Humboldt’s Sheriffs get three raises in one year: WTF?

The Times-Standard wrote an interesting piece about a week ago that focused mostly on the Supervisors and their marijuana ordinance.

THC was actually more interested in this little blurb that appeared at the end of the article:

sheriffwagesnipJust great! For the record, this means that the guy cooking food for the jail inmates at the county jail is going to get 3 raises. That’s right. 3 raises to complement the $73k he already receives for slapping together trays of bread and water. Sheesh.

Remember when Rex Bohn put his foot down and said a raise for the Sheriff’s wasn’t going to happen on his watch? Thanks, Supervisors, for the “unanimous approval” of not one, not two, but three raises in a single year.

Don’t worry about that $1,000 lump payoff the County is giving the Deputy Sheriff’s, either. However, it is important to note that when you whore yourself out to a bully and end up getting f***ed, they are generally supposed to pay you lump sums of money, not the other way around.

Oh, and definitely don’t worry about when Bohn talks about how “To give raises right now with the way our economic picture looks would mean to cut services later” – the Sheriffs will need to throw the lack of sufficient services in taxpayers’ faces to increase their paychecks in the near future, and it certainly wouldn’t do for the general public to remember that the Sheriff’s Union took a raise at the expense of greater safety in Humboldt.

If you were to read the second Times-Standard article THC linked you to above, you may have noticed that the minimum salary for a Deputy Sheriff in Humboldt is the pitiably low $42,400. (Pitiable unless you’re the average household of 4 in Humboldt County – because then a single Sheriff’s deputy is pulling in more than your entire family.)

Of course, the whole $42,400 salary number is a bit misleading – because according to the State of California, that’s not at all what the average pay is for Humboldt’s Sheriffs.

sheriffswagesLet’s also point out that Jamie Barney, the guy bemoaning how hard it is to get by on their meager salaries and pushing for all Deputy Sheriff’s to get more money, . That’s the same Jamie Barney who made $140,539.00 in 2014. And is now going to get 3 raises and a lump sum payout. Yikes.

Here’s a full list of all the Deputy Sheriffs in Humboldt and their pay, from 2014. Go ahead and look at that, and tell us how many full-time deputy sheriffs are making $42,400 compared to how many are pulling in $60,000 plus.

And here’s another from the State of California, without employee names.

So, ask yourself, who is the 1% here in Humboldt County? Any and all evidence that THC can turn up would suggest that a lot of them are the same people that are taking your tax dollars to increase their own personal wealth. And doing it at the expense of the County’s ability to provide the protection to its citizens that it claims to.

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3 Responses to Humboldt’s Sheriffs get three raises in one year: WTF?

  1. John Chiv says:

    All County employees and elected officials got the same raise. I don’t think it’s all in one year but easy enough to check on the agenda attachment.

    Employees are also paying 3% towards retirement so as also stated yesterday, “it’s a wash.”


  2. MOLA42 says:

    I think you need to figure in Over Time. When I worked in Sonoma County the highest paid employees (possibly excepting management) were the jail guards. Why? Because they’d work 80 or more hours per week and got scads and scads of OT.

    So figure it out… What’s a better way to spend money? $45+K per deputy and no OT needed… or just run things as they are now and deputies get $140K because of all the OT that’s needed to keep things running?

    The better way to look at if the Humboldt County deputies get over paid or not is to look at the average deputies make in other counties of similar size and population. I might hazard a guess Humboldt County deputies don’t do so well (at least up to now).

    Again, think about it. Do you want a deputy on your call for help working on hour 75 of an 80 hour week… or a reasonably fresh deputy working his/her regular shift. Which sounds safer to you?


  3. The dam collapse that allowed the flood of raises (ie your “wtf”) is the “me too” clause was removed from AFSCME’s contract. Do you disagree?

    I don’t know the specifics of the clause such as whose salary was linked to EW’s like me but I’d bet if you checked down the list of whose salaries are set to be increased you would find employees and the Supervisors themselves were on that list. I’ll wager a Fred’s Hard Cider.

    Lookit, I know you all think I am a died in a wool partisan – and in many ways I am. But I do get how things work and I am not for things like personal higher wages if it isn’t the right thing to do. The most important aspect of that contract for me was the “me too” clause because I do believe in good government not big government and I do realize that with the lot we have in power now there is a very significant “law and order” leaning not to mention a very significant “I could use more money myself” leaning.

    All this is done on the backs of a regressive sales tax to pay the bills rather than taxing appropriately.

    This is not about big government from the left, it is about good government. And if you pay attention you’ll see that conservatives such as Rex Bohn and Virginia Bass like government just fine despite the rhetoric. They just like it better when they are in charge.

    Are we going to see any heart-felt appeals to change BOS leadership this Spring? All these keyboard-words about how crappy the County government is, will Estelle and Rex get any coverage or blame? June 7th is only 137 days away.

    One other thing…take a look at who the Sheriff’s organization supports each political season. Do you think this may be a pay off? Finally? I don’t think you will see them protesting outside Rex’s next campaign rally. (If he needs another one).

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