Humboldt’s latest death death rattle: Sierra-Pacific closure leaves families in the lurch

Even though it comes as no surprise, the news of Sierra Pacific’s closure is yet another heartbreak for the Humboldt economy gone to pot.

If you will, remove yourself for a few seconds from your love or hatred of the lumber industry. Let’s focus on this – 123 jobs just left Humboldt forever.

And it’s an absolute shame. While the rest of the County was wrapped up in talks about the newest way we’re going to screw the pooch tackling the homeless problem and our pursuit of economic ruin via the cannabis train, a main stay employer of our County breathed its last.

That’s not just 123 jobs that we lost either. In all likelihood, that’s 123 families. Thanks for playing on the “Survivor: Humboldt Edition” show, Sierra Pacific-ers, but you just didn’t quite have what it takes. By that we mean that you failed to turn to an illegal industry to support yourself, and also didn’t feel like sucking off the public money teat like so many others.

But it’s not just the income of Sierra Pacific’s employees that we’ll struggle and ultimately fail to replace. Think about all the surrounding industries that relied significantly on Sierra Pacifics operation to make it through. Before we go, THC thought you’d like to peruse the short list we came up with in about 2.5 seconds:

  • Steel suppliers
  • Fuel suppliers
  • truck drivers
  • welders
  • millwright services
  • paving companies
  • hookers
  • liquor stores
  • office supplies
  • electricians
  • log-scale services
  • timber packaging service

Got anything else you’d like to add? We know there are tons more out there.

Oh and that wasn’t the sound of a tree falling in the forest you just heard (obviously, because that is not allowed in Humboldt) – that was fir prices hitting rock bottom. Which means a subsequent drop in revenue for those other fir-supplying folks, as well. Our heartfelt condolences to all the people affected by Humboldt’s trickle-down economic failures.

And, just in case you were wondering, yeah – the whole “economy’s gone to pot” thing will be gone in a few years, too. For an added cry/laugh, go ahead and listen to the thunderous applause (about 1 hour and 8 minutes into the recording) in the Supervisors’ chambers when our “historic” marijuana ordinance was passed.

To sort of quote the late Princess Amidala, “So this is how Humboldt’s economy dies…to the sound of thunderous applause.” You may now shudder at the thought that there actually are worse writers out there than THC’s staff.


Her make-up, however, is still tops.

THC doesn’t have a ton more to say on the subject, folks. Normally, we try – in vain – to be funny. But there really isn’t anything to laugh about in this case. The closure of Sierra Pacific is a huge loss for all of Humboldt County, and if you can’t recognize that, guess what? You’re part of the problem here. And a f*cking idiot, to boot.


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8 Responses to Humboldt’s latest death death rattle: Sierra-Pacific closure leaves families in the lurch

  1. MacTowner says:

    I you think this is bad news check out todays article in the NCJ.

    Check out the budget forcast, it’s really bad. Remember that it doesn’t even reflect the loss of Sierra Pacific’s tax’s which is significant.

    Apparently our Stupidvisors have been running a deficit for YEARS and are planning to continue to do so for many years to come and that’s if things go well. The way I read it Humboldt is only a couple years away from bankruptcy and our Stupidvisors are giving away raises right and left. In case they thought nobody noticed they even gave themselves a hefty bump too. These people just spend, spend, and then spend some more. The good news is that pretty soon they won’t be able to tax their way out of the mess they’ve created and their replacements will be able to start cutting like should have happened years ago. This will probably fly under the radar this election cycle but the ones up for election in four years will pay a hefty and well deserved price!


    • Please notice that the raises started immediately after the DHHS “me too” clause THC railed against was removed. Sometimes we do have overlapping interests and THC got this wrong. I for one did not need a raise, it’s nice and it should have happened.
      However, what is more important to me is not only good government, but that people believe again in government. Removing the me too clause let loose the albatross of an unpopular program from around the necks of those with the en-vogue programs – sheriff and the Supervisors themselves.

      Just please notice the correlation. That is all I’m asking. Because at this point it is all moot.

      BTW, still not a peep from THC on the lack of candidates for Supervisors running in presumably one of the districts he lives. Still sounds like despite all the remorseful type-words he or folks like MacTowner type, they are just fine, thank you very much, with Intellivisors Fennell and Bohn.

      And yes, I too mourn the loss. I really enjoyed driving by that mill especially as it could be found so close to the beautiful landscapes of Ma-le’l Dunes north. The contrast was extraordinary and uniquely Humboldt. Thank you THC for mentioning prices and not insinuating the villain the as enviros as a HSU Fire Management Professor did in the TS article.

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  2. Henchman Of Justice says:

    The company admitted that the main reason it was closing its doors was because there was no more harvestable timber. That means of all the trees that were harvested will have been harvested. Geographically, Humboldt County didn’t have an unlimited amount of trees to be harvested.


  3. tim cook says:

    If you had sound you could be listening to Willie and Merle singing ” Its all going to pot “..


  4. Shak says:

    The thunderous applause for land grabbing breaks my heart every time. The EPA and other agencies only take down legitimate businesses.
    It’s sad to see more families hitting the dirt. But maybe the counties will finally begin zoning land for shanty towns as more & more respectable people without jobs, homes, lands, attend meetings.


  5. Tom J. says:

    It took me a couple days to get around to checking it out but I finally did review the county budget and forecast. Indeed and alas you are correct. We are broke. There’s no way around the issue besides a massive tax increase or significant belt tightening. Our supervisors would be well advised to get some external advice immediately. They really need someone who is independent and not blinded by the personalities and partisanship inherent to any staff member who can help them navigate the impending disaster. Humboldt’s financial situation is truly dire and we need help now. I hope Mr. Smith-Hanyes provides this suggestion as part of his exit interview.

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  6. Arcatan says:

    For a bunch of supposedly pro-business Supervisors they sure make a ton of decidedly anti-business decisions. Lots of new regulations, new taxes, new unfunded programs, new taxes, big pay raises, new taxes, new expensive infrastructure projects, and yes, new taxes.

    We should remember well that all of them promised that the tax increase would be temporary. The only question on that score is if they are dumb or liars.


  7. Trudy says:

    THC what about the myrtle town fire station re-opening? I see a lot of commotion there, trucks in the garage, heard that it was open for use again


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