Bad, bad Supervisors getting coal in their stockings this year

There was a lot going on at this past week’s Supervisor’s meeting, as you can see from their agenda. You can even watch the whole glorious meeting here!

As first noted by the Honorable John Chiv, the Supervisors actually had a good idea for once – reducing the pay for the County’s DHHS Director! Then, of course, they immediately wussed out and successfully avoided taking any meaningful or effective action on the matter. For the record, reducing a seriously bloated salary from $14,166 to $13,667 (a mere $500), doesn’t really do a whole lot for us, folks. That’s still $164k a year, not to mention benefits.

Crandall did such an awful job directing the DHHS (although we hear he was excellent at puckering those lips and kissing ass!) that this step should have been taken a loooong time ago. Heck, the harm he caused both to the County coffers and to the well-being of Humboldt’s residents may be impossible to quantify. He f***ed up, and all the Supervisors going back 15 years f***ed up allowing him to continue in his role.

What’s worse, even if reducing the DHHS Director’s salary was a logical and much needed move, just imagine that it’s now going to be even harder for the County to attract a qualified individual to right the DHHS ship!

Combine that with the newest round of dopes that the Idiots appointed to the seemingly worthless Workforce Development Board – a Postal Workers Union President and someone from the Redwood Community Action Agency (which excels in helping people get handouts) – and it would seem that the Supervisors are really pushing to end 2015 on an especially low note.

But at least they can be counted on for consistency – we talked about that a while back. So, rest easy, Humboldt – you’re Supervisors are doing everything they can to ensure that the WDB continues to be useless and ineffective. Hooray, Supervisors! Also, sorry to the people who go to the WDB seeking useful assistance in training for work. There are a nice series of Youtube videos that we can point you to that would probably be of more assistance.

Don’t even get us started on the mess that is the Marijuana Ordinance – we’re saving that for Monday. Tune back in then for more.



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3 Responses to Bad, bad Supervisors getting coal in their stockings this year

  1. Wait: how much more than I've ever made? says:

    Check you numbers above.


  2. Big john says:

    Thank u jimmy (the seal shooter when he was a commercial fisherman-have the pictures to prove it) smith (take that PETA)for covering his ass all these years, and thank u current sups for not having the Balls (no pun intended virginia and Estelle, and oops, u to mark) to can his ass. Guess u were to busy word smithing the general plan to pay attention to some real issues.
    PS. Jimmys not the only one who shoots seals, head about a mile up from the mouth of the Klamath when the salmon are heading up river and you hear shots ringing out constantly, but oh ya, the native Americans have rights, like the right to shoot seals to let the salmon get to thief gill nets.


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