Fortuna City Council: Don’t drink the City’s water!!

In case you were wondering: no, this is not a repeat of an official announcement made by the City of Fortuna.

You might think of it more like a precursor to an announcement the City of Fortuna seems sure to make very soon. Or, you might think of it as a statement that Fortuna’s City Council has continually been making in their bi-monthly meetings.

You see, according to Fortuna’s Council meeting minutes, the good Council and City of Fortuna have apparently decided that there is something wrong with the City’s drinking water. That’s why they’re spending money – your tax money, Fortuna! – on bottled water service every frickin’ month. Here, check out a sample of the expenses, as detailed in their approved minutes:

fortunawater1fortunawaer2fortunawater3Granted, we’ve presented only 3 examples. However, since we only looked at 3 randomly selected meeting minutes, and the expense appeared in every one, THC is confident in assuming that’s just par for the course.

One could argue that, hey, it’s not that big of an expenditure. Depends on where you’re sitting at. For THC, that seems like a fairly steep price when there’s perfectly good water coming from the tap nearest you.

Which brings us to the root of the issue here – why the hell is the City of Fortuna not okay with drinking the same water that they provide to the residents of their city? What’s so bad about the water? Or, conversely, why are they so privileged that they have to spend that extra amount of public monies – maybe even the same public monies that the average Jane/Joe in Fortuna are being charged for apparently substandard water – on extra fancy agua?

This blatant stupidity reminds us of the time when Arcata spent over $25k on a fricking lawnmower!! What the hell?

We call bullshit, Humboldt. It’s these kinds of pointless expenditures that get us real worked up, especially when the government comes around with their hands out because of budget “shortfalls.” Next time Fortuna tells you they need more of your money, you tell them to piss off. Then give them a cool glass of the tap water they won’t drink to ease the burn.



A special shout-out to one of our beloved readers for tipping us off to this hilarious little b.s.! She who will not be named is soon to be living the dream with the goodie bag we just sent off to her.



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7 Responses to Fortuna City Council: Don’t drink the City’s water!!

  1. MOLA42 says:

    Water coolers? You’re down on water coolers now?

    Nearly every workplace has a water cooler. What’s next? The refrigerator in the City Hall’s lunch break room?

    Seriously? (As in, don’t you have any ambition to be taken seriously?)


    • Hello friend MOLA42!

      While we do indeed acknowledge that the expense is relatively minor We have just one question for you. Do you pay for bottled water delivery to your house? If not, we presume that like us, you consider it either a poor value or that you simply can’t afford the luxury. Either way if the average taxpayer can’t afford bottled water delivery what makes our elected officials think that they are so much more worthy with our hard earned tax dollars.

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      • MOLA42 says:

        I drink it straight out of the tap… Don’t even bother to use a glass.

        That’s not really the point. The water cooler is an ubiquitous landmark on the landscape of working places. It’s a prop in nearly every movie set in an office since the 1920’s.

        It would have been highly surprising if they didn’t have a water cooler.

        Your outrage is free to spend anyway you like. But this is silly…


  2. Shak says:

    If the city has been using chloromine treatment, the lead soldering is dissolved into the water, particles caught in the faucet arerorater, and ground down further to enter your body without noticing. Main pipes have been switched out, but the neighborhood street pipes might not have been. Even the switched out pipes (they used lead pipes in the old days) are soldered with lead solder onto the copper joints. Erin Brocovich is running announcements on this, for those interested.

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  3. Just Watchin says:

    Cost of gas is plummeting, and “delivery” charge goes up 13% ?. What business gets away with that, and who would accept an increase like that, other than someone spending someone else’s money?

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  4. Who cares if it is a landmark. If it is spending money of the tax payers to pamper the local government, it is wrong.


    • MOLA42 says:

      Jeanne Martin Sousa:

      Okay… you convinced me. Tomorrow I’ll write a letter demanding they remove the heating and air conditioning at City Hall. Damn pampered civil servants… who do they think they are?


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