!UPDATE! THC WINS!! Arcata Fire District Ripoff heading towards doom!


The big news in today’s election results is the Arcata Fire Districts total failure in their latest attempt to scam taxpayers into paying more for absolutely nothing. As of 8:13 this evening the first round of results shows that a 56.26% majority of voters had the common sense to vote against a tax increase to add yet more overpaid firefighters to an already top heavy payroll. Voters apparently realized that benefits shouldn’t be equal to base pay even in an Obama Care world. We can only hope that this outburst of common sense will carry over into the next election for District Board of Directors. Keep your fingers crossed that these results hold as more returns come in.

See our last post on the Arcata Fire District misconceived tax ripoff below.

THC has talked about how flabbergasted we are over the Measure A tax assessment proposed by the Arcata Fire District a number of times, here and here.

Since Humboldt is hitting the ballots tomorrow, THC thought it an opportune time to remind you how freakin’ unnecessary the  proposed tax hike is. And that’s putting it mildly.

And plenty of our neighbors in the Fire District agree. This nearly 100% increase in property tax assessment for the Fire District is going to fall on property owners, and then onto the shoulders of renters. Take a look at some community letters sent over to the Mad River Union by some similarly mystified AFD residents: check ’em!

We thanks Mr. Glen Nagy of Arcata for the letter he submitted to the MRU, and for posing the most poignant question in relation to the new tax directly to Chief Cowan: Does the AFD really need this tax?

The answer, according to Nagy: “When I queried the Chief about the ability of the AFD to serve and protect the community if the tax does not pass, he unequivocally assured me that the AFD could, in fact, continue the same level of responsiveness and service to the community if the new tax does NOT pass. Landlords would simply pass this increase on to their tenants, but the rest of us would continue paying more. This new tax would raise what each citizen pays by nearly 100 percent.”

And in case you couldn’t take the time to search for all the salary info that the AFD’s 12 Fire Chief’s and Captains (?!?!) are being paid, we took the liberty of taking a quick screen grab of the top 6 for you:

fire captureThat’s a lot of hooch! So why, THC wonders, should the people of Humboldt surrender even frickin’ more of our hard-earned money to support a fire organization that blows their already significant tax-takings on shiny new pick-up trucks and bloated upper-management salaries?

It’s simple…we shouldn’t!

Get out and vote NO on Measure A, Humboldt. Don’t believe the Fire District’s fear-mongering, and should you pass a few people from the Fire District advocating for passing the Measure – be sure to ask them why they keep coming after our wallets when they only use the money to fatten their own.




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16 Responses to !UPDATE! THC WINS!! Arcata Fire District Ripoff heading towards doom!

  1. Seriously says:

    Thank you THC for taking on this important issue when no one else was doing anything. I believe that Measure A’s loss can be directly attributed to your informational posts. Congrats to us all!


  2. Anonymous says:

    A huge win for common sense. Now it’s time to recall a few Directors that voted to waste taxpayer money on this bull shit attempt to gouge us.

    I too agree with Seriously that full credit deserves to go to THC. Send me your address and I’ll personally deliver a case of your favorite Mike’s Hard Cider.


  3. Anonymous Too says:



  4. Tax Fatigue says:

    Keeping fingers crossed for common sense!


  5. Marc Delany says:

    I’d need more money too, if I was getting paid at that rate…


  6. Taxed Enough Already! Woo Hoo!


  7. Shak says:

    This made my day!


  8. Worker Bee says:

    I know I made this same post before but I can’t help doing it again. If you haven’t seen the utube link below it’s really worth checking out.

    “This is hilarious and frightening. Well worth re-posting: https://youtu.be/EmC26RuO26g

    THANK YOU THC. It’s refreshing that somebody is showing a little common sense. This blog is the greatest thing to hit Humboldt in years.”


  9. “THC Wins”

    Non-property owners, understand this: If THC wins (or, technically, her Mom) you lose.

    Here is what THC said amidst all the misdirection about the highest of high salaries.

    “The proportional burden of the people that will actually be paying the tax compared to the amount of people who will benefit from a tax hike is laughable.”

    So they do get it. Measure A was not, and this is important, a REGRESSIVE tax. What Humboldt County is currently selling is regressive taxes. These are taxes where we all pay a little bit.

    Nationally these are known as “fair taxes” and yes, it is the conservatives or Republicans who are in favor of these.

    The reason is, they “spread the wealth” or more appropriately, “spread the non-wealth” equally in percentage points to all people. So the renter who stops by a convenience store to buy the hot prepared food is paying the same as THC’s mom when she buys her state-of-the-art light-deprivation greenhouse.

    Measure A was not that. Measure A would have made property owners such as THC’s Mom pay, on average, $96 more. From LoCO…

    “A majority of residents in the 62-square-mile district currently pay $108 per single family household annually. The new ordinance would raise that fee by $96 per year on average.”

    This is key, property owners pay for the firefighters they need to save their homes in case of a fire. That’s 95% of what firefighters do right?

    But we won’t hear that argument from THC or her Mom, instead what we will hear is look at those salaries! *waves shiney object*

    Meanwhile, even the firefighters themselves can’t come here to make the argument for taxes. Most of the young, white, men probably agree with THC when they blame government generally for today’s woes and they might not understand that in Conservo-world it is all about protecting those with money. That’s it.

    Call it tax fatigue, but in the end we still have to pay for government, and people like THC, her Mom and Tax Fatigue would rather you have to pay, not them. Maybe that is why the regressive taxes such as HumCo’s Z are passed with support from people like Rex Bohn, but taxes that would have property owners themselves pay for a service they demand go gently into the good night.

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    • Tax Fatigue says:

      I guess I should be flattered to be mentioned in the same breath as THC’s mom…lol.
      Kinda funny though that in my circle of friends I am branded the liberal hippy of the bunch, but i regress.
      I think you are missing the point, We already pay the HIGHEST Fire Tax in the County, it’s not like we are skating by for free, and then AFD tries get us to cough up 100% more WTF ??
      The people have spoken and AFD is not hearing us, the ink was not even dry on the ballots and AFD is screaming for another election.

      AFD needs to reflect on the fact that not one penny was spent on a Vote No on A campaign, no yard signs..nada Just a pesky blog (wink) that injected some common sense and a few unvarnished truths into the election.


  10. Cousin Eddie says:

    “This is key, property owners pay for the firefighters they need to save their homes in case of a fire. That’s 95% of what firefighters do right?”

    Wrong. 5% fires. 95% medical and other shit.

    I think you missed the boat here, I read that part about benefitting a few to mean that taxpayers were funding a few more high paid positions.


    • I mean what firefighters do, not paramedics and EMTs. I think we should look at why we are sending firefighters on medical aid calls.

      “I read that part about benefitting a few to mean that taxpayers were funding a few more high paid positions”

      You are understanding this just as THC, libertarians and conservatives would like you to. Congrats.

      Forget all that stuff about types of taxes and who is paying. It don’t matter anyway, as long as you have property and a non-union job, THC has your back.

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