!Update! – THC Poll: Vote 2015’s Biggest Asshole in Humboldt

The polls are rolling in and we are impressed by you, THC readers! We’re closing the poll in a few hours, and we’ll post the final results tomorrow. You’ll be pleased to know that our good friend Arcatan pointed out that the voters couldn’t see the real-time results – and we fixed it!

After literally hours on the Google machine, we figured out how to show you the live results. All you have to do is vote! Check it:

May the Biggest Asshole win!


THC loves all the new things that come with a new year. New friends, new flavors of hard cider, new chances to take pot shots at completely unsuspecting people.

Surprisingly enough – unlike the previous decade or so – THC has made some new discoveries on the technological front. Namely, that we have had the ability to hold wildly enlightening polls through our handy little web service. How cool, right?

So, to kick things off, we have decided to use our new knowledge to look back on….


We’d love to know what you think! Although our feelings will be hurt if you chose us. Jerks!

Anyone off the top of your head that we missed? Let us know in the comments! We can even make this a recurring thing, if you want. A sort of Celebrity -Asshole tournament of the…most ass-y? Most asshole-ish? (We’ll work on that.)

Mike Wilson bracket

Guess who our #1 Seed is? Just look at those beady eyes, all puckered up like…well…you know

We focused exclusively on elected officials who we hear have some really deep-seated issues affecting their ability to interact with other humans in a peaceable manner. Think we should expand our criteria? Let us know how.

Don’t worry: a poll for Humboldt’s Biggest Idiot will be sure to follow. (We won’t be including our name that time, though.)

Keep track of the votes yourself at home, and we’ll be sure to update you once we close the polls. Happy voting, kiddos!

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4 Responses to !Update! – THC Poll: Vote 2015’s Biggest Asshole in Humboldt

  1. jtimmons88 says:

    But..But..we can’t vote for more than one???


  2. Dog says:

    How about the most profound assoholic?


  3. Dave in Jacoby says:

    I know it’s off topic but did anyone see tonight’s Planning Commission meeting? Damn! We got some Commissioners with some serious balls! It’s long past time somebody in local government puts their foot down. It was awesome!


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