Calling all emergency personnel! Football team needs protection leaving Eureka

Phew! Thank goodness that we are paying firefighters and police as much as we are. And that we continually give them more money via tax increases.

Otherwise, we wouldn’t have enough of them to respond to such high-risk situations as this one.


We understand that a sudden, all-out attack from the homeless nazis that have been congregating in Eureka over the past few years is an ever-present threat, but did we really need a full security detail to show the St. Bernard’s football team out of town? (By the way – good luck down in SoCal, Crusaders!)

We are sorely tempted to remind you folks that a constant rallying cry from local emergency response groups is that under-staffing and resources stretched to the point of collapse is a concern that should be at the forefront of all Humboldt citizens’ minds. Remember how Humboldt Fire shut down Station 4, even after we gave them a huge boost in tax dollars, because they simply didn’t have enough hands on deck to cover the area?

In football parlance, we’d perhaps throw out a little yellow flag for Illegal and Excessive Use of Assets. Of course, we are just as worthy of an Illegal Use of the Hands penalization, seeing as how we just slapped ourselves on the foreheads in disbelief.

In the end, all we can do is laugh – that’s the only thing THC can resort to when we’ve been repeatedly lied to, and then have the proof that things just aren’t as bad for fire and police services as they’d wish you to believe paraded around town.

Fortunately for the fire associations, who had the most recent attempt at a tax grab go down in flames, there is always next year.

And you can bet your bottom dollar that you’ll be seeing another tax initiative to support this kind of waste in 2016, too.

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9 Responses to Calling all emergency personnel! Football team needs protection leaving Eureka

  1. Hopeless says:

    WTF? I’m sure this was fun for the kids but is this the reason the City of Eureka and the County raised our taxes? I can think of a ton of things i’d rather that our poor, understaffed, underpaid, downtrodden, and under-appreciated police and firemen should be doing. Some of them are actually in their job description too. Football team escorts are what you do when you’re flush, people have jobs, and aren’t accosted by a homeless tweaker on every corner. Jeeze.


  2. Gridiron Grinner :) says:

    I would normally be with you on this one: for as it has been shown things are overly tight ( or so the closing station was supposed to show).
    But this is the FIRST TIME ANYBODY from Eureka has gone. Ever. (or so I read)
    I think this is the kind of benchmark, for the positive, that should be given an impromptu parade as our champions head off to compete.


  3. Jeannie says:

    Every single officer, sheriff, and first responder volunteered their time this morning for Shop with a Cop to help children in need for the holidays. In the spirit of giving, no one was on on the clock and that’s a fact ,Jack!


    • Hopeless says:

      Shop With A Cop? Sounds like a great idea! If you are issued a personal cop when you enter the Bayshore or Eureka Malls it might actually be safe to shop local. How do you sign up? I’ve been afraid to leave my house in Eureka for months because there’s an aggressive bum living in a car in my alley. Called EPD 6 or 8 times and they were too busy to deal with it. Maybe cuz they were volunteering somewhere and took all the police cars with them. I’m assuming we don’t have 20 extra police cars and firetrucks what with all the budget crisis and all.


    • Hopeless says:

      Oh yeah. Go Crusaders!

      Off topic, why haven’t any of our local do-gooders pointed out that Crusaders is more than a little politically incorrect? It’s really not much different than Brownshirts or jihadists and I don’t see anybody outside of Gaza and Damascus lining up outside to cheer their team on. I mean really Go Brownshirts?


      • Arcatan says:

        I might have put it a little differently but the point is actually well taken. Crusaders were really nothing more than the jihadists of their time. Crusaders cut a swath of death and destruction to Jews and Muslims across the middle east all in the name of their faith. Muslim extremists have superior weapons but is the message really any different? On the other hand one would hope for a little bit of evolution in the last couple thousand years but maybe that’s unrealistic.

        This sounds like a topic suited to Eric Kirk, maybe he’ll pick it up and run with it.


  4. Bama says:

    Maybe the cops and fire persons ( can we still call them firemen?)should have volunteered for the send off parade rather than stiff the tax payers. Also, what about the times standard headliner(must of been a slow news day) about the 52 year old 33 year Sheriff’s officer retiring then going to work for the Feds. Just a little un official math. 33 years as a lieutenant probably pulled down in the range of 100k plus benefits retire at 90% or 90k plus health insurance say 15k expected life span 81 So that’s 105k year for 28 years or $2,940,000. Then go to work for federal marshals sevice knock down probably 75k year plus more benefits and retirement. Holly shit this will cost the taxpayers 4 or 5 mill combined over his lifetime. Now I don’t blame this guy, sounds like a really good guy, but holy shit its No wonder we are broke! Oh ya, congrats to the crusaders on a great victory. BTW, their coach is a sheriffs officer.


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