Harbor Commission moves ahead with cannabis aquaculture, “Oyster Kush”

You heard it here first, Humboldt. Humboldt Bay Harbor District’scurrent commissioners, longtime adversaries of harbor-related industry and advocates of things like trails, recreational use, and aquaculture, have moved forward with their plans to utilize precious harbor space for cannabis cultivation.

In an unprecedented move, it is believed that the Harbor Commission will courageously adopt the “Humboldt Heritage” branding of cannabis – so foolishly thrown away by your very own County Supervisors – for cannabis grown organically in the Humboldt Bay. (THC is particularly excited about the rumors of a newly developed cannabis strain low in CBD and high in sodium, dubbed “Oyster Kush”) The Harbor District did not respond to THC’s concerns regarding the presence of icky, feces-related material that may be present in the bay.

At least, we’re pretty sure that’s what this LoCO headline from Tuesday meant…

weed in oceanTell us, Humboldt…do you have better names for the new harbor cannabis strains?

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4 Responses to Harbor Commission moves ahead with cannabis aquaculture, “Oyster Kush”

  1. Mr. McGooey says:

    Humboldt Honey Pot


  2. Mike Sloyer says:

    Sea Weed


  3. “Eel Grass.” “Clam Baked.”” Crabby Dabs.”” Aquaponic chronic.” I got a million of em!” Jimmy Durante.

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