AFD’s Measure A tax trick: Vote NO!

THC has talked about how flabbergasted we are over the Measure A tax assessment proposed by the Arcata Fire District a number of times, here and here.

Since Humboldt is hitting the ballots tomorrow, THC thought it an opportune time to remind you how freakin’ unnecessary the  proposed tax hike is. And that’s putting it mildly.

And plenty of our neighbors in the Fire District agree. This nearly 100% increase in property tax assessment for the Fire District is going to fall on property owners, and then onto the shoulders of renters. Take a look at some community letters sent over to the Mad River Union by some similarly mystified AFD residents: check ’em!

We thanks Mr. Glen Nagy of Arcata for the letter he submitted to the MRU, and for posing the most poignant question in relation to the new tax directly to Chief Cowan: Does the AFD really need this tax?

The answer, according to Nagy: “When I queried the Chief about the ability of the AFD to serve and protect the community if the tax does not pass, he unequivocally assured me that the AFD could, in fact, continue the same level of responsiveness and service to the community if the new tax does NOT pass. Landlords would simply pass this increase on to their tenants, but the rest of us would continue paying more. This new tax would raise what each citizen pays by nearly 100 percent.”

And in case you couldn’t take the time to search for all the salary info that the AFD’s 12 Fire Chief’s and Captains (?!?!) are being paid, we took the liberty of taking a quick screen grab of the top 6 for you:

fire captureThat’s a lot of hooch! So why, THC wonders, should the people of Humboldt surrender even frickin’ more of our hard-earned money to support a fire organization that blows their already significant tax-takings on shiny new pick-up trucks and bloated upper-management salaries?

It’s simple…we shouldn’t!

Get out and vote NO on Measure A, Humboldt. Don’t believe the Fire District’s fear-mongering, and should you pass a few people from the Fire District advocating for passing the Measure – be sure to ask them why they keep coming after our wallets when they only use the money to fatten their own.




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