Linda Atkins’ heir apparent – Liberal Jon?

Wowzer, THC fans! We are unsure how this one slipped through the radar until now. This past Sunday, champion of all things liberal and bike related Jon Yalcinkaya (aka Liberal Man on a Bike) kind-of sort-of announced he may run for a seat on the Eureka City Council.

As you may be aware, Liberal Jon is a regular commenter here on the hallowed pages of THC – he came pretty close to winning last month’s top commenter award. One thing that you can be sure of – if LMOB does seriously embark on a quest for Council stardom, there will be no shortage of expansive rhetoric on his part!

He’s already got a pretty darn good start too – here are some of our favorite excerpts from THC’s own pages:

“…property owners pay for the firefighters they need to save their homes in case of a fire. That’s 95% of what firefighters do right?” – LMOB

“Of the conservative holy political trinity Guns, gays, and God, only guns remains as a potentially winning wedge issue” – LMOB

“Why don’t women have to keep themselves locked up to avoid being responsible and fined for being raped?” – LMOB

“Kat, I hold many conservative views myself. I believe in individual responsibility” – LMOB

“Those no-good, lazy, alwayz-bitchin’ union folks. I don’t want them near my kids! AmIright?” – LMOB

Isn’t it fascinating to watch Jon’s rampant imagination and penchant for exaggeration and assumption? Go back and read through his responses, and be sure to bring a bowl of popcorn. It’s like a rorschach! And these are only from the past month or so. Yikes.

And, lest you forget (and, believe us, LMOB will not let you forget), Jon is a hard working Eligibility Worker for the County of Humboldt, which actually explains in some part why he is such a strong champion of public assistance for the under-privileged/represented/served. If there weren’t so many people with their hands out, Jonny might be out of a job. Also, we will kindly refrain from pointing out all the times that LMOB has posted comments on our website during work-hours.

You see, THC and ol’ Jonny boy don’t always agree on much. It’s actually very concerning to us that Jon calls Linda Atkins “peerless” on his most recent blog post. And, while we’re sure he’s probably a pretty decent guy or whatever, we think it’s  a big frickin’ mistake for him to take on a Council run. We sincerely hope he is joking, because we will seriously exhaust ourselves taking pot shots at all the ridiculous things he has said here. And we don’t like exertion.

We’ll leave you with just one more:

“It’s called politics. Welcome all, come on in. The water is fine.” -LMOB

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6 Responses to Linda Atkins’ heir apparent – Liberal Jon?

  1. MOLA42 says:

    I for one am happy LJ is considering a run for Eureka City Council and I hope he wins. As I said on his blog, I’d vote for him but I’d be risking jail time (since I live in Fortuna).

    The “amIright” quote was sarcasm. You missed on that one. (I suggest you work on this site’s sarcasm font, it frequently doesn’t work.)

    As for his posting during “work hours,” he himself explains he does that on his breaks. Believe him or not, your choice. But it does explain why many of his posts have a rushed and not entirely thought-out feel to them. I’ve been reading his stuff for quite a while now and usually he is much more succinct.

    Never forget THC that the person asking for a “handout” just might one day be you. During my stint as an Eligibility Worker while a recession was under way, I had many clients who had never dreamed they would be sitting in our little human zoo called the front lobby, filling out forms and asking for help.

    Welfare is a benefit we all work for and to which we all are entitled.Society would be a much more wretched place without it. Just read some Dickens sometime and you will get what I mean.

    I suggest we observe Marquess of Queensbury rules; no biting, no hitting below the belt and observe standing eight-counts.


  2. “That guy is crazy. I’d never vote for him!” – LMOB

    Thanks MOLA. You can always volunteer legally!

    See you all at the meeting tonight?


  3. Just Watchin says:

    I wonder if jonboy told the HCDCC about declaring before he made his announcement?


  4. Shak says:

    Small business owners appreciate the notice of which goods to stock up on. Chasity belts, prayer mats, knee pads, burkas, and machetes. Finally, someone to stir the economy.

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