t have any idea why they’re being investigated.

But if, as the LoCO article states, that the only reason anyone is hearing about the SAG investigation into Humboldt’s DHHS branch is because the County is seeking to fight it, one must ask: why the hell is the County trying to oppose this? It seems like Jeffrey Blanck is taking legal advice from Cyndy Day-Wilson from the City of Eureka. Which THC – and pretty much all of Humboldt – would advise Mr. Blanck is a bad idea.

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2 Responses to County covering tracks following CA Attorney General investigation into Child Welfare?

  1. Henchman Of Justice says:

    Adults who use children as political tools and employment opportunities should always be critiqued for malpractice and abuse.

    DHHS – locally, built by a single man with the sole intent to build a larger local government that would exist off of taxes for the healthcare sector, regardless off the problems because eventually, local gubbamint will seek funding for those problems……it is a vicious downward cycle where local elected officials make decisions on behalf of higher political peers at the state and federal level, not the local community.

    Local politics is as faux as faux gets.


  2. Sammy says:

    Day-Wilson is a post turtle.


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