Humboldt Area Foundation promotes homelessness, funds area political protests

Here’s a fun fact about THC – we love protests (especially the bra-burning type). However, after the past week full of protests, we were forced to stop and ask, “Why so many protests? And who is behind them?”

The conclusion we came to was shocking and disturbing, and THC is certain that you’ll agree.

Our story starts with a woman named Renee Saucedo. Over the past couple years, Ms. Saucedo has become increasingly involved with various communities in Humboldt County, and has acted as an organizer for underrepresented groups. Most notably, she has been involved in the McKinleyville Organizing Committee (MOC) and the True North Organizing Network (TNON).

Maybe you’ve heard of Saucedo before. People in the Bay area certainly have – Ms. Saucedo hails from the Bay Area, and at one point ran for Supervisor in San Francisco. She has a long – and do we mean long – history of political activism. Which, in our opinion, is all hunky-dory.

However, some of her past rabble-rousing tactics caused us to raise an eyebrow. Take this article, for example, which details her work on the behalf of day laborers in San Francisco. Or rather, her work on behalf of some laborers, and her abuse of laborers who didn’t agree with the b.s. she was force feeding them. THC quotes:

“”Saucedo puts her political agenda before the need for workers to get jobs.“” and, “The purpose of the program is to get people jobs,” Quintana said. “But it’s really a political football. She’s not interested in talking. She calls anybody who disagrees with her a racist.

Now, those slightly ugly interactions with the people she was supposed to be representing aside, we don’t think Ms. Saucedo is evil or anything. She believes in something and fights (sometimes fights dirty) for it.

But why, after such a long career in the Bay Area political scene, did she come to Humboldt to ply her trade?

Well, it’s because the Humboldt Area Foundation – and more specifically Patrick Cleary, HAF’s Executive Director – recruited Saucedo to push a very specific political agenda in our area.

You may remember that Mr. Cleary ran for 5th District Supervisor, and lost. One of Cleary’s suggestions prior to his defeat was the formation of the McKinleyville Municipal Advisory Committee, or MAC. The MAC was formed anyways, but didn’t necessarily align with Cleary’s political leanings. In response, the MOC was born – and the MOC is headed by none other than Renee Saucedo.

And this is the point where The Humboldt Consequential calls bullshit on the Humboldt Area Foundation for funding political activism through the money they make off of the good will of Humboldt’s charitable donations.

You remember, don’t you, that HAF is A non-partisan and inclusive place for people to come together to define community issues and search for solutions” (taken from HAF’s own Mission, Vision and Ethics statement).” Keep in mind the whole non-partisan thing – HAF seems to have forgotten about it.

What?? You don’t believe us? Well, that’s fine. Go ahead and contact HAF and ask them. And while you’re at it, go ahead and ask True North as well. It shouldn’t be too hard, because the contact information for HAF…

HAF contact…is the exact f***ing same as the contact info for True North.

True north contact

For cryin’ out loud, couldn’t they have at least gotten a P.O. Box?

Weird, huh?

But don’t stop there. While you’ve got them on the phone, ask them about any job opportunities with True North – because Humboldt Area Foundation is the organization responsible for soliciting True North job applications and for hiring True North employees. We wonder who recently got the job for the True North Organizer in Del Norte – the job posting isn’t listed on their website anymore. But here is a bare bones copy of it. Also note, from HAF’s employment opportunities page, that only applicants for jobs with True North are required to provide:

HAF employee reqsWonder why? Maybe it’s because they are pre-screening for a very point particular type of individual. An individual, perhaps, that aligns with a very specific viewpoint.

Gadzooks, Humboldtians: the Humboldt Area Foundation – our County’s beloved *cough* non-partisan *cough* benefactor of all things community – not only finances True North Organizing Network and is the party responsible for hiring True North’s employees, but is also the primary point of contact for the organization? weird.

True North may not come out and say they’re preying on Humboldt’s political scene or putting words in our residents’ mouth. But, check this little tidbit out from a LoCO post earlier this week.

loco post truenorthsays

Notice two things: First, True North provides slogans for the people it enlists. Where does that ring a bell from? Oh yeah, that article we linked earlier (and linked again here) where Saucedo got some impoverished day laborers kicked out of their own organization for not falling into line. Second, notice that True North denies sponsoring the protest at Eureka City Hall. No, they only created a Facebook page promoting it, and provided catchy slogans that would pull at the political and emotional heart strings of passerby. Sounds like prime avoidance strategy if you ask us.

But then again, Ms. Saucedo is a smart cookie. She knows her game – and Pat Cleary knew exactly what he was getting when he hired her. A politically savvy organizer. Guess who organized the pipeline protest held by the Hoopa Valley Youth Council last weekend?

We’ve got plenty more on HAF’s questionable practices, and we’ll expand on that in the future. But we just wanted you to ask some of the same questions we started asking, like: Why the f*** are portions of our charitable donations to HAF going to fund any sort of political activity. We also wonder whether any of the other HAF donors throughout the County would share the same concern.

Now, let’s be very, very clear here. Our beef is not with True North, nor Renee Saucedo, nor the protesters, nor any of the specific issues that those individuals and organizations are addressing. More power to them, and good luck in their efforts.

No, our beef is with HAF, and their backhanded attempts to hijack the politics and voices of our community through the once-proud reputation and influence of a storied “non-partisan” organization.

Part of HAF’s stated mission is to “strengthen our communities.” THC wonders how much more close-knit Humboldt’s neighbors are now that HAF is funding political protests at the headquarters of our County Seat on one of the most divisive and heated topics to trouble our County at this time.



The Humboldt Consequential


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41 Responses to Humboldt Area Foundation promotes homelessness, funds area political protests

  1. milldoin says:

    And now they want to take over the Head Waters Fund. Cleary has got to go….


  2. Azalea Mom says:

    This cannot possibly be true. My family has been giving money to Humboldt Area Foundation for decades. My daughters McKinleyville school has funds set up there too. I know that HAF charges a fee for managing the funds and scholarships but I simply can’t believe that HAF would hire someone from out of the area (or inside either) to go into our communities and rile people up against our officials. This is just crazy. As a long time contributor I expect that Mr. Cleary or someone from HAF will promptly respond to clear up this issue.

    Does anyone have any proof that Ms. Saucedo is even paid by HAF?

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    • Realitymonger says:

      Oh no! Our poor officials are being questioned? God forbid! We should just bow down and accept whatever politicians say, right?


    • Sammy says:

      Really Azalea Mom???? Stop drinking the kool-aide just for a second and do some home work. HAF has been the local Socialist Agenda Headquarters for at least the last 10 years. And bless HSU too for creating a “job” for none other than sweet “I don’t care what you tell the so-called environmentalist activists; just GET THE LAND” Connie Stewart. They all line up for more Agenda 21 Crap in droves just like the sheep they are. WAKE UP!!!!


    • Jeannie Breslin says:

      It’s true. Call Mr. Cleary, I certainly did. There needs to be a lot of clearing up to be done. I know Mr. Cleary plans on being at the next Eureka City Council meeting in October. I respectfully invite you to attend. Our local government is being influenced by voices who don’t even live or work in Eureka! I like Eureka.


      • Arcatan says:

        Thank you for going directly to the source for more information. How exactly did Cleary rationalize having the philanthropic organization he heads incite discord and blatant partisanship in our community?

        Seems to me that if even half of this is true the guy should be immediately fired.


  3. Anonymous says:

    While I actually don’t disagree with her position on the issue in the link below it really bothers me that Humboldt Area Foundation staff is moving from town to town stirring up shit. That shouldn’t be their role in the community while they are soliciting money for schools and such. They are supposed to be supportive of everyone and non-partisan in the extreme.

    Lotelta, Eureka, McKinleyville, Hoopa….. Watch out Sauceda and Humboldt Area Foundation may be coming after your neighborhood next!

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    • Realitymonger says:

      Don’t stir stuff up! Bow down to politicians and the powers that be.


      • Sammy says:

        That’s not it Anon and thanks Reality Monger for pointing out what IT is: Always question authority – keep their feet to the flame and get involved in your own local goings on so these CLOWNS don’t run away with the last of our freedoms.


  4. Gail O. says:

    Cleary is taking advantage of his position with an extremely well trusted local non-profit to further his own political agenda. Cleary needs to resign from HAF before he does more harm to their reputation. This is a huge embarrassment to a great organization. I hope they demand his resignation now.

    Are they paying their protesters yet? Knowing that they are shills for Cleary reduces the impact of their statements and actions.


    • Realitymonger says:

      Oh please. Shills? Do you know how many people the guy employs? Couldnt they all be considered shills? Cleary runs/owns The LOCO outpost, KHUM, KSLG, KHSU, HAF and I’m sure I’m other organizations.

      Peoples politics guide thier lives and work, face it. I know it must be hard to see a “liberal” getting things done in the land of the good ole boy knuckle draggers from Humboldt.


      • John Chiv says:

        Reality Monger, your pointing out the media outlets Cleary runs and owns only proves THC’s point. Check out two organizations in partnership with HAF. Testimonials are mostly from liberal leaders including Mike Wilson and Kaitlyn Sopoci Belknap. Gary Blatnick is on the HAF board as well as the board for Wild Rivers Community Foundation. Where is the diversity of voices HAF supports?

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      • Anonymous says:

        Anybody wanna bet the Monger works for HAF or another part of the Cleary empire?

        Corrupting a venerable part of our community like HAF has been for generations is simply wrong no matter how much you might agree with the cause du jour.


      • Sammy says:

        Sorry, but Shills is a good word here, reality monger. Having worked around Cleary for a while, he does what those above him ask him to do and tells/barks/commands the shills to follow instructions OR ELSE. Most folks want to work towards goals that are good for the community; and it is hard to do when there are so few independent thinkers that do not just jump on the Agenda 21 bandwagon blindly. ADULTS would be good here.


  5. vidrohan says:

    So they are bringing astroturfers from bigger cities in? To drum up local astroturfers?

    It’s really odd, because HAF also funded the big mobile response unit/tank for the local law enforcement authorities.

    Talk about playing both sides, Emperor Palpatine style. Fund the insurgents AND the suppression. Makes it real easy to control the general narrative in the county. There are some real shady characters within the HAF fold…


    • Realitymonger says:

      Insurgents? Astroturfers? Shady Characters? Emporer Palparine? Hahahaa!!!

      Dude, lay off the political dividing. You sound like a drama queen! Do you actually have any point to make other than hating on others?


      • vidrohan says:

        Hello, resident troll. My statement was factual and a serious point for serious people to consider. You call yourself Realitymonger but you are indeed a hatemonger, at least you’ve mongered up my hate of you that is. And in less than a minute flat – (Darth Vader voice) impressive! Most impressive.


  6. So Hummer says:

    FYI, I have heard from a friend who works for Cleary that he is totally shitting his pants over this post.

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  7. Eurekabound says:

    Really? Are people that weak and shallow that ANY opinion that dissents from their small bubble needs to be shut down and shut up?

    There hasn’t been ANY policy discussion here. Just name calling. Your convictions must be pretty damn weak if the mere thought of someone dissenting causes this much fear.

    Lay off the partisan politics and do some soul searching.


  8. milldoin says:

    So you are calling us “weak and shallow” , and in the next sentence accusing us of name calling.
    It won’t be long before you’ll be pulling out the race card.


    • Mac Towner says:

      Actually, if a track record and history counts for anything it’s Saucedo that will be playing the race card. Just sayin…….


    • Eurekabound says:

      I was referring to conviction, not physical strength or vanity. On the contrary. You live in Humboldt. I imagine that you have a weight bench in your front yard and are very strong. A little meth helps the workout, right? And shallow? Hello no! Most Eurekans are geniuses who quote philosophers in the town square, right?

      Sorry, thats my image of Humboldt. I moved out of Eureka over 20 years ago. To a place where there are jobs. And educated people. Family minded people. Open minded, practical people. I still have many family family members in Humboldt and it’s painful to visit. I’ve brought friends who were both amazed and appalled.


      • Humboldt County Line says:

        Thank god pat cleary moved here to save us right about the time your blinding light left all us rubes blindly trying to feel our way around the cave so we could try to fuck our sisters.


      • Hey! After a case of Mike’s Hard Cider my sis is lookin pretty damn good. Not sayin I been there mind you.


    • Eurekabound says:

      I moved away 20 years ago, but I wouldnt say that race has anything to do with Eureka’s problems. Im almost afraid to ask what you are talking about.


      • milldoin says:

        I apologize for my response, I did not realize you were just a drive by, name calling troll.


      • Cousin Eddie says:

        Hey, Eurekabound, that’s so freakin’ weird you have the exact same little graphic as RealityMonger. I’ve never seen that, what a trip. Wait, I did see that once when dude kept switching names to make people think he was more than one person. But it kept having the same graphic. Weird shit, these internets, huh?

        As far as HAF goes, well, ginning up protests don’t seem like a good way to “build” anything. Buy hey, it’s their money…oh wait. hmmm. More on that later.


  9. John Chiv says:

    Here is another detail on Ms. Saucedo, I just posted about:

    Suspended, failed to pay Bar membr. fees
    Not Eligible To Practice Law


    • eyerollah says:

      ok John, I have supported you when people unfairly attacked you before, yet here you are selectively quoting from your own provided link, here’s the other part from that same link:
      “This member is inactive, but is eligible to become active.”

      She did not renew, she has no listed reasons for ineligibity, she did not renew her dues….and this is a reason to attack her and exaggerrate thjis so she ios thje Greatest Evil Humboldt ever faced?

      Good lord.

      “This member has no public record of discipline.”

      so except for the psychotic references to Agenda 21 from ‘sam’, this is all you have from official sources: she stopped paying dues?

      Pathetic John, and as hyperbolic as the attacks on you that I also criticized at the time.

      Please stop it, alla y’all!

      These out of context selective quotes, the hyperbole, the shit stirring and the fear mongering, and in this John you COULD show real leadership, step up and reform and change the dialog here in humco…you could…..and not only you but all the other political commenters left and right that flim flam and exaggerate in their comments like this.

      Liked by 1 person

      • milldoin says:

        eye, I have not seen John say anything except pointing out what is public record. I suspect you protest too much.
        I used to know a crazy guy that put the locks on the outside of his gates.


  10. Mac Towner says:

    Oh yeah, I get it. Who wouldn’t give up their law licence just to avoid paying a couple hundred bucks in dues.

    Actually, I do know who would do that…..someone who is engaging in ethically questionable actions in order avoid review and oversight by the organization that oversees their members. I suppose it could also be someone who is worried about the same review of their past actions. Lots of groups offer to let someone “bow out” rather than face disciplinary action.

    What’s just as bothersome is that our Stupidvisors regularly support this crooked outfit with grant requests, programs, and anything else they want. How about it Sundberg, you are supposed to represent me and my family how come you give HAF anything they want when they are hiring people to sow discord in my community?


    • Eurekabound says:

      Wait, i thought that you said that you got it? That was all speculation. Are you that high on your horse that everything you speculate about is truth? You aren’t arguing politics or policy here, you are strokin your ego

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  11. ken d says:

    The HAF has been a respected and sacred institution in Humboldt since the 70’s and it is very distressing to see that the lefty’s have not only gained control, but have politicized and dragged it down to their level. If one looks on the HAF website at the names of the founding and former former directors, all well respected leaders of the community, there has to be quite a lot of spinning in graves at this news. Thanks for the scoop and it is indeed an outrage that things have denegrated to this level.
    Unfortunately, this is yet another confirmation that the progressive thinking that has prevailed for so long nationally and locally works. Hopefully, at some point, the regular folks will wake up and take back the liberty we were gifted by the founders of the country. I’m not holding my breath waiting for it to happen.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Mac Towner says:

      Very well said Ken. I agree that regular folks need to wake up and take back our communities. Interestingly that’s exactly what I thought we did when we elected people like Ryan Sundberg and Virginia Bass. Instead we just got more of the same. They both ran on platforms of change and traditional community values but when it came down to it they are afraid of their own shadows and the vocal radical nutcases. For someone like Sundberg to appoint eco-wacco Jen Kalt to anything is appalling. Then he threw his friends under the bus when they rightly called him on his embarrassing mistake. He should have thanked them. I know several local business people who have tried to talk to him and have totally given up on the loser. I ran into a member of his own family last week in the hardware store and even they were forced to apologize for him. Pitiful.

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  12. Mitch says:

    When I saw “promotes homelessness” in your headline, I realized that thc is not what I’d hoped it might be.

    I’m not familiar with True North and I know little about HAF. I do know, though, that groups like True North are never anything like the hateful parody versions spread by right wing propaganda groups.

    Groups like True North can be real contributors to the health of a community. For someone who is used to power over their neighbors, groups like True North can be frightening, especially if the powerful person knows they’d be ashamed for their behavior to come to light.

    Thanks for showing your True Colors, thc, and thanks again for the $50 you awarded me for a comment some months back. Bye.

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    • Seriously? says:

      Mitch, I read their intent a little differently. I saw little contempt in the THC post for True North per se and certainly none for the legitimate plight of the homeless. What I got from them was shock and disappointment in HAF for their lack of openness and dishonesty about what they were up to. A cause may well be good and noble but loses credibility when the tactics of its supporters are lacking in integrity. HAF represents itself to the community as one thing. If they’ve changed their mission they should at least be honest about it and not try to misrepresent their intention to benefactors who might disagree. How would you feel if you donated to “The Rainbow Fund” only to discover it was a “project” of the Mormon Rainbow Coalition in disguise. I really think that that’s the point of the post.

      Liked by 2 people

  13. Fs says:

    superb article


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