County says “Higher fees, screw low-income housing and business development”

Remember how the County said they are totally committed to raising the total housing inventory to help address the housing crisis currently plaguing Humboldt?

Well, the County predictably announced plans to make the development of new housing – or any type of new commercial or residential building – in Humboldt even more expensive and unlikely by proposing a new Traffic Impact Fee for the greater Eureka area.

Luckily, the County has provided an opportunity for the public to learn more about how they’re getting screwed at a meeting at 2 p.m. this afternoon at the Humboldt Community Services District. (Details here.)

You can read the report on the Impact Fee in its totality here. THC thought that it would be especially helpful for us to highlight the following tidbit from the report:

feesnipWoo-hoo! Just what we need – even more deterrents for people looking to make Humboldt a better place by building houses or places of business. This is especially concerning since it clearly demonstrates that the County will do jack-shit to make building low-income housing any easier. Not to mention continuing their dedication to discouraging any and all new business and/or development.

Good job, County. You make accomplishing nothing seem like hard work! Thanks for spending all the money you were supposed to use on maintaining roads on frivolous stuff and giving yourselves raises.

THC sincerely hopes that you’ll turn out at this afternoon’s meeting to tell the County it’s time they started fixing their own financial mistakes rather than continuing to rely on raiding the public’s pockets every time they want to fix  pot hole.

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11 Responses to County says “Higher fees, screw low-income housing and business development”

  1. Mac Towner says:

    Are these people kidding? They just raised our taxes last year and now their coming back for yet another round. Stupidvisor isn’t just a title it’s truly a state of mind.


    • Sammy says:

      Love ‘ya Mac Towner. . . that was one fun meeting. Methinks the greater eureka advisory committee as well as City reps and County Pub Works reps were surprised by how many folks turned out for the meeting to hold the City and County’s feet to the fire.

      A new gas station pump would be over $6,000????

      Hey, I have a good idea; lets tell the Stupidvisors to STOP handing $ over to the druggies and non-profits and give the money to have our roads FIXED.

      No, wait a minute; that makes WAY TOO MUCH SENSE.


  2. Anonymous Too says:

    I don’t think it’s too soon to talk recall.


    • You do realize there are two Supervisors running with no competition right? You also realize recalls cost money, and time, and will ultimately distract the Supervisors from the Government they run?

      Or does that matter?
      Or is that the point?

      The more of the growing government we can shut down, the less we have to pay in taxes. That’s the idea, I get it.

      But at some point government has been limited to the bone.

      Yet there are still bills to pay and infrastructure to maintain.

      Those bills will get paid. The only question is who. This proposal seems to charge developers and thus property owners, does it not? Are sales tax proposals that tax everyone a better or fairer idea? Developers and property owners like THC’s mom think so.

      Pay as you go, it’s a conservative notion. It’s just conservative principles apply to their own money only. If we can get Joe Six Pack to pay for the necessary traffic upgrades for our new development with 8 cents per dollar on his six pack, let’s do it!

      Check out the list of agenda driven Planning Commissioners so plainly outlined below by “Barely Hanging On”. Bongio (Contractor), Ulansey (Property rights lobbyist), McKinney (Developer). These are just 3 of 7 Planning Commissioners with a very clear agenda. Development, cheap and easy and we’ll figure out the costs later. Literally, we are talking about dollars and cents costs, not even environmental costs that crazy leftists like myself are wont to consider.

      Developers do not even want to pay for the infrastructure the users of their development will need.

      Then who, may I ask, will be asked to pay. Some of us out here are barely hanging on.


      • Henchman Of Justice says:


        A bone has been stripped of all its meat, fat and tendons.

        Government is still a bone thay need fat trimmed while keeping the meet and tendons.

        HOJ reminds people that 4 sitting supes (3 Campaigns) declared they were going to create, bring jobs, jobs, and jobs, even though the only 1 honest person since 2006 has campaigned on future prognostications as a seer and has a proven track record of being correctly objective with the results 100% accurate.

        Voters still have much to learn and consider for this once greater nation to heal and repair itself.


      • Henchman Of Justice says:


        You need to be educated on development since it is not your creme de la creme forte.

        1) Developers do soany other public improvements, including giving land away as an easement to the general public so in the future, the row’s are enlarged or created for better public improvement projects that better protect the environment and service better the needs of users (mostly non developers)

        2) Why the hell would a developer desire to pay a traffic impact fee for a major subdivision when historically, government does not street sweep, have no parking ordinances on street sweeping day, won’t enforce the laws within the subdivision (enforcement means costs paid by the perpetrator when proven), won’t enforce e environmental laws equally across all spectrums of the community that again, raises revenue through a fine and penalty structure.

        Government is way too bloated, inefficient, ineffective, not sanctid, much betrayal, etc….

        Don’t think America is getting better anytime soon. Your ideological leaders have raped you too LMOB.


    • Henchman Of Justice says:

      Or, Humboldtian voters can just not vote, set a record for lowest voter turnout. The real fear for elected officials is dwindling support at the ballot box that signals pitchforks are coming.

      Afterall, who wants to be a leader holding an empty bag when society is about to go under?


  3. Barely Hanging On says:

    A friend attended this meeting and said there was a standing room only crowd. Planning Commissioners Bongio, Ulansey, and MacKinney attended and apparently called Bob “stick it to the developer” Bronkal andBrainless Brian Gerving to task for multiple lies and misrepresentations. My organization sent out a notice but unfortunately I’ve got a job and couldn’t take off in the middle of the day. Thank you to these real hero’s for sticking up for the rest of us. Where are our highly paid Supervisors while their staff are trying to sneak this past?


    • Mac Towner says:

      I know where my Stupidvisor was…..playing his fifth round of golf for the week!


      • Henchman Of Justice says:

        Stupid? These people are cunning, shrewd, manipulative, undermining, conspiratorially, fraidulantly, corrupted, and more.

        No, these people make Mac Towner look uneducated and only smart enough to engage in dialogue at a teething seminar.


    • Henchman Of Justice says:

      Your organization? You read like a conceded piece of shit outta the ass end of a horse with me name.

      Typical, the organizer who claims ownership of an organization worries more for greed than the bullshit spewing that causes the owner to create an organization.

      Impressive tardiness!


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