Bass wins Dumb Quote of the Week: “It was a productive year”

Humboldt’s very own 4th District County Supervisor, Virginia Bass, is certainly not one to disappoint the fans of her comic ignorance of all things Humboldt and governance-related. Unfortunately, to the disappointment of those who thought electing her to the Board of Supervisors was a good idea, she has proven to be completely out of touch with reality.

Want to hear something funny? In her recent KINS Talkshop interview, Bass fumbled around in coming up with a way to describe 2015 until she stumbled upon the word “productive.” You can listen to the rest of her inane conversation, if you were able to get past her confusing the number 2015 with 2:15  (aka cannabis), but THC really wants to key in on a the phrase she used to describe 2015 over-all: “I think it was a productive year.”

We paused to ask ourselves, what could she mean by that? What could she possibly be referring to? Could it be…

  • …the fact that the GPU still isn’t finished?
  •  …that the issue of homelessness has yet to be addressed in any meaningful, effective, or lasting way?
  • …that the County budget is in shambles, and that we’re hugely in debt?
  • …that we have successfully created an ever-worsening clusterf*** in the Health and Human Services Department? (Sidenote: Bass did recently succeed in kissing the ass of Phillip Crandall, the man who is responsible for the DHHS mess, and who is quite probably the biggest scumbag in Humboldt over the last decade)
  • …that the Humboldt County economy has yet to show any significant improvement, leading to even greater questions about the future of our County?
  • …that we have successfully run off 4 top level administrator’s (and one almost-administrator!!) in one year? (Actually kind of impressive, in a sad way.)
  • …that the marijuana ordinance being shoved down Humboldt’s throats is neither environmentally sound nor feasible for about 95% of growers?

Jeez Louise we’re getting tired of writing all this out! Any more things you can think of that Bass could proudly proclaim as “productive’, THC fans? Let us know!

We can only imagine how Bass, as our County’s Vice-Chairperson in 2016, will describe the upcoming year when it draws to a close. Any bets?


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3 Responses to Bass wins Dumb Quote of the Week: “It was a productive year”

  1. Esther says:

    Bass looks hammered in that photo

    Can you change the dunce cap to an asshat?


  2. Arcatan says:

    Bass is not actually as bad as she seems. She just fundamentally doesn’t understand that the job of a Supervisor is not to make everyone happy or to pander to those who she can never make happy and who will never support her. But her biggest negative is not her lack of spine it’s actually her husband. If she’s not careful he will be the undoing of her career, I have never seen anyone as universally disliked as Mat Owen. Certainly a giant in his own mind while the rest of the world races to wash their hand after shaking his. Slime oozes from his every pore and orifice. Yuck.


  3. Henchman Of Justice says:

    Well, sometimes productive is not fucking shit up more. Just think about how Bonnie Neely would have fucked shit up more given an opportunity to “make more fucked up decisions”.

    Fuck, if it were not for Rodger Rodoni countering Bonnie’s bullshit, Humboldt would be much worse off.

    Ya see, progress is also not devolving, not going backwards or making something tangible worse off.

    There will never be “a successful plan for homelessness” until more homeless give a shit that they are political pawns.


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