THC wants to know what pisses Humboldt off the most

We know that we’ve talked about this graphic before, but we find it fascinating, okay? As did a number of you readers, according to a few comments and the number of emails we received from friendly folks.

Remember, the graphic below was made from data obtained in 2008. We have a feeling that there has been some significant changes in what the Humboldt public feels are the biggest concerns in this County.

So we were wondering, THC fans, what do you think are the biggest problems facing us today? Let us know in comments, or even e-mails, and we’ll create a mock-up of what you tell us. Then we can send it to the Supervisors so they can base their decisions on the cold, hard science produced by THC.

Again, here she is:

ryan sales tax #4Feel free to create new categories as you see fit! Ready? GO!

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8 Responses to THC wants to know what pisses Humboldt off the most

  1. Mayor of Henderson Center says:



  2. says:

    Texting drivers. Absoloutley


  3. Reggae says:

    Hack blogs!

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  4. milldoin says:

    0. Jobs
    1. Government spending and taxes
    2. Crime
    3. Unemployment
    4. Roads
    5. Fix these and the others will take care of them selves.


  5. 1. Lies
    2. Stonewalling


  6. Just Watchin says:

    THC should know that once upon a time in the humboldt blog world, jonboy took the name “democratic jon”. Local democrats wanted to disassociate themselves from his nutty views and pressured him to change it, and he chose”liberal jon” He posted numerous falsehoods and fabrications, and the “lj” came to stand for “Lyin jon”. He then morphed into LMOB. Just a little back story…..


    • I’m caught in a no-win here. On the one hand I accept going off topic on the least interesting of subjects, I’ve been accuse of not being able to have a conversation.
      Solution: JW. Link to one or more lies and I’ll discuss it you know where. And, no, it wasn’t Democrats, it was Goldie. And he or she was right. It wasn’t fair to the Democrats to associate my views with the party so directly. Not fair to them nor myself. So that’s another little thib, but who is counting.

      Dubs, you also might want to tell people about our first interaction. I still maintain I will carry enough respect for both of us even if we disagree. That’s why it really doesn’t bother me if you use diminishing terms to frame your points. That says more about you than it does me.

      And I respect that. It’s a good, proven political strategy.


  7. Sam says:

    Crime – Let’s build an additional Jail!
    Taxpayer $ being moved around by the County too easily to cover their own butts!
    Instead of paying mental health for therapy and more therapy; why not pay to send those out of luck to C/R to train them for work? Oh, right; the City and County Counsel would not like it. . .

    Lack of political will by the voters to bring real jobs in here even if they don’t like the companies; we need to feed and take care of our own peeps!


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