Eureka’s most prolific drunk to enter Harbor District election race

And, surprise surprise, the person in question is not named Hezekiah Allen. (Mr. Allen was already in the race, remember?)

No, we are talking about a certain Terry Lee Thomas, who – according to the Humboldt County Jail Booking reports and the LoCO – was arrested for drunk in public not once, not twice, but THREE TIMES in one day for the same offense. Check it:




Courtesy of the LoCO booking report


Now, that is the kind of audacious, in-your-face persistence that we of The Humboldt Consequential could really support.

If Terry Lee, as a Harbor Commissioner, gets it in their head to create more jobs? For goodness’ sake,  ol’ T.L.T. would worry on that bone until it’s done right.

And we admire T.L.T.’s honesty, as well. Most people, after going through the exhaustive process of being dragged into the jail and then let go (the old catch and release!) would have called it quits and gone down to the Devil’s Playground for some R & R.

But not Terry Lee. No ‘effing way. Right back at it, waving that drunk flag proud, like a damn champion. THC hereby submits that, as a completely tossed Commissioner, Terry Lee would usher in a new age of Harbor prosperity, much in the way our Founding Fathers created the United States of America while completely hammered.

And realistically, we don’t think it’d be a much worse choice than a few of the currently sitting Commissioners.

Pop quiz: Which is worse:

  • (A) Having a few too many – a few times in one day, admittedly, or,
  • (B) Poaching wildlife while you are a Commissioner responsible for the stewardship of one of Humboldt’s most precious resources, or,
  • (C) Being a real shyster and giving the District of which you are a commissioner a loan from a business that you are involved with, in exchange for lease guarantees on lands for said business to operate in?

We’ll leave you to figure out who we’re talking about. Or you can tune in to THC in the future and we’ll spell it out for you.


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4 Responses to Eureka’s most prolific drunk to enter Harbor District election race

  1. John Chiv says:

    A. Toss up between Thomas and Allen? B. Aaron Newman C. Greg Dale. Did I pass the multiple choice?

    Nice scoop btw.


  2. Sammy says:

    Nuttin like a ‘lil conflict of interest to stir the pot, eh?


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