Supervisors give themselves 3 raises in midst of massive deficit, homeless crisis

THC begs that you ponder this question: is it sound business practice to dole out large, sweeping raises while your company is in the red?

Another question: is it a good idea to give the CEO’s of such a debt-ridden business even more money than they are currently making, following five or more years of deficit spending? How about if this hypothetical company is forecast to not only continue operating at a deficit, but also potentially go bankrupt as a result?

Well, whiz-kids, apparently your own Humboldt County Supervisors think so.

That’s why, at yesterday’s regularly scheduled Board Meeting, the Supervisors did that very thing. They are set to approve a series of pay increases – for themselves! – that will cost the County roughly $23,000 over the next couple of years.

Now, let it be said that the County Supervisors do have demanding jobs. But, frankly, so do a lot of people.

THC likes to think that a significant deciding factor – if not the completely overriding one – in awarding raises is job performance. And when you think about the County’s performance as a whole under the guidance of Mark, Estelle, Rex, Ryan, and Virginia, we think it’s impossible to deny that there is a considerable lack of progress on some of the most important issues that are facing the County.

How about the historic marijuana ordinance they passed earlier this year? Well, they’re getting sued over it, and it’s going to be tied up in litigation for a while, THC thinks. And it made absolutely no one happy – least of all the environment.

How about the  resolution of the homeless problem after another “historic” collaboration with the distinguished professionals over at the Eureka City Council? Well, a few expensive reports and fancy proclamations later, it would seem that nothing is being done. Yet again. Where’s all that new housing everyone’s clamoring for. Oh, right…

And then there’s the budget. Oh, the budget. Is it even worth reminding you all once again what a frickin’ mess it is? On the other hand, did you know that you have a chance – like, right now! – to attend or watch an interactive community meeting about the County budget? (Side-note: do it! Here’s where to go at 6 o’clock tonight)

budget meetingSo, do the Supervisors deserve a pay increase? Well, depends on who you ask. We’ll refrain from sharing our own opinion explicitly, since we tend to foam at the mouth a bit when we talk about it. For the sake of argument, let’s say maybe. Whether a company – or a county government – should elect to willingly give their top administrators raises in the middle of suffering financial losses is a bit of a no-brainer.

It kind of reminds us of the whole “too-big-to-fail” madness that had the whole country worked into a lather a few years back. Except in this case, it’s more appropriately “too-stupid-not-to.”

Perhaps a better question is this: is giving our Supervisors/CEO’s a series of raised good for the County? Based on current conditions in Humboldt and the (lack of) quantifiable progress on a number of key issues, we’d venture to say that it is not.

As we predict that virtually nothing is going to stop the Supervisors from upping their own pay checks, we’ll say this: the County is desperate for effective action from our leaders, and taking funding that can potentially be put to good use tackling serious issues and lining their own pockets is a questionable choice at best.

We can only hope that the Supes put their money where their mouth is and step up to the plate to get things done in Humboldt. Otherwise, this self-serving payment is just a continuation of a saddening trend in Humboldt County.

As a side-note, big thanks to THC commenter JustWatchin for pointing out the Supervisors’ decision to give themselves a raise on our last post. Guess what, JustWatchin? That makes you our top commenter for the month of February – hope you enjoy the goodie bag!


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13 Responses to Supervisors give themselves 3 raises in midst of massive deficit, homeless crisis

  1. Henchman Of Justice says:

    we’ll say this: the County is desperate for effective action from our leaders, and taking funding that can potentially be put to good use tackling serious issues and lining their own pockets is a questionable choice at best.

    Reads similar to grant projects that county public works gets to convert bike lanes in black to bike lanes in green. Ya, asphalt coloring is a fricken HUUUUUUGE issue, and green bike lanes is fricken effective leadership. Cough, cough, burp, fart, eye rollah.


    • Shak says:

      You lit on it HOJ. The community is no longer local, it is federal. The grants, Parkletts, bicycle lanes, circular intrusions called improvements, and more, are global. The only way to stop it, is to design and pass a bill insisting that no grants be accepted without full public disclosure and approval. The more they accept, the more the fine print becomes the main print.


  2. I know it might take away from you precious time needed to type words like “idiot” another 10 times*, but it might be nice to review a little chronology.

    Ask yourself this, once the “me too” clause was removed from the AFMSME labor contract which included the ugly step-child of County workers, ew’s like me, how many raises had been dolled out?

    Could it be the “me too” clause had a power you neglected to understand given your ideological priorities? It served the supposed interest of linking all government workers together, including the popular or powerful thus increasing fairness across the board.

    In short it did serve to make government run more efficiently, effectively and fairly, which is probably in the end why you will never take a trip in the wayback machine to take a look at cause and effect.

    Note: these thoughts are my own and not those of my employer the DHHS. I also don’t consider Eligibility Workers to be ugly and where they are step children…your parents both loved you very much.

    * btw, is Trump paying you any royalties? He seems to be channeling you. I’m not sure why you are not running for office rather than remaining anonymous. I mean you would step into a very lucrative position given the impending raises. You have until March 11th to file btw.


  3. Ronerville ron says:

    LMOB, your soooo smart and DHSS is soooo effective! Gee if we didn’t have such great county and DHSS leadership we would have a huge homless problem !


    • Cause and effect. It’s important to distinguish the two. btw DHHS and I do the same thing.


      • Just Watchin says:

        That’s like Jeffrey Dahmer bragging that he does the same thing as John Wayne Gacy


      • Boy, one has to be very careful with grammar around here. I was trying to be kind and commiserate with someone I disagree with regarding spelling and acronyms. I can never remember if it is IHHS or IHSS as one example. (I have to spell it out in my head “In Home Supportive Services” and even “Department of Health and Human Services”)

        So let me try again.

        Cause and effect. It’s important to distinguish the two. (btw, “DHHS”, and I do the same thing.)

        Dubs, glad to see your are back. Have you chosen a candidate yet? I remember your reluctance to endorse Hillary was due to her perceived mendacity. Is there a conservative candidate you can vote FOR or will you just be voting against Hillary?


      • Just Watchin says:

        Mr. Freeshit and Mrs. Bullshit vs. any Republican is an easy choice. Interesting that the leftwing media isn’t talking about the voter turnout for super tuesday, and the only one in the democrat party attracting any youth interest is Mr. Freeshit, and he won’t be around for long.


  4. Ronerville ron says:

    I rest my case LMOB!,


  5. Thank you counselor.

    And here is my case. The “me too” clause was important to people like THC who is one of the few non-idiots in this county because it in essence restricted the cost of Government.

    Those Supervisors who THC will not work to un-elect when it’s time really do lie to their constituents regarding the case for government. In the end, Supervisors like Rex Bohn and Estelle Fennell do love government, just not all of it. They (or some people who might vote for them if they didn’t live in Florida) often see the DHHS and it’s mission to help people who are in need akin to serial mass murders. As such they would never, ever think about raising their salaries without being forced to.

    However, when it comes to law enforcement or their own salaries, or the salaries of department heads and specialists that we need higher to compete with other counties and the private sector, well then, the sky is the limit.

    Then the only non-idiot in the room, THC will write another article based on government salaries to talk down the institution of government and when people with money and property in SoHum decide we need a new Supervisor election, they will run as the anti-government anti-union candidate in rural SoHum and have hundreds of folks like THC ready to fill in the oval for their candidate.

    A candidate, who actually doesn’t hate government, it just wants government to support their interests and agenda, just like the rest of us.

    It’s a good gig counselor.


  6. Dubs…

    Turnout is a problem JW, but that is what will happen when a celebrity runs for office. It’s interesting that you can’t affirmatively say you are for someone. Kinda like THC in local politics.

    I mean except that totally awesome person whose name shall not be mentioned.


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