The awards continue: December Top Commenter and the longest argument EVER

If you follow the going-ons of THC, then you know that we aren’t always the most punctual in doling out our monthly award for Top Commenter.

Usually, the delay is because we are too lazy, or too drunk, or just haven’t showered in a few days and aren’t feeling up to much.

But this time, there was method to our tardiness. You see, we were waiting to give our final Top Commenter of 2015 the ultimate gift – our signature Humboldt Consequential bumper stickers (which we teased you with late in December.)

The stickers are here, folks, and they are glorious! We’ve taken the liberty of putting a few of them around Humboldt so far.

THC Sticker 1THC Sticker 2If you happen to see any of the others around, snap a picture and send it over to us, or post in a comment. We’ll reciprocate with a sticker of your very own.

Anyhow, THC is pleased to announce that December’s top commenter is none other that Just Watchin’, who is being so honored for his irascible wit and unequaled ability to talk shit to any and all comers. It’s been a long time coming, Just Watchin, but you earned it. Look for your stickers and other goodies in the mail soon!

Finally, in another first for the Humboldt Consequential, we’d like to recognize our perennial commenter LMOB and sandserat for holding what has – just today! – officially become the longest argument in THC history. Wow, you two. Your staying power is impressive! We’ve got some stickers with your names on them, too.

For full coverage of their mind-numbing argument, check out the post that started it all: Uri Driscoll campaign launch: Watch him channel the spirit of Ross Perot!


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3 Responses to The awards continue: December Top Commenter and the longest argument EVER

  1. John Chiv says:

    Well deserved Just Watchin.


  2. It took a while, but we finally got to a real and valid argument.

    “The Plan says no restoration in back dune areas due to the risk of destabilization.” – Uri.

    This is the question. It’s not the price of child labor, it’s not what is native, it’s not evolution, it’s not if European Beachgrass is beneficial – all these are known.

    The question is simply how do we manage our beaches? How do we prioritize protecting non-native species.

    I did learn one thing from that discussion thanks to Uri… 2015 was an auspicious year for the MCSD based on the winner’s understanding of the real issues, not the pet projects Uri would like us all to address.


  3. Just Watchin says:

    As the King, Elvis Presley would say: “Thank you…..thank you very much…..”. But really….some bloggers just make it too easy. Now…..where did I leave my peanut butter and nanner samich?

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