Community Open Letter to HAF: Humboldt wants answers!

Well folks, it’s been a long-time coming. You’ve stuck with us, and for that, we sincerely thank you.

Now, let’s all get together and do something that all of Humboldt will thank you for, also.

Just as we said last week, we’ve got a humdinger of an open letter for Humboldt Area Foundation set and ready to go. We just mailed our copy out to HAF today, straight to the desk of Mr. Patrick Cleary.

And here is the letter:

Open Letter to the Humboldt Area Foundation Community

Of course, we can’t take full credit. Last week, we asked for input from THC’s awesome readers about the kinds of questions they wanted us to ask HAF. Boy, you folks did not disappoint us! Thanks for your comments and emails – each and every one was appreciated.

Now, like we said, our copy to Mr. Cleary is in the mail. But we aren’t stopping there. Tomorrow morning, we’re sending it out all over the place. To every local media outlet we can think of. To every current and former HAF Board member and staff member we can find. To any and all local politicians, foundation directors, and school superintendents.

But just as importantly, we want to send it out to you, too. You see, the most important part of all of this is for Cleary to hear just how upset the Humboldt community is with his stewardship of the once-unimpeachable HAF – and we want him to hear it loudly. Let us give Cleary and Co. a veritable flood of these letters so he finally gets the point!

Want us to directly send you a hard copy for you to sign and send along? Let us know at, or in the comments below.

Want a copy of the PDF document so you can print out a bunch of copies and distribute it amongst your disgruntled friends? Let us know by sending an email to, and we will do so.

Or you can just go ahead on click on the link below for the same PDF copy, for your reading and downloading pleasure:

Open Letter to the Humboldt Area Foundation

Let’s put our heads together on this one, Humboldt, and send Cleary and HAF a loud, resounding message: we will not tolerate HAF’s proud history being exploited for the benefit of Cleary and Co.’s political agenda any longer.


The Humboldt Consequential

And remember, get those letters in to HAF! The address for HAF is:

363 Indianola Road

Bayside, CA 95524

…and Patrick Cleary’s email address is patrickc@hafoundation, if you’d like to send it that way.

If you help us out and let us know, we’d be happy to send along one of the spiffy new THC stickers we’re expecting from Santa!

Are you new to THC and want to read more about how Patrick Cleary is bringing shame to the HAF? Check out all the THC articles (in chronological order) on HAF below!


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5 Responses to Community Open Letter to HAF: Humboldt wants answers!

  1. John Chiv says:

    Mr. Cleary did respond on my blog.


  2. Anonymous says:

    I don’t get it. Why did you give HAF a pass on any really tough questions? Most of the questions you asked were either obvious or had answers that could have been found in their annual report. THC has raised many important issues about how HAF has been run and in the end you let them off the hook. Looking through your old posts a few obvious ones come to mind. What about asking why their overhead is so much higher than other foundations, why they charged Betty Chin $10,000 to buy a van. How about the whole Renee Saucedo debacle? Did they really pay her to stir up shit in McKinleyville? Why are they involved in “community organizing” at all. Why would they ever consider taking funds for obviously partisan groups like True North? Isn’t taking sides in political causes like that against their charter? There’s probably about 50 more really important questions that need answers.

    Come on, get on the ball!


    • Anon, we hear you. There’s lots more that needs to be addresses. We picked those specific questions because they were the ones our readers wanted answered the most, in a clear statement from Cleary. (As a side note, Surprise! HAF actually is capable of responding to questions. Now that we know they can communicate with the public, we are more than happy to submit multiple rounds of questioning.)

      Although, as Arcatan mentioned in his comment, they certainly couldn’t have been the easiest questions for HAF, seeing as how they only addressed about half of them. Avoidance strategy much?


  3. Arcatan says:

    I agree that there are more questions that need to be asked but did anyone notice that Cleary didn’t even answer even these fully?


    • We sure did, Arcatan! Of course, we are somewhat happy to see that Cleary pulled his head out even the teeny-tiniest wittle amount. And yes, there are many more questions that need asking/answering: we asked the specific questions we did as a starting point to see if HAF would deign to respond to (finally!) to anyone, and because they were the ones requested the most by readers.


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