Humboldt Bay Fire Chief talks increased emergency service – without increasing taxes!

Quick, somebody sound the alarm! Don’t worry, there’s no fire – THC just almost went into cardiac arrest after listening to this edition of KINS Talkshop featuring Humboldt Bay Fire Chief Ken Woods.

The reason for our surprise? One of our area’s Fire Chief’s revealed that there actually are some solutions to the supposedly insurmountable budget constraints that were heralded by so much doom and gloom from local fire agencies.

Remember the whole debacle surrounding the closure of HBF’s Station 4 on Myrtle Avenue in Eureka? You know – the one that wasn’t supposed to close if higher taxes were approved, and then still did?

Well, Ken Woods gives an interesting account on how HBF is managing to alter their plans and utilization of new, smaller and medical-call specific vehicles (we assume purchased via Measure Z funds, but please correct us if wrong) which allows them to still ensure coverage for medical emergencies whilst other fire engines are away battling fires.

So, THC is happy to say kudos to Ken Woods and HBF gang for finding a way to maintain and/or improve the services they are providing to the County without using more tax-payer money. Isn’t it just plain crazy to think, despite the election-time efforts of many fire associations over the past couple years to push ever increasing tax measures, that it actually is possible to find solutions to budget induced restrictions that don’t involve taxing the bejeebus out of the public? We think Woods should run for Supervisor or something. (Well, maybe.)

If only all of the fire associations in Humboldt would get the message. For that matter, we wish the majority of government entities in Humboldt would get that message.

Speaking of which, here’s to hoping our new DHHS Director sticks to her “fiscally responsible” guns. Keep your tubes tuned to THC in the next few days for more on that!

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4 Responses to Humboldt Bay Fire Chief talks increased emergency service – without increasing taxes!

  1. Marc Delany says:

    Most “fire calls” are medical events… Where I was a wildland fire fighter (Walker AZ) was 6 out of 7 calls… and we had fires… Here would be very high number I imagine. I think money could be better managed too… but you do want someone there when you have heart attack, or OD, or fall off roof…. In Walker, man fell off deck.. 6’…. took 2 1/2 hrs to reach…. He died… Medical calls are all about getting there while you are still breathing… Look for compromise here.

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  2. Tax Fatigue says:

    Thumbs up for Chief Woods!


  3. Nope says:

    Not purchased with Measure Z funds. Good effing research…


  4. Tinman says:

    Woods is a full on bureaucrat. He only figured this out because he had to. If he had more money he would spend it on new toys. BTW am I the only one who thinks it’s ridiculous that they drive the big shinny hook n ladder truck (looks like something that belongs in New Youk city not lil Ol eureka ) all over town including Safeway shopping and the airport cafe? Hell they even had to close all of 4th street last time AA bar was on fire the dam thing is so big it had to sit in the far lane so it could swing up on the 16′ tall roof. Speaking of woods a never covered in the local media trick was back in 2014 befor the election chief woods had his hand out for yet another raise and none other than council member and eurekas Humboldt bay Fire representative council person Malinda Charabalini suggested on the record (go back to around Mid year 2014 board meetings) and said it would be good to wait until after the election (measure Z) then give wood his raise. Now that’s real representation. Thanks Malinda


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