Jim Roberts: Harbor candidate, lover of rainbows

As THC continues our look into the various Harbor District candidates, we swore to ourselves that we would avoid talking about Jim Roberts. The guy is just too easy to pick on.

But, like a train wreck, you just can’t take your eyes off of him. The LoCO already did a pretty excellent job of detailing some of the rather unfortunate things he chose to share on Facebook. Admittedly, we laughed at some of them, but not for the reasons you’d think – while we enjoy a little off-color humor as much as the next person, we just can’t believe that someone running for office would be so frickin’ stupid. Even Hezekiah “Half-Wit” Allen has the sense to tone down some of the bonkers stuff he’s into while using social media.

But the deeper we looked into Roberts’ online persona, the more we realized that all of his  posts are truly just cries for help, from a confused and misguided young man. It’s a shame, to see someone at odds with their inner true self.

You see, we were particularly troubled by this image, taken from Roberts’ Facebook:

jimroberts1We shudder to think that someone elected to office in Humboldt would be intolerant of different lifestyles, as reflected by how much Mr. Roberts’ “likes” the use of the word faggot. Aghast at his endorsement of such hateful speech, we quickly skipped that image, only to find this one:



This fabulously fantastic rainbow pic made us realize two things: first, we didn’t know that Roberts was into making Youtube videos. Second, although Jim would have you believe that he’s pursuing a Harbor District seat due to his anger with how the current Commission is doing things, we now know that is not the truth.

Because Jim has no anger in his heart; he merely wants to share the love, and perhaps recreate some scenes from the Little Mermaid in order to increase the tourism potential of the Harbor.

We also made him a a new profile pic, and think he should strongly consider some campaign bumper stickers.

care bear jim

Unfortunately, though Jim’s silly social media presence seems to make him the wackiest of the candidates, he still can’t hold a candle to Hezekiah Allen. That dude has some serious issues. But we’ll get back to that later.

Oh, Humboldt – perhaps the only place in the U.S. where the seemingly most reasonable person running for office doesn’t believe in global warming. (Hi, Larry!)

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23 Responses to Jim Roberts: Harbor candidate, lover of rainbows

  1. Jim roberts says:

    I am married and have 2 adopted children your comments are untrue and have zero basis. I told you a story about misalocation of funds this morning and then this!


    • Jim roberts says:

      The current commission stole the 2 million dollars and took control of the fisherman’s cannal in king salmon. They have invested about 1.2 million into a dredge and spent the other 80ok on jacks raise and the pulp mill along with 1.25 million dollar loan from one of their biggest tenants frank from pacific choice. The 2 million was a payoff from PGE. Guess King Salmon might never be dredged.


  2. Jim roberts says:

    PGE had been in negotiations with Jimmy smith for at least 15 year’s to dredge king salmon fisherman’s channel. Jack stepped in and took over on the harbors behalf and here we go a 4 million dollar project got paid off for 2. TRUMP IS right corporations get great deals with politicians like Jack! They danced around the pge room in front of us with the check. Jack and Pat Higgins that is. while all of us knew that was the end of the line for PGE responsibility for any maintenance in King Salmon.


    • Jim roberts says:

      Now it is completely up to political games and funding because the current commission squandered all the funds. And took a horrible deal from PGE.


  3. Jim roberts says:

    Now it is completely up to political games and funding because the current commission squandered all the funds. And took a horrible deal from PGE.


  4. MOLA42 says:

    Jim roberts:

    I would like to ask you a straight forward question.

    Hasn’t the Harbor Commission nearly finished refurbishing the dredge (they just finished changing out the engine) are now in the final process of getting the permitting to do the dredging?

    Bonus question: Isn’t the dredging of the King Salmon Channel the first project on the to-do list?

    Bonus bonus question: Are you saying that the Harbor Commission is out and out lying about their efforts?

    Bonus bonus bonus question: Are you for real?


  5. Jim roberts says:

    The broken down dredge was purchased from jacks buddy in Oregon for 950k. Cost about 100k to truck it down here and is costing about 150k to re power it. That is why I mentioned the 1.2 million price tag. I believe PGE is working on the permit process with no pressure fom the harbor district to get it done because they have spent the other 800k on the pulp mill. And have no budget to hire a crew to dredge this year. PGE. Was going to dredge the channel like it was done In the 70s somewhere close to 8 feet deep at a -2 foot tide. The current plan now is to take so many cubic feet of material out of the middle of the channel. Which isn’t going to last long without doing the banks the right way. The harbor commissioners are planning on the cheap way out.


  6. Jim roberts says:

    I have been to almost all of the king salmon dredging meetings in the last 10 years. The homeowners in king salmon are the are getting the worst deal imaginable since the harbor commissioners took the 2 million dollars to take responsibility of the fisherman’s cannal.


  7. Sammy says:

    Jim roberts: How about changing your name to Jim Roberts???? Lord, you did pass the second grade, right???


  8. So Hum Gal says:


    I find many of your points to be interesting and quite compelling. You also seem to be pretty well informed. Unfortunately none of these things makes you a good candidate or remotely electable. You obviously have lots of baggage that will keep you out of office. What you can absolutely accomplish is to take enough far right votes to prevent a moderate candidate from winning leaving the seat to Hezakiah Allen who will represent your worst nightmare on the Commission. You might want to consider the likely outcome of your candidacy and have a long talk with Mr. Doss to see if he wouldn’t represent your interests better than a EPIC Board member who has voted to sue over Richardson Grove and taken many many similar extremest positions. I do not know Doss and can’t vote in that district but please consider the suggestion.


    • You said “extremist positions”.

      So let’s see. Being conservative on our impact on the environment is extreme?

      Is laissez-faire business as usual moderate?

      I disagree, I would call the latter extreme.


      • Do you really think Hezekiah is a good candidate for Harbor Commission? Or, to rephrase, better than his competitors?


      • Arcatan says:

        Hezekiah Allen is unquestionably the worst option of the three candidates. The guys experience for the last decade has been limited to growing dope and being a paid mouthpiece for dope growers. He has multiple DUIs and couldn’t even bother to show up for his court dates and so he also has a Failure to Appear. I don’t know either of the other two options but frankly Humpty Dumpty would be a better choice then Allen.


  9. Jim roberts says:

    Sammy??? I am not sure what your question is. LOCO has fabricated a story about me. I don’t make YouTube videos, yet these people post a link like I did. I just want to get the truth out about the current commissioners and Jack in reference mainly to the PGE money that was for king salmon. The 2 million dollars that is gone.


  10. milldoin says:

    I agree with So Hum Gal, but as long as you have the bully pulpit, keep bashing.
    ( I sure hope I got my speling rite, Sammy).


  11. Seriously? says:

    Jim, I do know Doss and I agree with the SoHum Gal that you should talk to him before you shove the wacko Allen down all our throats. He is a total scum bag and you really don’t want to be responsible for giving him a platform from which he will screw us all. Please consider the greater good.


  12. Jim roberts says:

    Who is Seriously? ?


  13. Jim roberts says:

    Must be LOCO to be able to go back and change your post like that.


  14. It seems Jim would be OK with the Tele-tubby you choose. Please, for the love of God, under no circumstances use his likeness on the purple one!

    (doesn’t make sense? Google “teletubby falwell”)


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