Humboldt Sheriffs give themselves raises with your money and whine about it

The latest development in the never-ending Measure Z soap opera, as reported by the LoCO, is just plain sickening.

The Humboldt County Sheriff’s office was granted – by the gracious will of the County’s voting public – $3.5 million dollars, or enough to hire 13 new Sheriff’s deputies.

The purpose of the money was to put “more boots on the ground,” according to the Sheriff’s Department. Want to know what the first thing the Sheriffs did with that money?

It was to give two of their existing VIP officers some nice big raises. At this point, you’re probably thinking something along the lines of “What the F***?”

And you rightly should be. Apparently, the Sheriff’s have their pompous heads so far up their fat, greedy asses that they can’t see how utterly ridiculous and offensive it is for them to have their hands out asking for more.

The Sheriff’s Department is busy slinging mud over towards the Supervisors, and for once, THC is going to come down on the Supervisor’s side in this one. (We didn’t even call them Stupidvisors! Oh, wait.)

The Board of Supervisors, after taking direction from public input and an advisory committee, allocated $3.5 million to the Sheriff’s office. Guess who else got a bigger slice of that Measure Z pie? That’s right: nobody.

And to have the audacity to use those funds for a purpose that was not intended or announced prior to the gift of taxpayer funds, and then to ask for more? Disgusting.

Certainly, there are other issues surrounding this debate. Retention of experienced deputies is difficult, for a variety of reasons. We hear loud and clear that the Sheriffs whine about not providing competitive wages to new hires – we won’t even make the point about how much more they are earning than an average Humboldt resident.

But the Sheriffs had an excellent opportunity to build trust with the public, and to add numbers to their ranks (which, contrary to what their statement would have you believe, is already set to happen). They, unfortunately, decided to use that specifically earmarked money to bolster the pay and compensation packages of two of their own. Whether those two Sheriff’s were deserving of a promotion or not is entirely beside the point. Just to underline the point, one of those deputies raked in $150,209.35 in 2013. Before his promotion.

The truth of the matter is that the Sheriffs are flat-out liars in this situation. The consequence is that all of Humboldt can smell the reek of their bullshit from a mile off, and – THC strongly hopes – will respond to their pathetic, whining pity party with a resounding “PISS OFF!”


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16 Responses to Humboldt Sheriffs give themselves raises with your money and whine about it

  1. John Chiv says:

    THC, it is the Humboldt Deputy Sheriff’s Organization that is whining, not the Humboldt County’s Sheriff’s office. They may or may not speak for all deputies and all Sheriff’s employees. LOCO basically ran another article stating the same points when these guys protested at Rex’s campaign announcement.

    I have great respect for the brave men and women that work for HCSO. In this case, I agree with THC and support the Supervisors. They used the Measure Z for what people voted it should be used for. HDSO is a union and like all unions does not understand economics; they do get entitlement. Pensions, pay raises are not the privilege of a few when others are struggling in the same economy. Unions need to be abolished. They are no longer about protecting workers, they are about a bunch of bureaucrats getting paid to create division and dissension. We should give the raise to the few HDSO whiners with the money we get from firing all the paid union reps.


  2. Seriously? says:

    Our Sheriff’s deputies are showing themselves to be greedy, self-centered, and totally uncaring of the people they are supposed to be working for. Average Humboldt taxpayers are struggling to feed our families with average incomes bordering on the poverty level while they rake in $100,000 plus with fantastic health care, and an obscene retirement. I wish our Supervisors would show the whole lot of them the door. Frankly they just aren’t worth keeping.


  3. Arcatan says:

    Some of the comments I’ve seen are obviously over the top. On the other hand one can see why there is resentment building in the eyes of the voting public. Our officials keep raising our taxes (measure Z), dumping on more and more over regulation (the General Plan), doing essentially nothing about improving our economic situation besides dozens of meetings yakking about marijuana, and meanwhile there is a massive and growing disparity between the earnings and benefits of government workers and the public who are paying them. I think an elected official with a third grade education coulda seen this one coming.


  4. John Chiv says:

    Arcatan, some comments over the top? I agree. Your comment clearly meets that description.

    Since it takes only a third grade education to run for public office, why don’t you put your second grade attitude to the test, run for office and see how well you fare.


  5. Do all of us here realize that the public union is the last holdout of what was once a strong – post-industrialization American tradition? Does anyone here have an answer for this graph of productivity vs wages?

    Unions are a necessary and positive force in a capital marketplace IF you want an equitable division of benefits. If you are happy with the dream of every person as his own boss and every employer making ends meet, well then….I have more graphs.


    • Cousin Eddie says:

      OK LMOB. Nice graph. So, while the department is short staffed we should be giving raises to people making twice the rest of us rather than hiring more people to protect us? That’s stupid.


      • Or, if there are services we as a community decide we need, we can decide to pay for them. Sadly, we’ve in the working class have been hoodwinked to conflate all taxes as bad taxes. Everytime taxes get cut there is just enough cut for the middle class to pay for a huge cuts for those who don’t need it.
        Estate taxes, property taxes, capital gains taxes, top marginal rate taxes, and yes, all those taxes we in the middle class pay too.
        “protection” is the last function of government – one that all sides agree is necessary. It’s not surprising that this is where the rubber hits the road in political populism.

        Sadly Eddie, what is stupid is not to pay a living wage. If you can’t, that is a good sign your business model isn’t working.


    • Sammy says:

      Lets see the dream chart of every employer making ends meet.


  6. jay says:

    THC, you literally know nothing. No. Effing. Thing. This blog is awful. And the worst part is, I agree with you that HDSO is whining about getting raises. However, I can’t find any substantial points in your recent posts that resembles anything accurate, or that you’ve tried ANY research to make sure they’re accurate. You’re nothing close to a journalist and you even shame the word “blogger.” Piss. Off.


    • Mac Towner says:

      Hi Jay!

      Your certainly welcome to your opinion but I couldn’t disagree more. I don’t think the point of this blog is to do a lot of in depth reporting. I believe that the authors are more trying to improve public awareness of really important things that are going on in our community and our government and more importantly to get an apathetic public involved in decision making that affects them in really serious ways. Sure, they’re doing that by being provocative, aggressive, over the top, and by being pretty damn funny too. Jon Stewart isn’t always 100% accurate either but he sure got you thinking. There are thousands of very angry voters in Humboldt that have been sitting on the sidelines while the radical enviros have been duking it out with the political elite set and we are pretty fed up with not having any representation in local government. No one is doing anything meaningful about the real problems facing Humboldt families. I for one really appreciate having a voice and outlet for this movement.

      In short, a lot of us are mad as hell and finally starting to do something about it. Elected officials of all ilks should be very very worried.

      Thank you THC for providing a truly great service to Humboldt County. Keep it up!

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    • Jay! Missed ya buddy. Thanks for checking in, we get worried. Get a hold of us via e-mail if you’re interested in penning a guest post that contains “accurate” and “substantial” points. See you again soon!


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