Sundberg sweeps early 2016 Awards: Builder, Biggest Asshole!

THC sincerely hopes that Supervisor Ryan Sundberg has freed up some space in his trophy cabinet, as early signs in 2016 indicate that awards will be raining down on him!

Just this past week, Sundberg won something from the McKinleyville Community Services District. (THC would like to note – this is almost as laughable as when Crandall got that damn award late last year.)

Here’s a picture of the award ceremony:

sundberg awardOh, oops! That’s actually a photo from the The Humboldt Consequential’s Humboldt’s Biggest Asshole Award Ceremony. Sundberg won that one too!

In fact, he blew the competition out of the water. Here are the results from our recent poll:

Humboldt has spoken, and spoken loudly. While the top Asshole challengers, Linda Atkins and Mike Wilson, can go home with heads held high due to fairly strong showings, in the end they just couldn’t hold a candle to the Asshole-ery of Supervisor Sundberg.

Here’s another photo from the event, as our competitors take the podium:

There he is...Mr. Asshole! The dream of a million boys,  who are more than petty, can come true in Humboldt County. For he may turn out to be, the King of Asshole-ery!

There he is…Mr. Asshole!
The dream of a million boys,
who are more than petty, can come true in Humboldt County.
For he may turn out to be, the King of Asshole-ery!

In other news, THC is very surprised more of you didn’t vote for us. It’s as if all our efforts have been for naught… Lastly, Dennis Mayo, either you’re not very good at being an asshole or nobody gives two shits one way or the other.

Which, for a politician, is actually pretty damn good. Kudos to you!

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3 Responses to Sundberg sweeps early 2016 Awards: Builder, Biggest Asshole!

  1. Larry Sanders says:

    I still contend that Marian Brady is the biggest ****, er… I mean asshole of the local elected politicos. I really don’t know how anyone can compete with her.

    Great work again as usual THC, bring it strong in 2016!


  2. Yup. Keep bringing it strong. Keep intentionally fostering an atmosphere where the above is OK.

    -or- grow up and bring it down a notch.

    But that would asking you to give up what is often a winning strategy for the most regressive of policies. Please keep track for 2016 and going forward on this salient fact. Will you be calling people names or discussing policy? Name calling works both in schoolyards in the new American right wing. And apparently it is very satisfying for many who appreciate THC to include the True North Soros guy who even you must admit seemed a teeny-tiny bit off topic at the last ECC.

    Or maybe not, maybe that is exactly the type of public comment we need more of for all the great non-assholes and non-cunts out there.

    Marian, I am sorry for this. You deserve better. We all deserve better, but we won’t get that here. Please take solace in the fact that you are an official elected by her peers and that this guy will not, cannot, say this in public.

    THC – You do have the power to remove this quote. If you do, and I would kindly ask that you do, you may remove this comment too.

    But in the end, how can you? How can you distinguish between “asshole” being promoted and “cunt” being banned? Good luck with that distinction, but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t make it. This is a distinction that should exist in public discourse even if it doesn’t in your home or the local bar you attend.


  3. Let me write a quick ode to Linda b/c it is interesting how easy it is to use words that mean nothing like “asshole”. Let me try in a Quixotic way to explain why this type of poll itself is exactly why people are repulsed by the interwebs and politics.

    In 2012, one of the biggest thrills on the November ballot, even with President Obama winning and a pretty amazing Democratic route in CA was that Linda eeked out her second against-all-odds victory to sit on the staid and conservative ECC. I understand that Reagan conservatives might find that alone reason for the “A” label, but I hope most of us here understand that good people can come from all political walks of life.

    After that election I became more active in local politics, in part drawn in by ECC’s effective shutting down of the ACRC and later, in June 2013, the re-writing of the GPU’s Guiding Principles. Through this period I ran into Linda often at HCDCC meetings and events such as tabling at events and this or that campaign.

    From these experiences, this is what I know about her as a person which makes her the exact opposite of what this award/joke/takeachillpillpoll implies. She is an incredibly passionate person with an incredible work ethic. She is not afraid to be exactly who she is to everyone she meets. She is married to her wife. She is a politician who works on her own cars, often with more expertise than the people she pays to work on them. She will work for those that are in need of assistance and she will make sure that our governments don’t relinquish their responsibility to govern all of us. She also understands that as a Councilmember she has the responsibility to make good financial decisions for the city. For example, even though she may have agreed with the sentiments of Major Jager’s letter to the Wiyot tribe, she did not want to open the city up to any potential liability.

    In short, Linda is an outstanding public civil servant and we have been blessed to have her. If that is what you mean by “asshole”, well then I agree with this poll.

    And that’s the point isn’t it? This was fun for you all, it was a good way to vent your frustrations with government and those that would lead us (please note the absence of two of the Supervisors who just happen to be up for re-election). Many people like me who don’t have the stomach for this aspect of blogs don’t get this need.

    Now that the poll is over, maybe some of your readers or you yourself can further enlighten us on what makes these people A’s over the next few months. Was it Sundberg’s nomination of Jen Kalt (which he later had to retract) b/c of the anger of those who paid good money to have him elected? I guess one reader let us know that he had to quit working for Mike Wilson b/c he was too bossy. (That jerk. What a bossy jerk.)

    Also, you can then enlighten us why people like Supervisors Estelle Fennell or Rex Bohn aren’t registering as A’s when they are 2/5’s of one of your main targets – County Government. Are they actually getting things right? If so, maybe you could write some positive things about them as County leaders in the future instead of the nihilistic anti-government take you have on a weekly basis. It seems to me, this proves that to you it’s not about action or proactive change, it’s about inaction and let’s keep government out of our hair. Supervisors Fennell and Bohn are there doing this thank you very much.

    Anyway, continued kudos and keep up the good work. It’s what we do (in the kitchen, in the pub, and now online) and there is a market for this misdirection of anger toward personality rather than policy. Hopefully people and the electorate are catching on. I for one think they are. (I mean minus the 30 percent of Humboldtians who would vote for Trump)

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