THC Poll: Vote for Humboldt’s Miss Enviro 2016!

It’s time for another THC poll, kiddos. You remember the last one we did, which was a total blast for us. Here’s another:

Miss Enviro 2016! That’s right, you get to be part of the committee that selects Humboldt County’s most prolific, most effective, most ferocious, and – of course, because screw all that other crap – most beautiful environmental justice warrior.

Here’s the voting form, and most importantly, your nominees:

Remember, you only get to vote once, so choose wisely! As of this moment you’ve got 5 days to vote, but we did have to shut the last poll down early due to overwhelming response.

Campaign for your favorite in the comments below, and be sure to tune back in for the results.

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38 Responses to THC Poll: Vote for Humboldt’s Miss Enviro 2016!

  1. sandserat says:

    I’d have to go with Linda Atkins who I know nothing of.

    The other three were in positions that required reporting on
    coastal issues- not one dared to notice the loss of a 30′
    Primary Dune, a Paleo-Dune forest three ponds and about
    sixteen acres of wetland all in Manila, walking distance from
    Jen’s house. Blatant sell-outs, keeping the Grants coming-in.
    Tim McKay is rolling-over in his grave.


  2. John says:

    she gets my vote


  3. Blue Boy says:

    I was positive I was heading for Nat. I was fortunate to have followed her on a trail hike a while back and the view was magnificent. That was until I saw Delia. Where did you guys find this goddess? I haven’t run into her at any of the usual events. Which group does she work for? Does she have a partner?

    I usually don’t like you guys but with posts like this I could be convinced to change my mind.


  4. Anonymous says:

    Atkins and Kalt, now that’s really mean. Funny as shit but really mean. I’m not political but even my enviro friends think Kalt is just mean and bitter.


    • Faith says:

      Jen wasn’t always so dour. An old relationship that went bad changed her from a generally happy person to the grump we see now. I’m still hoping she meets a nicer guy or gal that will restore her faith. She really needs to get out more and take a few risks. Not everyone is like the asshole that ruined her.


    • TommyGunn says:

      Man, that mark lovelace just destroys everything he touches huh? Never met Kalt but sounds like she used to kick some real ass


  5. Mac Towner says:

    I don’t know any of these gals except Kalt who is a mean and nasty bitch. I can’t imagine spending an hour with her much less a night. Yuck!


  6. TeamDELIA says:

    Del-i-a! Del-i-a! Del-i-a!


  7. NAMBYPAMBY says:

    Ummm HELLOO people where’s the love for Jen Savage? Very lovely, and she actually gets shit done! can’t say the same for any of the rest of ’em


    • Just Watchin says:

      But from the pic, you can’t tell about her tits. It’s all about the tits!!!


    • Surf Machine says:

      Sorry but Jen is just so yesterday. Like somebody’s mom (or grandma) who was hot long long ago but you just can’t picture it anymore.


      • Wiggle Watcher says:

        Not so fast. I’ve seen Jen in a wetsuit many times and she fills it out quite nicely. I do admit that it’s a special treat to watch her wiggle out of it. I vote Savage!


  8. LMOB says:

    This post doesn’t upset me. It makes me feel lessened and sad.


    • Just Watchin says:

      Maybe they’ll run a “MR. Enviro” contest next time, just to get you all warm and tingly…


      • Watchin, Are you sure you don’t have a key to the basement? Perhaps clairvoyance? Just a hint of what’s to come, prepare to be blinded by the Jon Boy in purple yoga pants in a race with Mike Wilson in oh so tight boy shorts! Someone should really take the Mike’s Hard Cider away. Our imagination runith wild (and a little gross to be truthful).


    • Poor Jon, you are so easily saddened. What a sad, sad universe it must be for those so limited in their existence to be unable to see past their myopic political correctness to all the humor that surrounds the thicker skinned.

      Eek gad! We’ve engaged! To the rest of our readers stay tuned for the volumes to come. Sorry about that…….


  9. Just Watchin says:

    Maybe you could include Chris Kerrigan. Jonboy used to hump his leg until it was a gooey mess. And we can’t leave out his current crush, Mitch!


  10. LMOB says:

    Dammit THC, you’ve nailed this liberal again. How do you know me so well? Yes, I am often flustered and frustrated as free people living less sensitive lives are able to live, love and enjoy the good things in life better and with more hilarity than I do. All that remains in this limited world free of any decent humor is sarcasm. Stoopid frickin’ sarcasm. But what are you going to do?

    You are right, I have failed to see the humor in this …

    “I was positive I was heading for Nat. I was fortunate to have followed her on a trail hike a while back and the view was magnificent. “

    …or this…

    Atkins and Kalt, now that’s really mean. Funny as shit but really mean.

    …or this…

    I don’t know any of these gals except Kalt who is a mean and nasty bitch. I can’t imagine spending an hour with her much less a night. Yuck!

    …or this…

    But from the pic, you can’t tell about her tits. It’s all about the tits!!!

    Ironically, it is my one sentence of naked emotion (which has apparently broken the THC rule of masculine correctness) for which makes THC uncomfortable “Eek gad”? and thus feels the need to apologize to his readers.

    Dammit! There I go again with that stoopid non-funny pc bs. This idiot needs to chillax. Pass me another Franklin’s hard whiskey and I apologize again to all you hard workin’, (cute, young and shapely) ladies-lovin’ male commenters for your light-hearted, fun, humorous, anonymous, sexist diversion that in the end diminishes both the professional women and the causes for which they happen to be working.

    I’m not sure which of the two, the women or their shared cause, is more important for THC and his readers to put in their place.

    JW and THC – the real test of if this post is beyond the pale is not if a similar post is done with men, it’s if a similar post can be done for women in your lives. You know the ones, the women you love the same way the professionals pictured above are loved. Why? Here is one reason… sexism and the negative and sometimes dangerous behaviors such as harassment and abuse are not equally experienced by both genders.

    Here is another reason from today’s headlines…


    • Just Watchin says:

      And this, ladies and gentlemen, is the best that the democrat party can offer up to run for office. smh…..


      • LMOB says:

        What do you mean? Matthew Owen is a Democrat, so is the freakin’ awesome Mark Wheetley. Last I heard John Fullerton renounced being a Republican, who knows, maybe he is a Democrat by now. In fact I’m not aware of any Republicans running for anything locally in 2016. Btw, who did you finally land on JW for President for your state’s primary, or are you no longer a Florida resisdent?


    • Peek-A-Boo says:

      LMOB, I am a youngish female and consider myself to be quite progressive and I have to say that I disagree with many of your assertions. We women enjoy looking at attractive males as much or more than you guys. We may be a little more discrete, well actually a lot more discrete, but that doesn’t mean that we aren’t looking. I too have followed more than one male friend on a hike and found myself in a quite provocative daydream. I hate to disillusion you but progressive gals do in fact buy beefcake calendars and muse the pics of hot guys in surfer mags as well. I do find the comments that are over the top personal insults to to be unfortunate but we all see those on blogs of every kind and hopefully just ignore them regardless of the writers gender. I’m willing to look past a bit of good natured fun and wait for the Republican sequel. After all no matter how crazy and wrong he is, Paul Ryan is totally hot! I do feel a little sorry for the misguided commenter who is focused on tits because it’s really all about the ass….


      • Hi Boo! Thanks for joining the conversation and and a special shout out for your honest and insightful perspective. It’s not so often that our local progressive crowd is willing to acknowledge that they are indeed human. Apparently it’s more fun to walk around with your nose in the air and the absolute confidence that they are so much better than the rest of us. With you being a ass aficionado would you care to forward a pic of your derriere for a future contest or at least one to be permanently glued to the kegerator at THC headquarters? Cheers!


      • LMOB says:


        If you are discrete about it, there is no problem. If the House Majority Leader encourages his Twitter followers to comment on his attractiveness, no problem. If you don’t let it become part of a political discussion, no problem. Look, without the comments in this post, I don’t think I even respond, whatever it’s THC being an asshat – what’s new.

        But I do want to get one thing straight, I’m not moralizing about what one does or thinks in private. What I am talking about it our public conversation. And those who have chosen difficult jobs with public notoriety deserve to be judged on the work they do – not their physical attributes.

        I don’t really disagree with anything you wrote, you pretty much have agreed with me we are just using different terminology. Does Speaker Hunk or President Beefcake get elected without being attractive? Was Candidate Rubio at those debates b/c of his debating or rhetorical abilities? Peek-A-Boo, we are human and I love being human as much as you do, I simply am asking us to separate our political discussions we might have on a Saturday am at a coffee shop from the bawdy discussions we might have in the afternoon at the Shanty.

        “I do find the comments that are over the top personal insults to to be unfortunate but we all see those on blogs of every kind and hopefully just ignore them regardless of the writers gender.”

        I don’t think it’s right to ignore them not in a public forum which is nominally about politics and truth, not, say, someone’s Facebook feed. And please, do find me any local left-of-center blog that encourages these types of misogynist comments. There is no bothsiderism on this, I’m sorry.

        Also, and importantly, this post is sandwiched by 3 posts on housing and growth framed in such a way that of course it is those darn no-growth enviros that are to blame. Here is a quote

        “THC would note that since the prevailing environmental groups in Humboldt have seen fit to allow rampant environmental degradation due to marijuana cultivation and are nowhere to be seen when it comes to environmental damage caused to the bay by the homeless population, than they can shut the f*** up on this issue, too.

        You don’t have to live too long or pay close enough attention to at some point begin to connect the dots.

        This isn’t simply harmless and human foibles such as noticing that you or I happen to be attracted to this or that politician or public figure. What this is is diminishing environmental leaders and women in one fell swoop. It helps to buttress other arguments such as why the hell don’t these stoopid enviros understand that they are the ones jacking up the rents on those living in mobile homes b/c the are not allowing allowing us to build more McMansions.

        But then Peek-A-Boo, this is all the typings of another humorless, thin skinned, myopic, liberal pc police-officer. I really gotta remember to go grab that 4 pack of Zima, watch some March Madness and chillax.

        If you haven’t checked out this from today’s NYT, you should. This s**t is on a whole other level and if you haven’t yet seen or been a victim of misogyny or sexism yourself, then I’m sincerely happy for you. You are the exception that makes the rule. Also, if we get the chance, let’s revisit this is 20 to 30 years when you have retired.


      • Normal Guy says:

        Peek-A-Boo is refreshingly honest and open unlike a lot of the other progressive women around here. I’m a thirty year old, very progressive minded guy, who’s into hiking, sustainable carpentry, holistic gardening and beach bar-B-cue’s. Would you be interested in meeting up? I know it’s a little weird connecting here but I’m totally tired of the stuck up games that the enviro crowd around here plays. I’m totally normal, respectful, have a non-cannabis job and no strange hangups.


  11. Just Watchin says:

    Poor Peek-A-Boo. Jonboy finally finds someone with a common interest….checking out hot guys….and he proceeds to bore them to tears


  12. Mac Towner says:

    “But I do want to get one thing straight, I’m not moralizing about what one does or thinks in private. What I am talking about it our public conversation.” Oh I totally missed the point. It’s okay to think about something or in a certain way so long as we don’t tell the truth publicly about what we are thinking. Jon, you should run for office, you’d fit right in.


  13. LMOB says:

    Peek-A-Boo, this is not at all about you please understand that. I get and appreciate your post. Again, this is not about you or your post which I enjoyed. Also, Jen, if you ever make it here (please-god-no) this is satire on the bullshit that no public person should have to read about her or himself.

    Que Barry White

    Announcer (deep/male/sexytime voice): Hey ladies.

    Are you lovely AND get shit done? Do you look good when followed on a trail or when putting on a wet-suit? Do you appreciate seeing your ass on a cooler in Mom’s basement? Well do we have the progressive dating site for you.

    It’s free, the first 6 Mike’s Hard Ciders are on us and we are here 24/7 for your ass-being-looked at needs.

    Best of all, here at you won’t find the kind of guy that will ultimately make you a dour-grumpy-nasty-bitch, in fact we are the opposite kind of guy. Lookit, we are the type of guy that understands that trickle-down affordable housing is a thing and all those sweet words you put together that often include salmon or cumulative effects or The Coastal Commission belong at home, in the garden or on the trail, but common, not on an advisory committee or planning commission. Seriously? You’re cute!

    The men of THC are here for you baby – type us! Together we can make, progress.

    Fade Barry White out.

    It’s on me THC. You are welcome, it’s the least I can do. I know Patrick Cleary* so I can probably get you some discounted ad-time if you want.

    *Note: I don’t actually know Patrick Cleary.


    For the record, Jen Kalt is a local hero. We don’t know the first thing about her personal life and thank God for that because God only knows what you anonymous asshats (to borrow a term) would do with that information.

    For those who’ve forgotten Jen Kalt in a rare instance of sanity, back in Oct 2014 Ryan Sundberg selected Jen to be placed on the McKinleyville Municipal Advisory Committee.

    Seems like those who collected money to pay Sundberg for his Stupidvisory position (to borrow a term) were a little upset about the idea of another idea other than theirs being heard.

    I wonder if the commenters in this thread were among those Jack Durham rightfully labeled as “bullies”. The misogynist bullshit on display here certainly indicates they don’t understand how to keep private information private – in my opinion another form of bullyish (and in this case – sexist) behavior.


  14. Surfer says:

    Surfer girls RULE!


  15. I’m going to wipe the drool off of my keyboard now.


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