THC Poll: Vote 2015’s Biggest Asshole in Humboldt

THC loves all the new things that come with a new year. New friends, new flavors of hard cider, new chances to take pot shots at completely unsuspecting people.

Surprisingly enough – unlike the previous decade or so – THC has made some new discoveries on the technological front. Namely, that we have had the ability to hold wildly enlightening polls through our handy little web service. How cool, right?

So, to kick things off, we have decided to use our new knowledge to look back on….



We’d love to know what you think! Although our feelings will be hurt if you chose us. Jerks!

Anyone off the top of your head that we missed? Let us know in the comments! We can even make this a recurring thing, if you want. A sort of Celebrity -Asshole tournament of the…most ass-y? Most asshole-ish? (We’ll work on that.)

Mike Wilson bracket

Guess who our #1 Seed is? Just look at those beady eyes, all puckered up like…well…you know

We focused exclusively on elected officials who we hear have some really deep-seated issues affecting their ability to interact with other humans in a peaceable manner. Think we should expand our criteria? Let us know how.

Don’t worry: a poll for Humboldt’s Biggest Idiot will be sure to follow. (We won’t be including our name that time, though.)

Keep track of the votes yourself at home, and we’ll be sure to update you once we close the polls. Happy voting, kiddos!

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14 Responses to THC Poll: Vote 2015’s Biggest Asshole in Humboldt

    • Seriously? says:

      Hey you stupid dumb fuck! I realize you are dense but can’t you read either? The post clearly says “Humboldt’s Biggest Asshole”. It further discusses HUMBOLDT politicians. Get a grip idiot! I heard you’re running for office, at least you’ll fit right in.

      btw: Soros is an asshole but he’s not an HUMBOLDT asshole.


      • George Soros does have connections to HUMBOLDT. Check out THC’s favorite public speaker at the most recent ECC. George Soros is directly linked to Patrick Cleary … or should be.

        *removes tin-foil hat*

        And speaking of that, why isn’t Patrick on the list and Mike Wilson is? Patrick has destroyed the integrity of our honored place to give our excess money to avoid taxes making it political by working with an organization that deigns to work with people who are different that many of us. Mike Wilson should be nominated in 2016 right? Or is this really a push poll? Darn you Mike Wilson for daring to run for election! You jerk!


      • LMOB, this poll focused solely on elected officials. Not people who tried to get elected and failed. We’ve got a non-elected asshole mega-showdown featuring Cleary vs. Crandall in the works, you might like that one.


  1. Larry Sanders says:

    My vote goes to Marian Brady. She is the biggest c*** in the history of Eureka politicians.

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  2. Arcatan says:

    How does one see the results of the poll?


  3. Mac Towner says:

    Jeeze, this is a really tough one. Wilson and Sundberg are obvious choices but I’ve heard a lot about Atkins too. I gotta go with Sundberg only because he’s directly screwed over my family more than the others but Wilson is a really close second.


    • Anonymous says:

      If Wilson is elected it will be fun to see the new poll about who is the more petulant of Wilson or Sundberg. Both are like spoiled children who sit and pout whenever they don’t get what they want. A good lesson for parents everywhere on how bad things can go.


    • Team Sundberg says:

      Well just to piss you off even more Mack, Sundberg just won a community builder award!


      • Mac Towner says:

        Mark Lovelace gets stupid plaques all the time too. Are you suggesting that he’s a community builder? The problem is that there aren’t enough asshole awards to provide one to every elected “Community Builder”. If they all spent a little more time fulfilling their campaign promises instead of patting themselves on the back they might actually have something real to show for all the millions they’ve spent. Instead all we have is a giant pile of worthless plaques.

        Thanks THC for your great work. Keep it up!

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