Humboldt Planning Commission on Pot LIVE!

Hey gang – are you tuning into the Humboldt Planning Commission’s special marijuana meeting? We are, and you can too if you follow this link:

(We think that link works). Sorry we are a little late – we were reciting the salute to the flag, and getting our kale chips and lemonade together. Stay tuned for any updates on super stupid stuff being said – we just can’t wait!

Update – 6:05: That room is packed! Nothing like talking about growing marijuana to bring the people of Humboldt together.

Update – 6:14: Yawn. Look at the guy over Steve Lazar’s shoulder. We know it’s boring, and that Lazar isn’t the most scintillating speaker, but you’re in trouble if you’re nodding off 15 minutes in.

Update – 6:20: We’ve been thinking (surprising, we know). There’s been talk on here – most recently from top commenter MOLA42 – that discussion of grows on TPZ lands is academic, as wooded areas aren’t good for cultivation. Following legalization, it is argued that people will no longer grow in such non-ideal places. Do y’all really think that’s realistic? THC, having practically zero knowledge of growing, thinks that people will just keep doing it wherever the hell they can.

Lazar’s discussion of incentivizing people to help them move out of non-ideal and potentially environmentally detrimental areas is interesting though. Maybe the County can start providing people grow starter kits, too! Like, clones and dirt or something. We know Wonderland Nursery would love it!

Update – 6:25: Man, we are laughing here! Was big ol’ pompous ass Ullansey getting in some kind of back-handed dig at Lazar and Deputy County Counsel Ellinwood for that secret meeting they organized? (As if Ullansey ever listened to public input in his whole frickin’ life!) Too bad – THC already did it! Ben Shepherd jumping in on the gig was hilarious too.

Anyway, as we recall from last week, wasn’t Noah Levy the first one to bring that up to Lazar and the gang?

Update – 6:31: Kevin McKenny asking for clarification on timelines to comply and potential future enforcement actions? Sounds like somebody is worried about how quickly he needs to get his “work sites” cleaned up!

Don’t expect the Downtowner to get fixed anytime soon, though: we think McKenny sold that. Plus, they cooked meth there. Not cannabis.

Update – 6:34: That’s interesting though – inspections by the Planning department for growing will focus solely on cultivation, and will not allow them to look for non-related violations. Did we get that right? That’s a bonus for all the back-woods people.

Plus, McKenny: “I was just asking for other folks out there to know, not so much for me.” He doth protest too much, we-thinks.

Updates – 6:48: So people can get popped and potentially not receive growing permits based on legacy environmental violations, according to Ellinwood. That’s gonna be a real pain in the ass for all the people out in the hills who bought up really pricey pieces of land with all sorts of screwed up stuff on it. Or created by themselves, too.

Realistically, what percent of properties don’t have some sort of violation on them?

Update – 6:50: What do you think – annual inspections okay or not? We would imagine that you’d have a hard time arguing against them if you’re supplying an agricultural product.

Is 5,000 grows in Humboldt a fair estimate by DF&G?

Update – 6:57: We must have missed the priority registration discussion – does the County really frickin’ think people are going to line up to put their names on a list for an activity that is still federally illegal and not yet fully regulated or condoned by County? That’s ludicrous. We don’t even sign up for the Avon mailing lists.


Last Update – Alright gang, we are signing off. Public comment is starting so we need to go sharpen our pitchforks and get down there. We hear mom calling us too – the meat loaf is ready!



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5 Responses to Humboldt Planning Commission on Pot LIVE!

  1. Alex says:

    If you had watched the entire meeting I think that you would have had a very different assessment. I was actually very impressed with the Commissions effort. They are clearly giving all the issues a lot of thought and listening to the public. That’s an almost unheard of concept in Humboldt County. They even received several ovations from the crowd. One thing that’s kind of amusing is Noah Levy and Lee Ulansey being in total agreement virtually all the time. It’s a weird love fest but probably means they’re getting things right. The only commissioner that seems a little out of touch is Dave Edmonds. THC might want to hold off on it’s snide condemnation until they actually watch the entire meeting instead of just the first hour.

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  2. Mac Towner says:

    It figures that my Stupidvisor appointed Ben Shepherd to the commission. Watching his arrogance at the meeting is an embarrassment to everyone in McKinleyville. Seriously, this asshole represents us? The guy is only interested in hearing his own voice. We can do a lot better.


    • Fisherman says:

      I agree. I was a sales rep for farm supplies and had to deal with Shepard when He owned the Feed Store before he ran it into the ground and had to sell. He was hated by his entire staff who regularly and brazenly made fun of his arrogance. He is unquestionably the single most pompous ass I have ever met. I don’t pay much attention to the Planning Commission meetings but can’t imagine a worse choice.


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