Build more housing, assholes! Pt. 2

We received a lot of feedback from last week’s post regarding the lack of affordable housing here in Humboldt County. While some of you told us how groovy you think we are and some of you told us in no uncertain terms that we are wrong and total asshats, we couldn’t resist the urge to revisit some of the input from our faithful and mostly intelligent readers. (Cousin Eddie being the exception.)

Firstly, let’s look at an article from the Mad River Union that we forgot to touch on previously, as pointed out by our friend William. Here’ the article: Housing surge planned near Humboldt State, traffic impacts to get study.

Highlights from the article are this: Arcata, the notoriously “lefty, anti-growth” hot bed in Humboldt is allowing/planing for more new units than the County itself. What an interesting little bit of info, considering that many of our current Supervisors are supposedly just shills for the big developers in the area.

It’s also important to point out that the majority of new housing seems like it will be directed towards HSU students, and not as permanent housing for long-term Humboldt residents. (That’s our take on it, anyway.)

Also of note, and some-what in keeping with the local developer conspiracy theory espoused by John Chiv, is that there are a lot of familiar names attached to the proposed new development. Kramer, Strombeck, DanCo. What do you think, THC-heads – is the lack of affordable housing really due to our Humboldt County Developer Overlords keeping rents high?

And don’t miss that total asshole, and John Chiv’s BFF, former Arcata City Council member Dave Meserve’s lamenting the new development in his neighborhood. Poor little Mr. Meserve wants his precious little neighborhood all to himself – he hates newcomers!

He was also a reserve candidate for Miss Enviro 2016 in case Atkins dropped out

He was also a reserve candidate for Miss Enviro 2016 in case Atkins dropped out

Another interesting report from the LAO, the organization which inspired our first piece on affordable housing in Humboldt, is called: California’s High Housing Costs: Causes and Consequences, which can be found at the link above or at

While this report focuses more directly on the reasons for high housing costs in California, rather than solely looking at affordable housing, the information outlined in the report is highly relevant. And, in some cases, may actually lend weight to Mr. Chiv’s and Henchman of Justice’s accusations levied towards Humboldt’s developer Illuminati.

We know  – we gave you a lot of reading homework, and we’re sorry. But it’s the weekend, you might still be recovering from your green-beer hangover, and it’s raining. Grab a Mike’s lemonade and set down on your favorite reading chair and learn yourself something.

Once we get all the way through the LAO report we’ll touch base with you again. Happy trails until then, THC-fans.

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13 Responses to Build more housing, assholes! Pt. 2

  1. sandserat says:

    We need more housing but it is immoral to
    build on bottom-lands, most especially if those lands
    are USDA #1 Soils, which they are.
    Not to mention a violation of FEMA, the only
    source of flood insurance in the nation. Arcata’s
    Flood Insurance Rate Maps (FIRM) should have Zoned these
    areas out years ago. By God they are near as sloppy
    as the County, and that’s saying something!
    FEMA sent the County (1984) the FIRM which the County was
    supposed to update as needed. Never updated!


    • Henchman Of Justice says:

      Ya, but just like Streamside Management Areas, the public agencies will turn a blind eye to violations because the paperwork previously filed now becomes void and in need of update…..iow, they’d always be updating until they actually enforce laws, but Mark Lovelace showed how to campaign on environmental law enforcement, win, then be shut the f up as if he was isolated in the back room with the threat,”this is how it really is.”


      • Henchman Of Justice says:

        …….and if they are always updating, then it looks as if they are all a bunch of dumbasses, even if they already are, but better to not be shown by themselves as dumbasses…….it is like a self service dumbass station where they fill themselves up with dumbassism.


  2. Mac Towner says:

    Seriously? Arcata permits more housing then the County does? That’s an embarrassment. Clearly nothing has been fixed at the County Planning Department. Time for some house cleaning. Now if we could only elect Supervisors with the guts to do something.


  3. John Chiv says:

    THC, I get your sense of humor , the bff comment is hilarious. The mirth challenged might misinterpret that, just as me being labeled anti rich.

    We do need more housing in Humboldt and development.


  4. Ronerville ron says:

    LAO report hits the nail on the head, loosen, not due away with, regulations make it easier and homes will get built. This county is sooo screwed up and I agree with mactowner we need supervisors with guts, and it needs to start with the Mac supervisor. What a disappointment!! Oh ya, Chiv is an idiot.


    • John Chiv says:

      Ron, you wouldn’t be one of those developers that wants to line your pockets with money, get government subsidies for your development yet create zero new jobs, unless its hiring incompetent friends and family.

      When someone retorts to name calling you have hit a nerve called truth. You don’t even have the guts to use your name. Mactowner who comments here regularly is just another disgruntled, clueless Humboldt native who thinks his money buys votes.

      When you Ron or MacTowner contribute to the prosperity of someone else besides yourselves, and don’t prevent a free market, that is development.

      Speaking of which I have not seen THC ever call out Lee Ulansey or Bob Morris for being on HumCPR, the Planning Commission and being quite involved in political decisions .


      • Hi-De-Ho John, As always thanks for your regular contributions. Rhonerville seems to have touched a nerve. Please be assured that we have been called far worse than idiot which from our level could be considered a compliment compared to the other explatives we’ve had hurled. As you are aware comments that are totally over the top get removed as we are made aware of them as you yourself have called to our attention several times. Sorry but this one doesn’t quite rise to that level even though we see it as a bit childish and trust us, if it’s childish to us it’s REALLY childish. To be accurate, Ulansey has been called out many times but Morris not as yet. We guess Morris just isn’t as interesting or irritating as Ulansey. We’ll be sure to keep an eye on him. Our focus has really been more on the decision makers themselves than their minions since there are far too many of them to keep track of. Anyhoo, we heading back to a sixer o’ Mikes and a Fresh Prince rerun. Good on ya!


  5. Azalea Mom says:

    It’s pretty obvious that we need more housing of all types. Why can’t we provide some incentives to developers to build? I’m not a builder but it sure seems like there are fees that could be waived and restrictions eased that would make a difference. I heard that the County was increasing fees around Eureka. That seems like a dumb idea when housing is so desperately needed.


    • Henchman Of Justice says:

      The county fees are not the problem per se as the consumer covers those down the road.

      The problem in fact is “expensive, unecessary regulations” as opposed to “sensible regulations that developers just can’t prove are invalid, unjustified.” Most developers agree with most regulatory oversight, but again, it is the expensive and unnecessary regulations that hurt housing.

      Too bad for Humboldt County because never has there been a Supe to tell the state housing authorities through a unified board communique that the legislature is creating flaws (not the sound of puckering up, kissing) The problem is that local elected officials are not that important in California, so they “brown nose” to get some recognition, fearing that anything too obtuse cuts the ability to garner public grant monies. Piss off California legislators is to close the vault door of KICKBACKS to local agencies.


  6. John Chiv says:

    Thank you THC for your response. At the risk of pissing you off, I got the answer I wanted. Thanks for the Ulansey v Morris clarification. I like the equal opportunity calling decision makers out.

    I will reel back my outspokenness until next time. Mikes and Fresh Prince rerun calms me down.


  7. Henchman Of Justice says:

    Fair article, but some clarifying points:

    1) The developments in Arcata have actually been in the works for years, but processes are soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo LONG. It is just that the processes all come together in a relatively narrow window. Part of the shock and awe is also connected to the fact Arcata housing starts were hampered by the city’s affordable housing requirements. Some projects just went on a long delay until details could be arranged to make the project work. Arcata also is focusing on infill as compared to county suburbia. So, the comparisons are skewable. True that most likely HSU benefits in a major way.

    As far as shills, do include various city councils and planning departments, public works departments, school districts, etc….using grants/taxes for unnecessary improvements (really alterations by choice, not regulation)….. that no small builder or carpenter is qualified to do, but the big few builders are, simple reality (no fault in necessary improvements, somebody has to be big enough, bonded and insured enough to do the work). Problem is the system is used for KICKBACKS, and only a few benefit, and it’s the same old boy networking that runs through the same progressive public agencies. It is true progressives, liberals, Socialists, etc…. Like big developments, big business and the politics that binds the parties.

    On high costs, it is largely the state legislature that creates laws that increase the costs of construction – Heck ya the consumer is going to pay more, profit goes down, and apartments/rentals become easy money cuz people gotta live dagnabit! Thing is, if many renters have nothing anyway, they are very likely to get away with not paying rent, forcing rental owner to go through the process to kick tenant out……that really is the only way en masse that renters cam force lower monthly rents is to show that people can’t pay rent which is set too high. This is a form of social justice, and if you have nothing as a renter, the rental owner would be wasting money in court suing a renter who has nothing and can make sure they’ll never have anything. The American Housing Industry has many flaws right now, but it wasn’t always so bad.

    The sad part of wealth, but a privilege it is, is that the wealthy rental owners can just sit on their rental, not rent it out because lowering rent is not good for asking a higher rent price.

    Mike’s mango lemonade, mmmmmmm.


  8. Mac Towner says:

    Quote from the latest Stupidvisor meeting: “Houses? We don’t need no stinking houses! Who needs houses if we got raises. Lets raise some more taxes instead!”


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