Are you incapable, or an idiot? Eureka will pay you big bucks!

After Wednesday’s post, THC thought it’d be fun to highlight how the City of Eureka pays pointlessly big sums of money for the privilege of employing some of the most incapable goons in local government staff. Oh, we’re sorry. We meant that you – citizens of Eureka – pay the big bucks for.

Anyhow, cue the comparison of Eureka’s ludicrously high department head salaries to that of their neighboring – and much better managed – city, Arcata. (Believe us, we are pained to actually write such a sentence.)

City Managers:

Eureka – Greg Sparks – $155,000 per year, plus benefits

eurekasalary city managerArcata – Karen Diemer – $120,000 per year, plus benefits

arcatasalarycitymanagerDirector of Community Development

Eureka – Rob Holmlund – $95,952 – $116,540 per year, plus benefits

eurekasalary community development directorArcata – Larry Oetker – $82,195.64 – $99,909.31 per year, plus benefits

arcatasalarydeptheadFinance Director

Eureka – Wendy Howard – $95,952 – $116,640 per year, plus benefits

eurekasalaryfinancedirectorArcata – Janet Luzzi – $82,195.64 – $99,909.31 per year, plus benefits

arcatasalarydeptheadCity Attorney

Eureka – Cyndy Day-Wilson – $149,856 per year, plus benefits

eurekasalarycityattorneyArcata – Nancy Diamond – information unavailable (if you can find it, we’ll send you some goodies! – THC)

Director of Parks and Recreation (Deputy Director of Community Services in Arcata)

Eureka – Miles Slattery – $95,952 – $116,640 per year, plus benefits

eurekasalaryparksandrecArcata – Julie Neander – $69,377 – $84,328.42 per year, plus benefits



Personnel Director/Human Resources

Eureka – Gary Bird – $116,640 per year plus benefits

eurekasalarypersonneldirectorArcata – none! Brilliant, Arcata, brilliant!

City Clerks

Eureka – $95,952 – $116,640 per year, plus benefits

eurekasalary city clerkArcata – $52,462.55 – $63,768.56  per year, plus benefits

arcatasalarycityclerkMan, it must be tough paying people shit tons of money, only to have people one city away earning nearly $20,000 less for the same job with spectacularly better results. And there’s really no denying it – Eureka makes Arcata look good!

Hell, Arcata even has their bum problem figured out – they just keep ’em contained to the plaza. Hey, come to think of it, maybe that’s what Eureka really needs instead of that whole “C 2 Fmumbo jumbo – a plaza! Or maybe just turn Old Town into one massive parklet.

Note: all salary information taken from Eureka’s  and Arcata’s websites.

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6 Responses to Are you incapable, or an idiot? Eureka will pay you big bucks!

  1. Scott says:

    The salaries of municipal employees are usually in relation to budget size and the number of FTEs. You can’t compare cities simply based on distance to one another.

    I love your articles, they go about as deep as a scuba diver in a bath tub, but they’re full of sarcasm and displace aggression. I wonder why you have such a bone to pick with the local municipalities?

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  2. MOLA42 says:

    Per your headline:

    If that were true I would never have had to leave Humboldt County to find meaningful employment. I’d be lunching with Arkley at the Ingomar Club.


  3. Marc Delany says:

    It’s public information… In fact the AG says it’s one of the documents citizens should review annually as a basic part of good government. Arcata, and likely other juresdictions pays the CA an annual amount… BUT there are additional amounts with specific projects, accounted seperately… and there are other cost.. like when the lawsuit is lost by the city, to a plaintiff… Like here… That should go against the CA , and what the real question is… How much is (X) spending of taxpayer money to defend open records from public review… This number should be -0-… it’s not Sheeple… So check annually, its not a secret, the courts have told them so… just walk up and ask… and don’t forget all the sub catagories and shifted expenses. How much was the CA paid is not a simple answer.. so get the whole answer… IMHO


  4. Just Watchin says:

    I saw an article that the Humboldt Supes were voting Tuesday to give themselves three raises between now and January 2017. Sounds like a subject in THCs wheelhouse.


  5. Marc Delany says:

    Actually, those rates are not so bad… The number of managers is bad…and they suck, errrr I mean many have no formal eduaction (and I believe in experiential education) or journeyman experience… i.e. they have worked for 1 employer forever… HC folk please listen… The rest of the country does it all differently. Hire some expertise from without… Demand that the committees and commissions are staffed fully. Those recomendations from the Grand Jury…?? Are you crazy? Follow them… Every single one rejected by….. wait for it…… the current staff … mainly the city and county attornies who have disproportionate authority and influence… I could tell you how it works but.. When we all elect new BOS and CC memebers… Insist they clear the decks. The county is run by the old guard.. The police do what the want. The sheriff is independent. Talk about “rowing together?” The HC regata looks like Midway…


  6. Emilie L'Abbee says:

    Diamond – ballpark estimate $105,228 – $157,488 (admitted to state bar in 87)

    emailed state bar for verification. updates pending.


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