Sayonara and happy trails, CAO Smith-Hanes!

According to Supervisor Virginia Bass at this past Tuesday’s Board meeting, today is the very day in which the County’s CAO, Phil Smith-Hanes, will be leaving us for drier pastures out Kansas way.

THC has already given our loving farewell tribute to Mr. Smith-Hanes (which you can read here), but we wanted to take this opportunity to say that we will sorely miss his snide comments and outright disrespectful demeanor towards those elected and appointed officials and employees of the County that he deemed inferior.

Your sassy attitude shall be missed, Smith-Hanes. And your predecessor will in all likelihood be way worse at the job, and probably cost just as much money. Thanks for that, by the way.

Of course, Bass could be 100% completely wrong about Hanes leaving on Sunday – wouldn’t be the first time. Right? Right guys?


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1 Response to Sayonara and happy trails, CAO Smith-Hanes!

  1. Henchman Of Justice says:

    It is hard for supes to go against their campaign financiers. Afterall, elections are bought and sold by donations. It is not the piddly less than $20 donations from many naive and ignorant people, but the bigger donations from the shoulder rubbing sociopolitical benefactors of fraud and corruption at the local level.

    The interesting effect is every election, society gets worse and dumb ass voters or shoulder rubbing voters who can’t take criticism of their idiotic decisions of voting simply stay mum, quiet, elusive.

    To enough big whigs and others with needs, everything the BOS is dealing with has been done to near perfection as the illusion of grass roots local government is to be opposite of what it really is – the same as the state and federal government’s way of fostering chaos while picking local winners and losers based upon political campaign donorship interests and political votes where fewer people gain majority power and control for local wealth opportunities in a county that a majority of adults would agree is in disarray, dysfunction, deteriorating job climate, etc….

    Supe Sundberg and Bass both ran on a platform that they are job creators, even though they knew they can’t create jobs. To this day, neither has created one private sector job without first taking grant money to funnel off to a former campaign donor. What does that say to those working folks not privileged with family heir wealth? It says you gotta be a rich political donor to receive unnecessary wealth opportunity kickbacks from grants that increase the deficit and debt, nationally. These people that accept some of the grant funds are aiding and abetting the ballooning national debt because where they profit to pocket that debt, they also force all other taxpayers to pick up the bill. Needs versus wants. Too bad voters are so stupid to believe retoric used by these supes to get elected.

    It is such a joy (not!) to experience the downfall of society being exacerbated every election cycle because voters are too chicken shit to elect non-monied candidates or not vote at all. Now is the time to cease and desist from voting. Voting is not going to change anything at this point. America is bloated, supersize discount double check. America is failing.

    Overpopulation, consumption, resource extraction and greed. The wheels are falling off and HOJ is proud to discuss the facts, the truth, reality. Ya can’t replace life experiences on-the-ground.



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