Miss Enviro 2016: Delia Bense-Kang!

The results are in! First, your runner-ups:

3rd-place with 15% of the votes: Natalyne DeLapp

natalynnedelapp2nd-place with 34% of the votes: Jen Savage


And finally, your Miss Enviro 2016. Cue the obligatory award ceremony song:

There she is, Miss Enviro

There she is, your ideal

The dream of a million girls who are more than pretty can come true

in Humboldt County

For she may turn out to be the Queen of femininity

There she is, Miss Enviro

There she is, your ideal

With so many beauties she took the town by storm

With her all-Enviro face and form

And there she is

Walking on air, she is

Fairest of the fair, she is

There she is – Miss Enviro

Delia Bense-Kang! She’s a surfer, she’s chic, she’s an up-and-comer and she kicks ass at updating peeps on the ocean and stuff.

hottestenvirodeliabense-kangThanks for playing along, THC-fans. We’re hard at work trying to put together Miss Rightie 2016, but we’ve got to say that there’s a relative dearth good-looking and politically active conservatives/potential nominees out there. Got any suggestions for us? Let us know!


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13 Responses to Miss Enviro 2016: Delia Bense-Kang!

  1. Buster says:

    I liked the other photo better…


  2. Peek-A-Boo says:

    Hey! Whats with the Miss. Righty thing? I was a good sport and supported you guys on the last poll. Now I want and expect equal time or were the misogynist suggestions about you accurate? We gals want some beefcake or we’re going elsewhere! Couldn’t care less what their political orientation is I just want to see some well fitting jeans. Consider it a challenge. Lets see you step up to the plate!


  3. Henchman Of Justice says:

    Mr and Mrs. Environmental

    Lefty, right, northy, southy, pissy, mouthy, homeless, professional, gubbamint, private sector, moderate, centrist, average Jack and Jill, land owner and public planner, developer lefty and developer right, intrinsic developers and civic activities, drug users and medicine takers, loggers and fisherman, agriculture and water, etc….

    HOJ figures these ladies are being viewed as “sex objects” as these posts avoid “career orientation objectivenesses.”

    So much for life’s advancements on qualifications of an educational background.

    Tits and ass rules the job market, got it!

    What percentage of tits and ass versus dick make up public/private employment in these active social and political organizations. Just interested in the “strength by numbers” and the ascension by using gender based biases and prejudices that please the decision makers as they gawk from eye level looking down into the twin peaks and more.

    It seems women are rewarded increasingly for T & A advertising as much or more so than for Intelligience, but of course, not all employment opportunities are applicable.

    The easiest jobs are reserved for the laziest in society. Paper pushing is easy. Government is paper pushing. Activism is paper pushing much of the time. Paper, paper and more paper,

    Damn those trees!


    • HOJ, congratulations. That was officially your most nonsensical comment on THC yet. Care to, uh, clarify your remarks?


      • Just Watchin says:

        HOJ is an idiot. I think he is related to jon yalcikaya.


      • Henchman Of Justice says:

        Nonsensical is appropo for such a nonsensical thread/posts on women objectified once again for tits aand ass relative to any position of occupation/civic activities, etc.

        Even the good doctor with a misdiagnosis is sexually objectifying these women.

        Nonsensical – which blog comment from years past did THC search to get the word “nonsensical”, too funny.

        All with a grain of salt, no doubt.

        From this objectifying contest, HOJ asks admittedly sarcasticly,

        How many men versus women are objectified paper pushers?


    • Just Watchin says:

      After great reconsideration. I’d like to apologize for my comment connecting HOJ and jonboy. When I’m wrong, I own it. I realize now that there is only room for one village idiot. Please accept my apology, HOJ.


      • Arcatan says:

        Faire le voyeur: I think your apology is unnecessary. My impression is that Jon lives in Eureka and Jeffy in McKinleyville. These are definitely separate villages and therefore each entitled to their own representative.


  4. Henchman Of Justice says:

    Just Watching,


    HOJ loves Jonboy and “The Waltons”.

    Why an apology?

    HOJ is not offended by being called a village idiot. It just means HOJ is on the right path.

    In Fact, HOJ is a big asshole and a douche……to those self annointed evil types who abuse, that is.


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