Eureka City Council: Can’t make a decision to save their City

In The Consequential’s recent post about Ryan Sundberg, HCAOG, and a(nother) potential increase in taxes, we unearthed something that struck us as supremely interesting.

Of course, we are talking about the PowerPoint that HCAOG used in a recent meeting with community leaders and members to discuss the proposed sales tax, which you can find on the Supervisors’ meeting agenda from October 13th.

Here is one of the slides that really tickled our fancy:

ryan sales tax #4It’s important to note that the information used in this particular graph comes from a study conducted in 2008 by the impressive-sounding firm of “Fairbank, Maslin, Maullin & Associates.” They sound pretty darn legit, right?

Anyhow, THC found this graph particularly illuminating because it’s the reason why Linda Atkins and the rest of the Eureka City Council haven’t accomplished a damned thing when it comes to the issue of homelessness/houseless-ness in Eureka! (Side-note: will someone explain why people who advocate for the homeless want to push “houseless” as the new PC term?)

You see, the City Council is just using old data about what their constituents want them to do. Frank Jager may have some clue as to the reality of Eureka denizens’ true needs, but just look at him in the Council meetings – he’s way too stoked to be surrounded by the 5 female Council members to pay attention to anything else, that libidinous ol’ scallywag.

"I dream of Ciarabellini"

“I dream of Ciarabellini”

That explains why, even with the vocal showing of the public at the September 1st Council meeting, they didn’t pick up on the fact that the people of Eureka want them to stop being such a bunch of pansies and make a frickin’ decision. They just couldn’t bridge the gap between whatever fantasy-world they are living in and the reality of what needs to be done in Eureka.

Seriously, Arroyo, Atkins, Bergel, Brady, and Ciarabellini: it’s getting to the point where people don’t really care what you do to address the problem as long as you show that you’ve got the guts to do something. To be fair, at least Brady made an attempt to move forward but Atkins/Ciarabellini and their stooges wouldn’t stand for any of that.

THC would normally point out that failure to act can be as damning in the eyes of voters as making a decision they don’t agree with – but, then again, this is Eureka we are talking about. In any case, the Council “decided” to kick the can down the road once more, to the huge disappointment of Eureka citizen’s and the houseless as well. Rumour on the street, according to someone in this LoCO article, is that the discussion has been tabled until January.

Meanwhile, people are protesting left and right. First place for creative protest costume goes to the Friends of the Humboldt Houseless for their avant-garde interpretation of life as a tent, while top slogan undoubtedly goes to the this lady:

ppoopcouncilHehe. That’s funny, we don’t care who you are. (Amusingly, these two opposing groups chose to protest in front of Bayshore Mall and the County Courthouse – arguably the two biggest eyesores on Eureka’s 101 corridor. Keepin’ it classy!)

Hopefully, by the time we hit January, the Council will remember this important thing: Eureka residents elected this Council because they believed they are capable leaders, not jellyfish. It’s time they showed they actually have spines, and do something – anything – to show they at least can take the initiative in making some positive changes in Eureka.

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2 Responses to Eureka City Council: Can’t make a decision to save their City

  1. Sam says:

    Too funny for words; Frank ‘ . . .dreaming of Ciarabellini. . .” Nightmares, maybe.


  2. Kathy says:

    How about Focus Strategies? Any research done here? This group from Sacramento is actually a firm out of a Texas bank that is telling the city what to do with the homeless population. The city won’t do anything until this firm tells them to…..and yet Eureka failed to send them paperwork to complete the study they were doing to further guide the homeless policies.


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