A Tale of Two Cities: What’s wrong with Eureka’s streets?

Yesterday, before THC’s momma pulled the traditional turkey meatloaf out of the oven, she made us take the chihuahua for a quick walk around the street’s of Fortuna. Of course, we hate physical activity of any kind, but we were pleasantly surprised at how nice the streets of the Friendly City looked. Check out how inviting Main Street looks:

KIMG0260KIMG0263KIMG0264Doesn’t that just make you feel all warm and fuzzy inside? Such a pleasant little stroll.

Unfortunately, this morning we went for a walk on Broadway in Eureka, right in Old Town. Have you done that recently? For your own good – don’t!

The place looks like shit. Apologies for the curse words, but we just get blown away on our monthly trip to Humboldt’s “beautiful” county seat. Here’s some pictures of the most attractive looking corners we could find:KIMG0272


No kidding – these were the best places we could find on Broadway. Yeesh. It’s no wonder that the only people we can attract to Eureka are homeless. Why the hell would a business want to set up shop here? We couldn’t bring ourselves to post pictures of all the trash floating around, all the gutters full or crap, and all the “landscaping” that isn’t being taken care of.

Meanwhile, over in Fortuna, Main Street looks like Martha Stewart’s backyard. What the hell, Eureka City Council? Seems like our brilliant leaders love spending money on tons of stuff for the “future” – they just can’t be bothered to make any investments to keep up what we’ve already got. No wonder we can’t ever have any nice things.

Now, THC tries to do our part in contributing to the appearance of where we live. We’ve got a really nice piece of paradise down in the Devil’s Playground, and it is frickin’ spotless. And we’ve come up with some really innovative ideas on how to help Eureka out.

Why don’t we come up with some kind of program which enables the homeless to earn some money by keeping the streets clean? Lord knows that our County and City governments don’t have any problem with expanding the size of their payrolls – why not extend that to people who need the money most?

Or why not involve kids from Eureka High? Instead of detention, go pick weeds for an hour. Or make keeping Eureka cleaned up part of the public service requirements for a number of the programs going on at the High School. We’re just spit-balling here – the point is that there are lots of opportunities to make simple, but effective and substantial, changes to the way our “leaders” are helping take care of the town.

Such simple solutions might be impossible for our government to wrap their heads around, though. Maybe it is up to private interest, such as Eureka Main Street, to work something out to help our streets look better (which, we argue, would also make them safer!). Who knows? The one thing we know for sure is that the City of Eureka and their idiotic Council members apparently don’t care, or are simply incapable of making a positive difference.

When are they up for election again?

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35 Responses to A Tale of Two Cities: What’s wrong with Eureka’s streets?

  1. John Chiv says:

    THC I have made this suggestion to city electeds and also for the courts. For low level crimes make them clean the courthouse, the city streets and give back instead of using taxpayer money.

    Security is an issue but I’d rather have a crew supervisor hired than funds for them to be supervised working out in jail.


  2. URI says:

    One of my uncles was known for establishing a best store front contest in Ireland. A band of judges would travel the country under great fanfare to determine every year who won this prestigious award. The publicity, the prize was highly sought after and helped bring about great pride. This helped transform a country.


  3. Blue Collar says:

    Oh no. Now we’re going to have to listen to Kim Bergel sob for 45 minutes about what a shit hole Eureka has become at the next Council meeting. What a total idiot. I thought Eureka got rid of the dithering when Bass moved on. Bergel might even be worse than Bass, wait, maybe not.


  4. Fives says:

    Fortuna looks so nice because there are volunteers that tend the gardens.


    • Thanks Fives! Actually we’re aware of Fortuna’s successful program. We’ve heard unconfirmed rumors that it is organized by the Womens Club. In any event here at THC headquarters we don’t really care if it’s run by the High School, the jail inmates, or the homeless. Our point is that it is long past time to start taking interest in how Eureka is presenting itself to visitors and locals alike. The fact is Eureka looks like crap and none of our city officials has even been talking about doing something about it. I mean come on, we’re paying a City Manager, Public Works Director and their departments friggin millions and all these high paid jerkoffs can’t even figure out how to pull a weed out of our gutters! Seriously, have you looked at every single gutter in Eureka? It’s a veritable jungle out there and a wonder that we aren’t losing children in the overgrowth. It’s not that hard, you grab firmly at the base and pull upwards. Voila! Planting some flowers isn’t much harder. Hopefully this post will at least get the conversation started. Are Fortunans really that much smarter than Eurekans?


  5. Eureka Can Be Better says:

    This is actually a really good post. The solution might be harder than just snapping our fingers and sending out the con crew but we should at least be trying. A visually appealing city would go a long way towards improving business and crime issues. Flowers don’t fix everything but there are tons of studies that actually show they help. Thanks for bringing this issue forward I hope some of our officials pay attention.


  6. Sammy says:

    Well, the last time I checked into this it was a liability issue from city and county counsel’s perspective: What if someone get hurt on our corner whilst cleaning them up? What if what if blah blah blah. They SAY they want to help the homeless and underemployed by having them help beautify etc. but when push comes to shove; no way. Attorneys, bottom dwelling scum sucking critters.


  7. That is not Broadway. It’s Fifth Street. If you are headed North from Fortuna, once you make that 90 degree turn, Broadway becomes 5th. You are welcome.

    With inspiration from my favorite right-wing web site, here is a draft of some questions I would have for you regarding True North fancy sidewalks…

    A) How many corners are there in Eureka?
    B) Do you wish only a facade cleaned up, some just nice enough for those driving through?
    C) How many volunteers or debtor’s prison inmates would you need to sweep up the leaves?

    But despite all of our political differences, I am with you on your hatred of deciduous trees in late Fall. What is their problem? Pull up your boot straps and hang on to your damn leaves!

    Kim Bergel, True North, and lawyers, I blame you! (While conveniently ignoring that all efforts coming from those with land (who could be tending to their own store fronts btw), wealth, and power has been directed at defunding those tasked with being responsible for our public spaces.)

    I want to pay less in taxes, I want a better outcomes, and we need to get this done yesterday!

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    • Eureka Can Be Better says:

      You go Girl! Tell it like it is Jon! We don’t need no stinkin clean streets if the idea comes from a source we don’t like. Heaven help us if someone we disagree with has a crazy idea about working with our schools to develop a program for our school kids to learn about civic pride and beautify our community at the same time. No way! Not a chance, Jon Jon and I are united in cutting off our noses rather than making things better. Screw those drunkun THC bastards for suggesting that we clean up our streets.


  8. Mac Towner says:

    Jon Jon is off his meds again.

    Boy have times changed. I remember when we McKinleyville folks were the brunt of jokes from Eureka. Now we get the last laugh. It’s no wonder Eureka is a crime ridden shit hole.

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  9. I notice you didn’t or couldn’t answer the questions Mr. Better, if that is your real name.

    Looks like we really caught THC in a bind on this one. Let’s keep the pressure on by crowdsourcing more biting comment questions you all.

    I know there are people already working on beautifying Eureka streets. I see them wearing the bright yellow shirts on my way to work. But if the idea is to get those lazy students working and away from writin’ and readin’ AND have volunteers or low/no wage workers do the work…why that is a novel idea.


    • Arcatan says:

      Jon, Your latest rant is even crazy by your usual standards. Get a grip.


      • Some how Arcatan, liberals do have to engage conservatives within their own frames. This in case you didn’t catch it, was meant as sarcasm. Sometimes one has to do this with satire when the inherent contradictions are too great for a reasonably-lengthed comment.

        Please notice that all three respondes, to include your own use either gender or mental state to make their point. It would be super cool to stay away from this in political discussions. I don’t think conservatives could do this though. (Yes the left does the latter too.)

        This is for you Arcatan…you might find this synopsis more palatable.

        I continue to find it incredibly revealing when the right does everything it can to reduce the effectiveness of managing our commons, such as maintain public sidewalks, and then the solution is to get students, volunteers, prisoners to do the work for us. Homeowners in Eureka seem to be responsible for their curbs, why aren’t we holding the business owners to the same standards?

        *takes meds*

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  10. Mac Towner says:

    Jon, Wow! Just wow. I simply can’t think of a more complete response to your latest, well whatever your latest was. Wow.


  11. Mac Towner says:

    Jon, you are one crazy guy. Totally crazy, as in bat shit crazy. I sincerely hope you get the help you so desperately need.


  12. Triple crazy. Now that IS persuasive.

    I don’t have time and no one here is interested in a 10 page thesis about my thoughts on this post in context of recent and long term right-wing low tax/privatization efforts locally and nationwide. All this while insuring subsidies for those in power and wealthy.

    So here is but one inherent obnoxious contradiction in context.

    Many of you will join me in celebrating our country for our freedom. In this context explain to me how as the world’s wealthiest nation also has an outrageously high per capita (and absolute) prison population* that is never, ever, discussed when we talk about local issues related to law and order?

    And there is a call for low-level prisoners to do the work of a failing public sector with no push back from any one of THC’s readers? Take a look at the graph below. We have a higher prison rate than any other nation and the only countries that are close are Russian and South Africa. I would guess that all of us could agree that neither of these would rate as paragons of “freedom”.

    We don’t want to go any further down the rabbit hole of increasing our prison population and to start having those incarcerated begin to do the work that we should be doing (whether a public servant or our communities high school students!!???) gets us closer and closer to using a human resource for a public want that completely unethical to use. We as a nation already have a spotted history on this count if you haven’t been paying attention. And it doesn’t take too many further graphs to point out the inherent injustice, by race of our current population system.

    And of course given this innately crazy political system and dialog, to many who have bought into it and who can gather enough money from friends to make sure their candidates get elected, well yeah, everyone else seems crazy. It’s a good, election winning argument when it takes only 17% of the population to win elections. Let’s hope that continues to change.

    Freedoms (all 4 btw), should be available to all, not just those who have the capacity to buy their chosen “stupidvisor” (your word MacTown, not mine) with their friend’s money.
    * https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/United_States_incarceration_rate#/media/File:Incarceration_rates_worldwide.gif


    • Blue Collar says:

      I’m curious what you think of Cal Fire’s High Rock program for inmates? It’s hugely popular with the inmates and the communities they help. It’s highly touted as an aid to their rehabilitation and was created by a very liberal legislature.


      • Arcatan says:

        Blue Collar,

        There’s no point to trying to engage logically with Jon. He simply doesn’t have the capacity to separate reality from propaganda.


      • I don’t know the first thing about it Blue. Sounds good from your description though.

        There is an exception to every rule. I hope the rule we could agree with is that we don’t use “low-level crimes” as a resource for jobs we need or want done – especially the most dangerous ones.

        Aracatan – I know where you are coming from but some of the readers might not. I’d like to point out that your problem is with me and not with a commenter who posts “Jon, you are one crazy guy. Totally crazy, as in bat shit crazy. I sincerely hope you get the help you so desperately need.”

        I guess that is less crazy than my original posts. It seems to me this proves your problem is less with the messenger and more with the message.


      • “Aracatan – I know where you are coming from but some of the readers might not. I’d like to point out that your problem is with me and not with a commenter who posts “Jon, you are one crazy guy. Totally crazy, as in bat shit crazy. I sincerely hope you get the help you so desperately need.”

        I guess that is less crazy than my original posts. It seems to me this proves your problem is less with the messenger and more with the message.”

        That would be one possible conclusion. There are a few others……..


      • Mac Towner says:

        The High Rock crews are great. They help out with everything from fire support, to planting, weeding and garbage pickup. Wow, that’s almost exactly what was suggested as one option in the original post and by John Chiv. The only difference to Jon Boy is then it was being suggested by people he doesn’t like. As soon as it’s a liberal plan it “sounds good”. Guess what Jon Jon, even people you don’t like are capable of good ideas. If you were to open your mind just the tiniest bit a little common sense might just sneak in. I don’t have much hope but even the most myopic can sometimes be enlightened.


  13. Cousin Eddie says:

    Dude. I don’t know why so many people are locked up in the whole US.,, but I do know locally it seems like when they get out before their time, or by fluke, or inept DA, good people seem to pay with their lives.


  14. Just Watchin says:

    What a sad existence when you are consumed with rationalizing your lack of success in life by blaming everyone who’s beliefs differ from your own. But on the bright side: no man is completely worthless….he can always serve as a bad example.


    • another Arcatan says:

      I always enjoy listening to the tea bagger perspective


    • Woah! I must have hit a nerve. It is interesting isn’t it JW? When DO we start to measure our relative Freedom to other countries by our outrageously excessive prison population? Is it really just Freedom for those who are successful? And now we are arguing, with no disagreement, to put that population to work for a public good we are not able to pay for or do ourselves. Sounds familiar to me. If I could only put my finger on what I’m thinking of.*

      Thank you everyone again for your continued sincere concern about my gender, mental state and now success. These are all exceptionally thought-out political arguments and I don’t really have an answer to them. I guess that makes you right?

      *“Slavery by Another Name,” based on the Pulitzer Prize-winning book of the same name, tells the story of the thousands of African-Americans who were arrested on trumped-up charges and forced to work as convict labor.


  15. “We don’t need no stinkin clean streets if the idea comes from a source we don’t like.” – Eureka Can Be Better
    “Guess what Jon, even people you don’t like are capable of good ideas.” – MacTowner

    For the record, something that I have to say a lot. I have never, ever said I don’t like anyone here. I take pains to say the opposite. See any of a myriad of posts/comments on Virginia Bass, her husband, John Fullerton, Charlie Bean or any number of actual people on other blogs. So whatever you are basing the idea that I disagree with any political concept from those I don’t like begins at least half-wrong. It’s not about liking/disliking, it is about the ideas themselves. It’s about policies. And yes, policies from the right (or left) wing rooted in the concept that the nine worst words in the English language are “I’m from the government and I’m here to help” I’ll generally disagree with.

    Disagreeing with these concepts – to include putting convicts to work for work the public sector (or even those otherwise lazy high school students who have all that free time to rake leaves) are going to happen more often than not on this blog.

    Which is exactly why I’m here. To point out and then embiggen the holes in the right wing narrative so people understand that given reality, these stories do not hold water – even though those with wealth or power or those who feel particularly victimized by government, the elites or the other (ie homeless, undocumented immigrants, Muslims, Native Americans, blacklivesmattering, etc.)

    So far, it seems rather than addressing these holes or contradictions the strategy is to attack the credibility, gender, sanity, lack of success or whatever else THC meant by her cryptic comment.

    But I do understand this is standard fare and I’m not playing the victim here. I have spent a large percentage of my adult life listening to the right wing to try to understand why they do what they do and it turns out this is one of their primary strategies.

    You can see it locally from the Watch Paul campaign, the wake of a narrative Kirk Girard has left, the current witch-hunt against Patrick Cleary’s HAF and you can even see THC beginning this even when he knows absolutely nothing about the people she is writing about. (The post about Deanna Sisk, Robert Christensen comes to mind). Yes, the left does this too. Yes I do too, but I do everything I can to focus on policy and politics and stay away from the personal. When I don’t I do see that as a partial failure.

    That’s the ethics I’m working with. It may not mean a thing to any of you, but it is important to me. So when not one, but two people pick up on the meme that I disagree with those I don’t like I do have to take a moment to push back.

    If you had said, I disagree with those I generally disagree with, well then.we would have agreed.

    I now return you to your regularly scheduled right-wing commenting…

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    • Cousin Eddie says:

      What the hell is right wing about wanting the city streets to look nice?


      • “What the hell is right wing about wanting the city streets to look nice?”

        We all want the streets to look nice. The question is how do we accomplish this? Are these public spaces the responsibility of the kindness of citizens or the forced labor of criminals or the highly-encouraged labor of children (high school “volunteers”) OR can we possibly pay living-wage government workers to do the work of maintaining our commons?

        We might have to pay slightly higher taxes, maybe we could have these be progressive taxes rather than flat-sales taxes.

        *cringes and hides under desk for upcoming barrage of insults*


      • Eureka Can Be Better says:

        I simply don’t care who does the work. My town looks like crap and you just want to talk about the ethics of weeding. You and Virginia Bass are cut from the same mold. Talk, talk, talk, and nothing more. The fact is that my family is living in a crime ridden shit hole and none of my officials will do anything about it. I’m sick of meetings and talk. I want my City Council and Supervisor to actually do something. Virginia do something now thats a laugh! I will help, my kids will help, hopefully the school kids will help, government workers can help, prisoners can help. Hell Jon you can help too! We all live here and there’s nothing wrong with everybody helping to make Eureka better. Lets argue about stupid political nonsense AFTER we clean up our neighborhoods!


      • Cousin Eddie says:

        Jon boy,
        I don’t know why you assume everybody has bunch of extra cash to pay for more services. I know, 1% this, 1% that….problem is, not too many 1% er’s living here buddy. So you’ll be taking money from people that can’t afford it, once again, to overpay government workers. Does the job “weed picker” really command a living wage? Seriously dude, my kids can do that crap and they’re in grade school.


  16. Milldoin says:

    Jon, why did you not state this in the first place? More government employees getting living wage jobs.
    As a possible city councilman, it would be a good habit to get to the point sooner.
    Now for the important question, who are you going to take the money from to pay for these employees?


  17. Just Watchin says:

    I just saw the report that the woman hired two weeks ago to head the DHHS has already resigned. Eureka must have really impressed her!


  18. Art Stevens says:

    Such a shithole city Eureka is. So many Trump supporters in E-Town and after 2 years in office the policies of the Trump administration have done nothing to help Eureka. Oh, well….just keep drinking Eureka citizens and all your problems will go away….they have for generations.


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