Who will Arkley endorse to steamroll his competition?

All the recent talk about the Harbor District race and the polarizing issue of railroads in Humboldt County got us to thinking: What happened to Humboldt’s favorite/most hated son and perennial heavyweight railroad advocate, Mr. Rob Arkley?


A recent LoCO post that mentioned an Arkley comment on the Harbor Commission (“Boy, is that an incompetent board”) had us wondering what lucky candidate, if any, will get the Arkley seal of approval in the upcoming election?

It’s going to have to be one of the many train advocates in the running. But, due to Arkley’s lack of recent involvement in local politics, and the overall perception of Arkley held by many in Humboldt, would an endorsement even be beneficial? We don’t think so.

But we do know that in a field of Commission contestants rife with some, uh, eccentric candidates, that it’s going to take more than just positions on railroads to win the race.

But most, if not all, candidates have commented on the rail. And the rail discussion seems to be real hot topic – just check out some of the comments on the last few THC posts to see how heated it can get!


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8 Responses to Who will Arkley endorse to steamroll his competition?

  1. MOLA42 says:

    I don’t know if Mr. Arkley has really been absent from recent politics. It might be he’s just taking a lower profile.

    Money is speech. The Supreme Court says so. That’s what he is likely to do his talking with.

    Anywhoo… I hope the discussion about who are the best candidates doesn’t exclusively revolve around the railroad. Unless Mr. Arkley is ready to plonk down a billion bucks from petty cash, it’s a nonstarter anyway.

    I think there is plenty more to talk about.


  2. rick curtis says:


    Win/loss percentage
    8 percent
    $82,000 to winners, $963,609 to losers


  3. Rick Curtis says:


    “Wishing all of you an exciting two months of campaigning as we are voting the first Tuesday in November. If I could pass on one bit of advice, “He who talks rail, campaign will fail”. Please keep the imaginary choo-choo out of the conversation else someone in the media will ask the question, “So who’s paying for the rail?”

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  4. milldoin says:

    Go back and read some of the posts. Only one side brings up rail, the anti rail people. They really want to make this about rail, because they have nothing else. The challengers are talking jobs, fishing, shipping and otherwise.

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    • John Chiv says:

      Well said milldoin. And in a discussion about endorsements, who is going to be endorsing candidates should include more examples. Emerald Grower’s association will have a say in what Hezekiah Allen’s priorities will be.
      That is more realistic than this rail debate


  5. Anonymous says:

    How do you grow Marijuana in the Bay? Allen is a just a politician wanna be. He wanted to run for State Legislature, in 2014, so he is running for this job as a stepping stone. Larry Doss takes this seat.


    • John Chiv says:

      Anon, how do you grow rail in the Bay?
      The marijuana connection was as who is endorsing or backing Hezekiah Allen. He may want to run for a lot of things, will he be picking one address he will be listing consistently on 460s. Will he stay in the race? I hope Doss takes the seat.


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