Supervisors: “Fire, Brimstone, Flood” means State of Emergency necessary

Do you feel like you are in imminent or extreme peril, Humboldt? Like a tragic death due to natural calamity is right around the corner.

Yeah, we don’t feel like that either. Which is why THC finds it so curious that the Board of Supervisors just elected to prolong Humboldt’s “State of Emergency” due to drought.

Now, last we checked, there is generally a lot of water in Humboldt County. Yeah, some of the rivers and smaller streams, etc., got pretty low over the summer. But overall, Humboldt has quite the H2O excess. Unless you’re a fish, you were probably never imperiled. (Of course, our best wishes to our fishy friends.)

Now, if you’ll check the language of the proclamation:


Apologies for the angle, someone at the County got a little wonky with the scanner

…you’ll see that this proclamation is essentially a big fat lie the Board is telling us, and the State of California.

Don’t get us wrong – there are plenty of places in California that are still in the throes of drought and may face danger from it. But Humboldt County is not one of those places, and claiming that we are in all likelihood diverts money from people and communities that actually need it.

And we have to imagine that the purpose of declaring a State of Emergency for Drought is exactly that – a money grab. And unless that granted money is going towards establishing rain water storage for Humboldt, then we have a feeling that it’s being misappropriated. Where does it go, we wonder?

But anyhow, back to the proclamation itself, specifically this passage:

perilsnipFlood? Epidemic? Riot? Did the County pull this from the Bible or do they just think we are living in Somalia?

Again, let’s reiterate – nobody is currently in danger of death or extreme harm due to to Humboldt’s “drought.” Extending a drought “emergency” is evidence of either a mass delusion in the Supervisors’ chambers or a deliberate lie in order to secure more funds than we already give them to do who-knows-what with.

The only real State of Emergency in Humboldt that we can think of is the invasion of the homeless nazi zombies…but that’s another story.

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5 Responses to Supervisors: “Fire, Brimstone, Flood” means State of Emergency necessary

  1. Arcatan says:

    Ha ha! This really is a bunch of crap! Many of our streams and rivers do continue to be impacted by the drought of the last several years but none of the impacts rise anywhere near the over the top language of the resolution. Seems like more of the same bureaucratic money grab mumbo jumbo that the current batch of Supervisors promised to put a stop to. Bet this will somehow translate to more bloat. Lets hope they come to their senses before they vote. Haha, that’s a laugh.


  2. Mac Towner says:

    Anybody know if the Stupidvisors actually passed this nonsense yesterday? Sense the proclamation is so obviously false can’t they be sued for perjury or making false statements? I mean seriously, “…conditions of extreme peril to the safety of persons and property…”. Not to minimize the effects of the drought elsewhere but this is so obviously just bullshit.


  3. Mac Towner says:

    Even Tom Sebourn can tell that we are not in dire peril from lack of water:

    I guess our stupidvisors believe in Santa and the tooth fairy too.


  4. Hack says:

    U dumb dumb fuck! Yea, if you’re in greater eureka or some place that hook up to a major water source you’re probably in good shape. Ask Orleans how they’re doing. Rio Dell, anyone? Stop being so urban-centered u dipshit and start caring about people who live in the rural parts of this county.


    • Mac Towner says:

      Look outside you blind dimwit. The only water problem Rio Dell has right now is being washed away by it. I also don’t remember anyone in Orleans dying from thirst recently. Whatever water issues we had are not happening now but our Stupidvisors are still looking fo the taxpayer funded gravy train.


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