Crack eggs for Easter! THC Sunday throwback

In honor of Easter, here’s a fond memory of one of  our earliest posts. Happy Easter Humboldt!

There’s a real whopper of an agenda slated for tomorrow’s Humboldt County Board of Supervisors (BOS) meeting. And, just so you don’t think that all THC does is whine, there are some things on the agenda that we support 100%.

After the complete shit storm that county officials got hit with following revelations about the sad state of affairs in the Department of Health and Human Services (DHHS), a slew of agenda items will focus on (short-term) fixes for the major personnel crisis that DHHS’ Lord Patron Saint Phillip Crandall created. And it doesn’t even look like it’ll cost us a whole ton of money.

Good on you, BOS.

And sure, if you insist, THC can nitpick at some stuff. We are not too keen on a letter of support for those shady, sand-shifting shysters over at Friends of the Dunes. Seriously, I’d do more good for the dunes if I gave a team of Humboldt’s most enterprising addicts a back hoe and a map for all the crack-filled Easter Eggs I hid in the sand. (I just can’t wait to see how many addicts-turned-treasure hunters the beach police will catch and release after this. By the way, what a fantastic use of taxpayer money – it’s almost like beaches and Humboldt residents haven’t survived for 100-plus years without policing.)


Sorry, don’t have a budget for fancy photo editing. Honestly, there’s just no budget. At all.

One thing that really grinds our gears over here is the BOS’ fascination with designating entire months in which to highlight major issues when, in reality, a lot of the stuff they do runs counter to the same issues they say we should be honoring.

Take last month, when they said March 2015 would be Social Workers Awareness Month. Hey, that’s well-deserved, social workers of Humboldt. Hope you all didn’t notice they issued that decree on March 17th, and in the midst of a huge personnel crisis for the Health and Human Services Department that left you severely understaffed and working in dangerous conditions.

This month, more of the same. April 2015 is set to be declared – and thankfully in a more timely manner – Child Abuse Prevention Month, Sexual Assault Awareness Month, and “Grange Month”.

First off, for goodness’ sake, give child abuse and sexual assault their own months.

Secondly… “Grange Month”? We can all thank Supervisor Mark Lovelace for sponsoring this gem. The proclamation notes that “Since 1873 the California State Grange has sought to advance the interest of farmers, rural Americans and our nation’s families” – the same rural Americans that Lovelace gets so excited about over-regulating in General Plan Update meetings that he wets himself.

Do you think the Grange likes it when you try to force Americans to live in clustered communities rather than out in the countryside, Mark? Do ya?

Maybe Lovelace thought turning April 2015 into Grange Month, otherwise dedicated to forms of heinous assault, would make Humboldt citizens forget that time when he assaulted his fellow Supervisors.

Don’t worry, Humboldt. We didn’t forget. But more on that later.

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1 Response to Crack eggs for Easter! THC Sunday throwback

  1. LMOB says:

    Amazing re-boot. Just-miss racism and all.

    Here is my suggestion for your celebration of the anniversary year. A THC drinking game. Post couple of archived posts a day and drink every time you complain about that darn BOS. Then, if drink another cold, satisfying shot of Zima if for each of the 2 Supervisors which actually could have been voted out in 2016 was mentioned.

    It would a be a fun politically-incorrect celebratory romp of an amazing first year. AmIright?

    THC – Making Humboldt Amazing Again!


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