Ghosts of Steve Girard: County Staff wagging the dog?

No matter where you stand on the marijuana policy being crafted by the County, THC sure hopes that you can appreciate when things at public meetings get a little more entertaining than usual.

Now, heated meetings and expansive and idiotic public comments can be expected in a lot of regular meetings. The Board of Supervisors’ meetings are usually a good source, and lots of the time the stupid comments come from the Supervisors themselves. The Arcata and Eureka City Council meetings are generally sure-fire bets to provide some sort of moronic sound bites. Especially the Eureka Council meetings on homelessness.

It came out of nowhere, in THC’s mind, when a friendly little tipster told us to check out the recording of the County Planning Commission’s January 7th meeting. We watched, and we sure wish we had made some popcorn first! Click here for a link to the video, and skip past the boring first 2 hours and 8 minutes to the point of the meeting where Planning Chair Bob Morris begins to talk about the Commission’s “housekeeping” duties.

What a hoot! Aside from feeling a little bad for interim Planning Director Rob Wall, THC just couldn’t be more pleased with the buffoonery going on here. It’s a darn public sideshow!

What was your favorite part? Was it County Counsel Jeffrey Blanck back-pedaling like a pro to avoid a major violation of the Brown Act? Was it when County Planner Michael Richardson turned tail and ran out of the meeting because he couldn’t take the heat? Or was it the numbskulls sitting up on the dais trying to figure out how to raise their hands together all at the same time? What a joke!

Aside from the entertainment factor of the Planning Commission Circus, THC finds the parallels between the accusations of the Commission and the fairly recent history of the Planning Department under the direction of Steve Girard disturbing.

Girard was a P.O.S. Let’s all just agree on that here and now, please and thank you. For quite some time, Girard wielded the Planning Department as a means of forwarding his own personal agenda without regard for the needs of the public, and with a complete lack of respect for the process in which the Planning Department, and government in general, operates in.

If the Planning Commission’s accusations are true – that County Planning Staff deliberately misrepresented the work of the Planning Commission, and deliberately ignored direction given to them by the Planning Commission – then all of Humboldt County should have their hackles up. The mess Girard created for Humboldt via his manipulations of the GPU process are going to impact the County for a long-time coming. If staff is, once again, ignoring the direction of their superiors in order to achieve their own desired results, then THC has to imagine that the effects of the marijuana policy are going to be the same.

According to a few of the folks that THC contacted on this issue, we shouldn’t be surprised when a couple of Planners – namely Steve Lazar – for the County are asked to leave should Director Rob Wall find evidence to back up the Planning Commissioners’ claims.

If that’s the case, maybe the County will look into finding some planners who actually do their well-paid jobs the next time around.

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15 Responses to Ghosts of Steve Girard: County Staff wagging the dog?

  1. Esther says:

    Did you mean Kirk Girard THC?


  2. She was a great Director imho. THC has never let the minor facts get in the way of their opinions.

    These narratives, which may or may not have any semblance to reality, will make you mad.


  3. “The mess Girard created for Humboldt via his manipulations of the GPU process are going to impact the County for a long-time coming.”

    It’s only a mess according to the Planning Commission regulars. Those with a stake in the game. Realtors like Francis Christensen and Martha Provolt. Former activists, now those elected Commissioners to include Tim McKinney, Fred Ulansey, Hank Morris and Deshaun Shephard.

    What happens if you nominate someone to help balance any board, not even one as important as the Planning Commission? You become nominated the top bunghole of the year. That money our friends gathered for us to give to Terri Sundberg was supposed to mean something dammit!

    The GPU itself is a mess for property owners. They have to guide the plan for the future because they surely don’t want some egghead professional to do the work that the Chamber of Commerce or property owners themselves should be doing.

    This is the importance of the Guiding Principles of the GPU writ large. During the debate all sorts of anonymous commenters came on to declare that it wasn’t the Guiding Principles that made a difference, it was the policy.

    Supervisor Lovelace made it plain. The importance of the Guiding Principles is it acted as an SOP (Standard Operating Procedure) for county staff.

    Yes, we do want our representatives and the staff we pay for to “protect natural resources”. What are they to do if they are guided to “incentivize and encourage” protecting resources.

    I know, we can ask Fred Ulansey or Penny Christensen or any number of property owners or their advocates. They will let us know.

    Again, I don’t know how or why you complain about the County government. You have your lot in charge now which is exactly why you haven’t mentioned word one about the outrage that their won’t be candidates to run against good ole’ boy Tyrannosaurus Bohn or property rights lobbyist (and, sadly imho, HCDCC member) Florence Fennel.

    If you really have complaints about how things are run, now is the time to speak up. This is the chance we have to make changes. We both know you are not an equal opportunity complainer. You, like me, have an idea of how things should be run. Our ideas are diametrically opposed and one of us is more likely wrong than right.

    Might it be the side that has to resort to name calling and false narratives (that too often become clear how uninformed they are) to make any point? I contend the name-calling in and of itself, would be a very good indicator.

    You are not alone. An entire Party has become beholden to false narratives based on the short-term interests of very powerful (read rich) entities such as Big Coal and now locally Weed Inc.

    How do we manage our future? Do we do this by continuing on a status quo lead by those who got us where we are? *cough* THCsaysyes *cough*

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  4. sandserat says:

    Kirk Girard was a DISASTER to coastal wetlands.
    Girard, Lovelace and Woolley allowed our wetlands, wildlife
    habitat and stability
    to be destroyed in order to get money for their pet project, the
    removal of non-native vegetation. Where the hell are the journalists?
    LMoB, you do more to obscure than enlighten.


    • Shak says:

      You are more than welcome to create your own wetland habitat. There are tutorials online. Ranchers, farmers, used to create their own, for fly control, until micromanagement decided the wetlands held higher value over a well balanced ecosystem.


  5. Choad says:

    Nice echo-chamber you got here. Any chance we can get you to host a local talk show on Aacess Humboldt?


  6. Shak says:

    Who gave officials the right to micromanage private citizens, private property owners & private business owners?
    There are 3 separate boxes to the Constitution.
    #1. Citizens are hands off. Citizens are self governing. Citizens are free to choose, as long as their choices don’t literally harm another citizen. (box #3 addresses the harmful ones)
    #2. Government is limited to 4 jobs & those jobs only, which consists of foreign issues. Securing our borders from foreign invasion, strengthening our defense to ward off foreign enemies, creating open trade without favor to any country, & negotiating peace.
    #3. States get all remaining jollies that do not fall into box #1 or box #2. The people of the state decide how to penalize criminals (those that do harm to others). Infrastructure, event planning, zoning for various needs, etc. They are not allowed to micromanage people or personal property.

    Voting for the least of 2 evils is unconstitutional, because neither evil is constitutional. Only constitutional laws can be voted on, all other laws are null & void & are to be erased from agendas & courthouse rulings.
    Precautionary law is unconstitutional. Precautionary education without propaganda is constitutional. Learning & striving for the best is commendable. Forcing any version of best upon others is unconstitutional.


    • Randy says:

      you sound just like those y’allqaeda wackadoos up in Burns…


      • Shak says:

        Is that a compliment or an insult? If it’s a compliment, I prefer YeeHawDists, it’s catchier.


      • Randy says:

        Hey Shak, need your address, I’ve got a 55 gallon drum of lube with your name on it


      • Shak says:

        Well, shucks, I appreciate the offer, partner, but hang on to it, I’m sure you’ll be able to replace your toys soon enough. You’ll be good to go in no time, hang in there.

        Attention Humboldts county. Any person, business or corporation who dares mention America’s values & the constitution will be considered a traitor to the new world order & will be harassed & subjected to penalties with undo process.
        Do not oppose any form of government, do not vote for constitutionally type of officials.
        You will be labeled a traitor or a terrorist, if you speak truths. You will be considered a part of any & all groups who have not been brainwashed through indoctrination. You are a rebel.

        Choose wisely. Do you value Liberty or do you value death by slavery.


  7. Randy says:

    All this hullabaloo is due to restricting mary jane grows on TPZ parcels? The commissioners are all in favor because they don’t want to see their property values drop?

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