THC stickers for Christmas? Lucky you!

Guess what, sports fans? THC is upping our game. We just decided it would be so cool for us to give out further tokens of appreciation for our fans, in addition to the Free Stuff we give away to our top commenters and story tipsters.

And the best news? We’ll have our fancy new THC stickers before the year is out! Big shout out to one of our THC readers – who wishes to remain anonymous – for drawing up the sweet little design. Check it:

stickerAmazing! Beautiful! Magnifique!

This means we’ll start sending some of our signature stickers along with the usual goodies we give out for top commenters.

What’s that? We have proven our idiocy once again and completely forgotten to name November’s top commenter? Shoot. You got us there.

So without further ado, let’s all raise our ice-cold Mike’s Hard in the air and congratulate the commenter with the mysterious moniker, the one and only Anonymous! Anonymous, you called us out on our b.s. in this article, and we actually kind of liked it. Call us sadists, but Anonymous’ call to action reinvigorated us over here at THC headquarters. Thanks for the reminder, and believe us – we’ve got plenty more juicy topics coming soon!

In any case, THC-heads, keep your eyes open for THC stickers popping up all over your favorite haunts in Humboldt County – and we’ll keep you posted on a little game featuring the THC t-shirts we’re drawing up in the near future.



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1 Response to THC stickers for Christmas? Lucky you!

  1. Harold Wood says:

    I would dearly love one of your stickers!


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