Dumb Quote of the Week: Letting homeless abuse drugs is the answer!

It’s that time again, THC fans!

And even though, as always, there are plenty of strong nominees in the field for THC’s dumb quote of the week from your usual public servants, this week’s dark horse winner hails from

We are speaking, of course, about Nezzie Wade, AHHA’s Board Chair. And here’s her DQOTW in regards to AHHA’s plan for establishing 25-30 “temporary” camps throughout the County, per the masterful Hank Sims over at LoCO.

“The plan is to keep going until we solve homelessness”

nezzie wadeThis absolute gem came from Wade’s response to a question from Councilmember Kim Bergel about the proposed duration of the “temporary” homeless sanctuaries. If the prevailing idea in one of the area’s leading homeless proponent groups is that they are going to “solve homelessness,” then we might as well just forget about any sane input from that corner regarding how to address our area’s problems with lack of housing. “Solving homelessness” is not an achievable goal, and THC don’t care who says that it is. Not gonna happen.

THC would like to recognize that Nezzie Wade’s clueless comment on “solving” homelessness was only made possible by the City of Eureka abandoning the recommendations made to them by Focus Strategies – the consultant group that was paid $80k to come up with a report and potential solutions to the homeless issues. Frankly, we were convinced that Mayor Jager’s speech pushing for the establishment of a homeless camp was a dead lock for sweeping this week’s DQOTW, but we stand corrected by Ms. Wade.

Another key part of AHHA’s presentation was their decision  that we should sanction the use of illegal drugs and alcohol on City Property. We imagine she looked like this when she said that:

nezzie highGet it? Because someone would have to be high as f*** to think that allowing such drug abuse on government property is not only a good idea, but one that would be acceptable to both the government or the majority of citizens. That’s just bonkers.

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13 Responses to Dumb Quote of the Week: Letting homeless abuse drugs is the answer!

  1. Marc Delany says:

    errrr.. Much Like yerself… Nezzie does not work for the goberment… I know this is confusing, because as a citizen and volunteer she puts in more hours than the actually paid goberment folk… That’s why she is known as “Tireless”.. As far as drugs goes… welll you can have all the drugs yo want, until they haul you away, right?… and drinking?… You can drink all you want… so say we are walking along… find a former internet blogger splated across the sidewalk, clutch his last bottle of hard lemonade… Do we spit on him and keep moving? Check for pulse, finding none, we keep moving? or he lurches up right just as we were asuring our walking buddy about how the weather in hell will be before any mouth to mouth recessitation happens today and says… can I have 3 bucks so I can sleep inside today?…. and you say.. sure, give me the mike’s and you are in… or do you say… finish the mikes, leave it outside, but when its gone , you can have a bed… even though you plan to drink tomorrow…

    That’s all Nezzie and 99% of everyone els e is saying… Don’t condition a bed tonight on anyone getting his life together 1st. There are no drinks served in a “wet” shelter, no drugs… But… You don’t have to be (in the intake person’s judgement) 3 days clean before we give you shelter protection.

    So… I think eveyone should wind this down…

    You drink, you smoke.. everyone else does too… Can they still get a bed if they are well behaved, polite, tidy, respectful (Like you)… If you are Nezzie, she would say yes… Betty Chin?… yes… most actual humans?… yes… The truly lunatic will insist, clean and sober before a bed spot is allowed… to this unfortunately un well citizen of the US and former Niion supporter.. or one of the 37% who are homeless veterans of foreign wars.. now completley fucked by government family, friends..

    Give them a bed please… Nezzie does what she does for free… and has offered to do this for the community.. so in this case… you are so high…..


  2. Marc Delany says:

    A very wonderful person , BTW… Professor, social worker.. 35, 40 years I am disappointed.. You thought she was employed by goberment now?…NO…. It would be working if she was, she’s just a ciitzen doing what she thinks we have to do…like us.
    You should be helping her get the goberment staff to do heir jobs effectively.. Eureka 2.7% housless… 1800 schoolchildren without homes… WTF????
    Shameful to pick on civilians….

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    • TommyGunn says:

      Who cares if she’s not a government employee? the city gave AHHA the chance to come up with a plan, ignored their consultant’s report in doing so, and AHHA and ol’ Nezzie and the gang came back with something completely out of the question. And they knew it was out of the question. Even for Bergel and Arroyo and Jager, apparently. What a wasted opportunity to actually accomplish something. The city actually tried a little bit on this one, and AHHA and Nezzie screwed up. And yeah, sorry, tax money is NOT going towards a camp where the folks from the devil’s playground get to stay all cozy and comfortable to shoot drugs or smoke or drink. Harm reduction is a load of bullshit, and if the City has any sense they will not consider funding anything like that with public money.


    • 4 score and 20 says:

      1800 School children without homes? Yeah, I’d REALLY like to see what part of the sky you pulled those numbers from. That would be about 50% of the kids in Eureka City Schools.


  3. John Earl says:

    Nezzie Wade is a Professor with 40 years experience and an absolutely amazing human being. Your blurb here is incorrect and shows a lack of literary skill. You should read your source material, “AHHA’s plan for establishing 25-30 “temporary” camps throughout the County”, this is out of context and incorrect. A misquote from somebody who evidently does not research before they write. Um… 25-30 people would be the ideal PER CAMP (remember to sound out your words while you read) although the capacity could be somewhat higher than that. Yes, the plan would have to “keep going until we solve homelessness”, unless of course you are looking to push the poor out of Humboldt County (I mean you’re rich right). Or simply not address the issue and wish it away (go outside and find a star). Nezzie did not speak on allowing drug use within camps but simply spoke of harm reduction (look it up, google, wikipedia, whatever) being implemented and the idea of a “wet camp” being instituted, which Marc described aptly in his comment above. There are so many errors in your evaluation of the information that it simply identifies you as wildly ignorant (now ignorance can be rectified don’t despair) , which makes it impossible to take you seriously. I agree that solving homelessness might not be achievable in the near future, but addressing it is (that would take some book learnin’). Then again, children, emotionally and sexually abused women, vets with multiple disorders… looks like THC says F’ um (or just the unnamed author)… thought you might at least stick up for the vets, if not women and children… I think you need to take some time to educate yourself. Maybe take a writing class or two… just a helpful suggestion. Oh and research something before you write about it, shit get in touch with me and I’ll lay some learning on you, and I’ll remember to speak slow and bring pictures.


    • TommyGunn says:

      Soooo…. yeah, THC sucks at numbers. Good catch, get used to it. Sorry THC, sober up before you write.
      But if AHHA’s plan for camps of 25-30 people is intended to solve homelessness in the County, and the estimated number I keep hearing thrown around of 1300 homeless in Humboldt is accurate, then that would mean it’s gonna take roughly 40-50 camps of this kind to house them all. That doesn’t make sense, both because Eureka is the only agency that’s expressed any willingness to have any camps, and spreading that many camps so far around means that the majority of campers won’t have access to the easy supportive services they do currently in Eureka.

      And the City still hasn’t said a thing about where a camp is gonna go. I’d love to see it up behind Lundbar hills, personally.


    • Just Watchin says:

      The Mayor of bumville has spoken!!! Keep them government checks rollin in!


  4. Just Watchin says:

    ….”Nezzie did not speak on allowing drug use within camps but simply spoke of harm reduction”. Go ahead…..look up the definition of “harm reduction”. It allows for alcohol and drug use, but dictates that you need to make the users as comfortable as possible while they get high!


    • Henchman Of Justice says:

      Plus, not that it matters a cent, but do the devils playground homeless have $40 per month for rent……..that is after all the “social consumer demand comfort purchases?”

      Actually, what better way to determine if drugs and alcohol are the deciding factor that promotes homelessness when being housed is subordinate to ones individual drug and alcohol abuse.

      Homeless shelters must be drug free zones if the taxpayers are on the hook for solution attempts; otherwise, let non profits, churches, private sector buy the land in the free market, develop it for all uses, and deal with the results.


  5. Shak says:

    Come as you are will help more people than hinder. There will be dry camps too, for those who don’t use plus for the others to aspire to. This gal is on the ball, I commend her.


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