Phillip Smith-Hanes and Co. hit the Yellow Brick Road

We hate to brag and say that we told you so…but as confirmed by the Honorable John Chiv, Humboldt County CAO Phillip Smith-Hanes is headed for the Midwest. (Just kidding- we absolutely love saying that we told you so!)

And not just anywhere in the Midwest, no. Smith-Hanes decided it was time to pull those ruby slippers out from under the bed and head to Kansas.


Quite breathtaking, we think.

Which makes Smith-Hanes just one more County employee to hit the Yellow Brick Road at the beginning of 2016.

Remember Crandall? He’s laughing his way to the bank. What a great 16-year prank he pulled, screwing the DHHS and the entire county over. Ha! The jokester. Too bad he didn’t have a brain.

Remember Hamblin? He’s out of here too, although we actually think that’s a shame. Too-da-loo, Kevin, and we hope you feel better, you big cuddly lion!

Remember Kristin Brinks? Yeah, probably not. She was only in Humboldt for, like, a day or something before she turned tail and rain. Some say she didn’t have a heart, turning her back on those in need in Humboldt. We think she just actually had a brain (like Smith-Hanes), and got the f*** out while the getting was good.


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6 Responses to Phillip Smith-Hanes and Co. hit the Yellow Brick Road

  1. Citizen Taxpayer says:

    Boy hit the road before the PERS debt became a desperate fiscal crisis. Fawning attitude to Board was hard to take, no backbone. Phil Crandall got his way again and again…good riddance to both of these Phil’ someone else has to clean up their big messes…


  2. Bama says:

    Hard to believe that past boards and current board let Crandall stay. Jimmy smith and Bonnie were his biggest protector before virginia and Ryan came along. Jimmy always said Crandall was so good at getting grants he was to valuable to get rid of. Now we have a department that’s so big and mismanaged its imploding. Sups need to hire some ass kickers in top posts to clean house!
    OH wait, I forgot, due to giving away the ship, we can’t fire anyone so I guess we just go down with the ship.


  3. Hopeless says:

    If I had the retirement and perks that these people have I’d abandon the sinking ship too. Our Supes, particularly Virginia and Ryan have so indebted our children’s future with giveaways and new unaffordable entitlements that we will have no choice but to work until we die at our minimum wage jobs to pay the taxes. All this because it’s easier for them to ruin our collective future than it is to make tough decisions now. How sad it is that our government is being run by a cheerleader waitress and a petulant child.


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