The Great THC Geocache Treasure Quest, Pt. 1

Do you love a good treasure hunt? Your friendly/lightly buzzed staff at The Humboldt Consequential sure does.

That’s why, as of now, we’ve decided to begin  the Great THC Treasure Hunt series. We’ll be hiding a very small care package containing our patented THC stickers, a nice little love note from us to you, and a gift card worth just enough for you to pick up a sixer of Mike’s Hard Lemonade. And more! (THC’s legal department has determined that it is inappropriate/irresponsible/probably illegal to leave alcohol lying around for any intrepid young treasure seeker to find.)

The care packages in question look like this: APPLEID245030 If you haven’t heard of the accepted method of “geocaching,” here’s a full description. In short, we give you the geographic coordinates that help you zero in on the goods.

We’ve tried to make this first one pretty easy. The coordinates in question are: 40° 52′ 15.4704” N, 124° 4′ 36.0912” W.

Like we said, this one is easy-peasy. It’s not far off the sidewalk, because honestly we’re just too lazy to do any walking on any wilderness trails. (Hint, hint!) If you see a big brown sign that says “R _ _ _ _ _ _ Park” then you are burning right the hell up. If you are standing next to a picture of two tiny, faceless people walking, then you’ve gone a a wee bit too far towards the 420 Festival grounds.

See? We seriously almost spelled it out for you!

Now, go out and get those goods, THC fans! Happy Hunting!


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2 Responses to The Great THC Geocache Treasure Quest, Pt. 1

  1. Mac Towner says:

    What a great idea! I got a friends gps and tomorrow I’m off to get some THC stickers! This rocks!


  2. William B says:

    I’m pretty sure there’s phone apps that will do essentially the same thing as a GPS. This does sound pretty cool. I really like the picture of the THC guy on the Eureka sign. Kinda like the welcome mat to tweakerville. Eureka really is a pit.


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