Supervisor Lovelace believes our County pays bills with “Sunshine, rainbows, and unicorns”; Dumb Quote of the Week

Quick! Who believes in whimsical mythical creatures and that the Humboldt County financial forecast for the next 5 years is looking rosy?

If your answer is the vertically challenged Humboldt County Supervisor Mark Lovelace, than you nailed it! Although, we guess we kinda spoiled the surprise in the title.

The tape from the County Supervisors’ regularly scheduled meeting of February 2nd, in which the Board received a report from the County Interim CAO regarding the five year financial forecast, shows Supervisor Lovelace expressing his belief in both the existence of unicorns and a County fund balance that isn’t completely depressing.



We’ll remind you right now – the forecast is f*cking grim. Even the frickin’ NCJ couldn’t find a way to twist the facts to make it look good. The so-called “moderate” forecast – which Supervisor Sundberg described as maintaining the “status quo” of the currently shitty and out of control spending done by the County – had the County nearly going bankrupt in the near future.

Guess how long the worst forecast gave the County before going bankrupt? Next year.

Which is why THC found it especially funny when Supervisor Mark Lovelace said the forecast was full of “sunshine, rainbows, and unicorns.” Really funny, Mark. Even funnier is how both the public and private sectors in Humboldt have circled further down the drain while you’ve been one of our leaders. Ha. Ha. Ha.

Generally, THC thinks Lovelace to be one of the more intellectually gifted Supes around. Faint praise, we know. Guess all those chromosomes went to his head rather than his height. But we wonder: is Lovelace really so delusional with regards to the budget, or has he completely thrown in the towel when it comes to giving a shit about his participation in Humboldt leadership.

We all know he is vacating the Supervisor role next term to try his luck at bigger and better things, but the rest of Humboldt is still going to have to deal with the County’s tragic financial position. THC would actually much appreciate if Lovelace either pulled his head out of his ass, or at least stopped laughing about the financial hole he helped dig.

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4 Responses to Supervisor Lovelace believes our County pays bills with “Sunshine, rainbows, and unicorns”; Dumb Quote of the Week

  1. Marc Delany says:

    I hate to be the bearer of bad news but the Federal and State governments have disapeared to a large extent. The money that local juresdictions have depended upon from upstream is less and less each year….. The “unfunded mandates” continue… partially funded…continue unabated. Think gas tax, where the improved millage and better, green macines, return less funding to support roads. How is it possible to get 200 million behind, unless the state and feds have fallen down on the job.

    It’s just us now, we are a great county.

    We want our BOS working as hard as possible to get our funds extended as far as possible. We want the best and brightest working for us. We want staff to follow the direction of our elected officials (the current elected officials), so our communities desires are implimented, with the best possible projects we can fund with the diminished federal and state support.

    We need to keep a close eye on the wallet, to ensure we are following the direction the community is giving our elected officials wisely. Take the oportunities upfront to comment and contribute, not just complain when things don’t work… ideas are needed, our input is needed up front… Things are not great… Look at the state report from fish and wildlife… not good. How can we solve our resource issues together?

    We can only do this working together, with decisions debated in the public, openly… based on facts, with the staff following the direction of our elected officials and the results of open debate. Our laws, regs and ordinances can work if the staff, appointees and citizens (all citizens, not just those that own property), participate and support the ongoing decisions. Consensus should be a goal, not always achievable by our representatives.

    To maximize the inclusion of all ideas, get involved with the decision making, call your reps. Officials should make sure all committiees and commissions advising the elected officials are fully staffed, with capable and involved citizens. Staff cannot be the only source of requested direction, take your 3 minutes if the issue is important, or if you have information that should be considered.

    Our government is really We the People… but only if we insist…don’t allow the Feds and State to dictate direction without local involvement in the implimentation. Staff is only there to advise, recommend and explain when requested to our elected officials, they are there to support our representatives, not to determine or dictate direction. Several recent reports on staff actions are a bit disturbing, do not let this be the norm in the future.

    Lets keep watch.

    Good job THC. Please investigate and report the facts. Please continue to allow a forum for discussion and debate. These scarce venues are critical.

    Thank You,

    Marc Delany


    • Henchman Of Justice says:

      Cough, belch and fart,

      The county took the grants and entitlements for unnecessary projects.

      Addup all the jurisdictions and agencies that took funding for unnecessary projects.

      Local governments grew itself through unnecessary spending and waste.

      Obviously, jurisdictions created “faux budgets” while paying off so many “uppers” in government.

      Obviously, the budget fraud continues to pay off the minions and shills, but now with newer local taxes that are now contested as to what and where the money is or is not going, really telling times by local backstabbers.

      Ya, local uppidy people are so trustworthy…….not.


    • Uri Driscoll says:

      Well said Marc. This is a great county in many ways. We are also facing some very unique challenges that is going to take some innovative approaches. There are some very smart, dedicated people here. It is important that they are involved.
      This is one of the best posts I have seen in a long time. Thank you


  2. Ronerville ron says:

    Mark I complety agree with your line of thinking, but unfortunately its a little too wishful. First our sups just don’t understand that the county,state and fed gov is just too big, bloted and buricratic and on a local level they the sups lack the ability to rap thier heads around this and certainly lack the ability to deal with it.On a state level the dems in sac have sold out to the special interests of the unions, enviros, and various other groups, the Feds to all the above plus corprate welfare interests and the likes of oh shucks warren Buffett who says raise taxes (that’s income tax) while he pays Capitol gains at half the rate of upper end blue collar workers. Mark you are right if the masses would get involved but don’t hold your breath.


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