THC’s top commenter wins cool stuff for contributions to society

Well, shoot THC fans. We slipped up. It took us a whole 9 days to announce the Top Commenter from the month of October.

Without further ado, let us all bow our heads in recognition of MOLA42, a mainstay of THC’s comments section. MOLA42, you make us laugh. You make us think. You make us miss you when you don’t come around. Keep up the good work, and please respond to the email we sent you so that we can hook you up.

Runners up for October are Just Watchin (because they are funny, whoever they are, and have demonstrated great ability to talk smack to any and all), and our most prolific and, um, passionate contributor, Liberal Man On a Bike. While he loves to hate us, we do appreciate the balance he brings to THC. He completes us. However, we had to spend the  money we would have sent to him re-upping our prescription for glasses, because damn those are some long responses and our eyes hurt.

In other news, don’t forget about this handy little feature on the THC’s right-hand sidebar:

thcsnipWe are getting tons of people signing up for direct notifications about THC’s latest posts, and you can join in on the fun! THC goodness straight to your mailbox? Christmas come early!

Last but not least, THC would like to remind you that you can always contact us at or via our Free Stuff! if you’ve got the skinny on some Humboldt b.s. you’d like us to look into. (Or, you can email us an apology for not remembering THC’s half-birthday last month. We may seem cold and heartless – but everybody hurts, even anonymous bloggers.)



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9 Responses to THC’s top commenter wins cool stuff for contributions to society

  1. Just Watchin says:

    Just your regular, ordinary, equal opportunity trash talkin troll !


  2. Lookit. No complaining. Reading glasses are $1 at the dollar store. If it’s good enough for a government bureaucrat…


  3. Azalea Mom says:

    THC, Thanks for shining a light on all the corruption in our county. Please follow up on Humboldt Area Foundation. There are lots of us who have been blinded by their reputation. I’ve discovered first hand that their current board has a partisan agenda that divides our community. They don’t return calls from donors, hide their schemes, and have hired employees to disrupt and divide our communities. Shame on them! We should all refuse to donate until they respond to all the legitimate questions that THC has raised. It should be simple but HAF and it’s director Pat Cleary have refused to respond over and over again. Their silence is clear and definite proof of their complicity. It simply can’t be said enough, SHAME ON PAT CLEARY and SHAME ON THEIR ENTIRE BOARD! Decent people would have answered what should be easy questions.


  4. Marc Delany says:

    It occurs to me since the top commenters are all anonymous, the prizewinners must be be me!.. Thanks, I’ve decided to reveal my true identity…, and collect some neat prizes… really you all…. If you can not use your real name…. Comment tend to get extreme`… Be a mensch..

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    • Congrats Marc. It couldn’t go to a nicer mensch.

      Liked by 1 person

    • Ah Marc, were it ever so simple. We agree that it would be a far far better place that we could all use our own names when we comment in public. To be sure there would be far less vitriol. Unfortunately many of us are also subject to the retaliation and whims of those less enlightened. Whether it comes from our employers, co-workers, government officials, or who knows who. Not all of us are protected by owning our own business or by an employment contract. Lets all hope for a time when we can speak our minds without fear of reprisal. In the mean time, keep visiting and you could be in line for some more free stuff. We can’t quite spill the beans yet but keep watching for an upcoming surprise program with lots of cool THC collectors items.

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      • “Not all of us are protected by owning our own business or by an employment contract.”

        Irony meter just pegged.

        It’s interesting that the two anon blogs, one from the left and one from the right are the worst purveyors of the vitriol themselves.

        Seems to me this is more about wanting to have you cake (use irresponsible language and not always tell the whole story) and eat it too (not be accountable).

        It’s a good gig. Kudos.


  5. MOLA42 says:

    I would like to thank the Academy and all the little people who have helped me to this great victory. That’s right… I’m in league with leprechauns.

    I hope THC will not take it amiss if I suggest my winnings be sent to Redwood Pals Rescue. They are soon having something called a “Dutch Auction.” Since I don’t approve of selling Dutch Persons for any reason, I would instead prefer they sell stuff. This could be the inspiration that leads these good people away from the path of Evil.

    On behalf of all mensch’s everywhere, I thank you.


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