Oh no, Fortuna! Parklets are contagious

Seems like Fortuna violated strict quarantine procedures and has now come down with a serious case of considering-parklets-itis.

Although the WHO would most likely frown on Fortuna’s lapse in judgement, THC must salute Fortuna for doing it’s part to shoulder part of Humboldt’s homeless population by building parklts to attract them. Huzzah, Fortuna!

Read more about Fortuna coming down with a case of the parklets at North Coast News.

We will note that, according to the North Coast News story, Jennifer Ourique (who is a Senior Administrative Assistant with the City of Fortuna’s Community Development department) said the City is considering waiving the building permits for the parklets.

Now, just let that sink in for a second, because there are two important things to take away from that statement. First off, somewhere – and somehow – a government body in Humboldt is considering relaxing permitting and/or regulations for new construction. Hallelujah!

Secondly, the consideration of relaxed permitting is only being applied to f***ing parklets instead of any kind of new construction that will actually help the economy or Humboldt’s lack of housing. You know, shit that actually matters? Good grief.

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2 Responses to Oh no, Fortuna! Parklets are contagious

  1. Ross Rowley says:

    See, I told them….you plant those fancy flower beds and you’ll just be inviting trouble.

    Sigh, it seems like the Norman Rockwell depictions of American life will never be fit for Humboldt County, even though Fortuna will go kicking and screaming in its attempt at trying.


  2. TommyGunn says:

    I don’t know what you’re so surprised by THC,, this is so typical of how things go around here. Want a stupid parking space sized park for people to sit around? Knock yourself out, and do it for free.
    Want to build a house? Guess again sucker!


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